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This is a question that many people, especially women, ask themselves when they are about to get married in a foreign country.
Our main observation after looking at several countries is that the main changes in naming practices are usually not a result of adjustments to a country’s laws, but more a result of the effects of modernity, as traditions and old norms slowly start to change.
In English speaking countries such as Australia, parts of Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, the most common practice is for the bride to take her husband’s last name.
However, it is worth mentioning that the changing of a surname is more often than not governed by custom rather than law. In Portugese speaking countries things are similar to how it works in Spanish speaking countries, just the other way around.
When you get married in Finland or Sweden, it is custom for the bride to take the husband’s last name as an attachment to her maiden name.
We encourage our readers to add comments about other countries in the area below, to get a more complete picture of how things work abroad. When #students are #GoingGlobal #highered cannot stay behind: do you know where your #alumni are? My daughter has my surname as her biological father and I weren't married and split when I was a few weeks pregnant. A.A person with parental responsibility for a child can change the childa€™s name without any special procedure simply by calling the child by the new name.
In some cases, a father without parental responsibility could get a court order overturning a change of name if the court decides that the name change is not in the childa€™s best interest. My daughter has not seen her biological father from birth for 9yrs ,is it possible to change her surname without her dad consent. Hi my daughter'snot seen her father for nearly 5 years nowshe is 9 she wants to change her surname?is this possible without getting the father involved please?
My 11 year old son has been asking us if he can change his name by deed poll when me and my partner get married in two years. Hi, my husband's ex wife has double barrelled his childen's surnames without his consent; placing her name second and without a hyphen so that his surname gets dropped. Hi me and my wife have just been married and she has two children from a previous relationship.My step daughter and stepson have her maiden name my step daughter was born in 2000 so theres no real issue for her name change but my stepson was born in 2004 and his bio farther is on the birth certificate he has hit and miss paid csa and has only had contact for 3 month witch was brief and ended in the kids not wanting too see there bio dad my step kids have not seen there bio dad in 3 years he is under fraud investigation bye csa as he is a waste of space we don't need his money I have a good job but I have a son with my wife who is my bio and has my surname and my step son and daughter want the same name as their mother and me and little brother so we can be complete do we need his permission too change their surnames ? Hi, my 15 yr old daughter was given my surname at birth and her father is not on her birth certificate but her father and I are still together and getting married next year.Can we change her name to his surname and add him to her birth certificate? Hi, my daughter is nearly 5, and she has her fathers surname, and he is in the birth certificate he was hit and miss seeing her and hasn't seen her for the last 12 months, unfortunately he passed away a few months ago, his family have never had anything to do with her and still now after his death they haven't been in contact! Jackabella - Your Question:Hi my son has my surname and I'm getting married so wanted to change it to my new married name.
Hi I split from my ex partner over 9 years ago know and he doesn't have anything to do with my son, he hasn't ever paid a penny either.
I recently got married and my daughter who is 17 has my maiden name but would now like to change it to my married name. My ex husband and children's father hasn't tried to contact them or see them for over a year and recently quit his job so he wouldn't have to pay maintenance for them. After 28 years of searching I have found my daughter only to discover her mother had changed her name without parental consent, when she was 8, apparently she demanded the school my daughter was attending call her by her new husbands name, no documents, no paper work,at 18 she asked her mother for these documents and was told they did not exist consequently she can't get a driving licence or passport as she can't prove she had been using that surname.
Andy - Your Question:Hi, My son is 18 (19 in September) and will be taking A levels in May - June. You should seek independent professional advice before acting upon any information on the LawAndParents website.
She started her acting career at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where she co-founded the theatrical group Cambridge Talking Tongues.

