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For the people who cannot load the youtube videoNor the picturesCan you Add a Text Tutorial in the Description? We may have some unfortunate news for you though in this regard as this feature could take a long time to arrive in the game.
We have done some digging for you and found the following responses on Mojang’s official Minecraft support page on Twitter.
We’re not sure if this reply was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, but obviously it would be a long wait if Mojang really needs a full year to bring this somewhat minor feature to Minecraft on PC. Would you be willing to pay for this option if Mojang could get the feature out before the end of the year? I'm guessing that the name change thing is going to work like this:Since server plugins rely heavily off our names, our username will be an IGN name, (Like gamerdude131) but our serverside name will be our original. It's because of ideas like your's that most were hesitant against the changing names thing. Oh my god I hope not.The famous Youtubers and Minecrafters would probably keep their usernames, and just make another profile on their account. My username was RK_Assassin, then I got so frustrated with it that I used my birthday money on another account so I could have a different username. I know, I've been working on other things lately and I just now wanted to look at the updates for ideas, sorry for being late.
My ign is 'Blakpik' it is like the most autistic thing ever but it stuck with my friends and kinda grew on me.

Problem is, you're thinking small.Developers think big, they make name changes and tie in a fail safe. If it's by screen name, I doubt they will, since it's pretty idiotic to do so.That's like if Steam decided name changing should be paid. It should be so that you can PAY to have your name changed,and wait a certain amount of time to change it again.Or so that you can only change your name once? Get FastName Changer Mod For Minecraft 1.5.2 Register Help Remember Me? FastName Changer Mod is*allows you to change your username within the minecraft without closing it.
Despite this though, we have seen a growing request for Mojang to offer the ability to change Minecraft names on PC.
Mojang has given it a low priority it seems compared to bug fixes as we can see that they have responded to a few users when directly asked if they will be able to change their name on Minecraft. I chose jojowerid because when I made my first Moshi account in 2010, that name kinda stuck to me. How annoying do you think it is for servers to have to keep banning a person because of the name changing ability. Although then comes up who picks the name first, which also applies to the original username.
The good thing though, is the fact I gave my old acc to a friend that couldn't afford MC, so I felt special.

Derpocalypse is giving to the poor!In honour of that person that I know nothing about, I am proud to present Derpocalypse with a merit award for giving away a minecraft account for free to somebody who couldn't afford one!Good on you! I'm going towards a name like one of my favorite admins: DishounoredIt's so streamlined and professional. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Kind of tools are available to allow name changes yet still keep track who is who.Think big, not small. I was one of those people.Also, the fact that we will be able to make another character on 1 profile that we already paid for, that is astonishing in my eyes, it will also be helpful for the famous Minecrafters if they want to just blend in with the crowd and not get swamped by fans.
At first I was all for the idea, simply as a one time thing to maybe remove numbers from a name, but people will inevitably abuse the system. In my opinion, I find that very useful, also if you get banned on a server, you can just get on your other account and play!

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