Traditions and customs vary from country to country, and it isn’t always clear what will happen to your surname, or whether you have a choice to keep your maiden name. One trend in the english speaking world is that women, more often than in the past, choose to keep their maiden names after marriage. However, in recent years we have seen women, especially from the US and Canada, keep their own name, and add their husband’s surname behind it. In the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, there are no laws forcing women to change their surnames upon marriage. If Juan Carlos Rodriguez Lopez married Elena Torres Sanz , their daughter would be called Francisca Rodriguez Torres.
For example, if Marjatta Makinen marries Markus Koskinen, her name would change to Marjatta Makinen-Koskinen.
If objections are raised to the proposed change of name, you could apply for a court order approving the new name.For a child under 16 years of age, the name can be changed without the childa€™s permission. My 8 month old daughter hasmine and my ex partners surnames, he is on the birth certificate but hasn't had any contact with her since she was 3 weeks old, would I be able to take his surname off without his permission, if I cant now would I be able to do it in the future if he's still not in contact with her. His biological father hasn't seen Him or his 7 year old brother for nearly a year now and wants nothing to do with them.
The mother might claim that the father has no contact or cannot be traced, so it might be worth his formally recording that fact that he wants contact with his daughter (via a mediation service or the courts). We went through court as he got into some trouble with the police and now is not allowed to see my son, which was ordered by the courts. His fathers in the navy so regular contact is difficult but when he's home he sees him once a week and pays csa. If you genuinely do not know the whereabouts of your child's father, and he has not been in contact for a substantial period of time, you can apply to the deedpoll office via these forms. My son is 13 and although he's never had a good relationship with his father (he left when he was 4 and my daughter was 1) he now feels totally rejected and angry. She now has an original copy of her birth certificate with my surname on it I registered the birth of my daughter myself. My son is due within the next 4 weeks after becoming pregnant after a few "meet ups" with an ex colleague.
Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM) will attempt to clarify this by grouping some countries that have similar, if not identical traditions, as well as outline a person’s right to keep or change their name. Apart from the feminist argument of equality between both sexes, one of the reasons for this is the increased participation rate of females in the workforce.
In the United States, only the state of Hawaii has a law forcing women to change their surname to that of their husbands.
However, socially it is acceptable to refer to the wife as ‘Senora de’ (meaning ‘ wife of’) and then her husband’s surname. Additionally, Portuguese law is quite flexible, and allows women to keep their own surname or adopt their husband’s surname. In fact, French law forbids citizens from bearing any other name than their own birth name. However, a child who objects to a change of name could apply for a court order reversing the change. Can I legally get their names changed in two years if they have no contact at all with them? They will let you know whether a court order will be required after looking at the circumstances. I'm with another partner and have another child, my son from my previous has been asking to change his surname to the same as me.

This has been made worse over the past year when there's been no contact or birthday cards - just nothing. I now find myself the proud Grandfather of 4 beautiful children and a son in law.What would be the consequences of these actions for her and could her mother be prosecuted. Building up a career and earning a reputation are difficult, and many professionals decide to keep their name to make sure that they are correctly credited for their past and future work.
However, since 1995 parents in Spain can choose which of the two surnames will come first in their children’s names. However, anyone else with parental responsibility will also have to agree to the Change Of Name.
The court would take into account the childa€™s maturity and understanding of the situation, and any adverse impact it thinks the change could have on the childa€™s wellbeing.Proving a Change of NameFor everyday life it is sufficient simply to tell people that you wish the child to be known by a new name. He pays child maintainance every month (not via CSA) and sees the kids at least once a month (usually every other weekend).
But my ex partner is his father is on the birth certificate , but he has nothing to do with him like I've said.
Therefore, according to Spanish law, Juan Carlos and Elena can choose to name their daughter Francisca Torres Rodriguez. If Leonor Almeida Sousa married Joao Oliveira Soares, she could change her name to Leonor Oliviera Soares Almeida, or Leonor Oliveira Soares Almeida Sousa.
It is quite possible that most French citizens are not even aware of the existence of this law. Whether or not you would need the consent of your daughtera€™s biological father will depend on certain factors.
However, for some official functions a€“ such as applying for a passport a€“ something more official may be required. Are there any letter templates that he can use to clearly and succinctly point out that what she has done is illegal and request that she changes the children's surnames back to their original name before taking her to court? I know I need his dad's permission but as there's been violence in the past, I don't think it'll be rejected if we go to court. I received a text from his ex stating that if my son does not produce the letter, she will take this to court and she will ask for my sons name to be removed altogether. But the only thing that's stopping him is that he thinks his dad won't have to pay any maintenance for him if he changes his name, and we are living on a low income and benefits. What many women choose to do is to use their husband’s surname as a middle name, and keep their original surname. A statutory declaration is a formal document, on which your signature must be witnessed by a solicitor, which could be used to state officially that the childa€™s name has been changed.Re- registering the Birth to Show the Change of NameA name entered on a birth certificate cannot be changed on the original certificate unless it was spelled incorrectly.
Also should he contact the school, doctors etc to highlight that they are not using the children's correct surname? As is the case in Finland, there are no laws in Sweden forcing women (or men) to adopt a certain surname. However, a birth can only be re-registered to show the name of the biological father or of the childa€™s adoptive parents.
Please help - it's actually ruining my sons life because he desperately doesn't want to be connected to his dad.
It's not a whim - he first asked me if he could change his surname 5 years ago when he was 8!!

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