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There's no catch (we promise), and we’ll even send you a weekly recap email with the hottest articles every Friday. Why having the same username and “appear as” name is important when growing your following on Snapchat. One of the MOST important strategies I realized fast when using the app was making sure people knew who to follow. Snapchat Name(Appear As Name): This is how you appear to Snapchatters you add or have added you on Snapchat. Before the snapcode feature was added in a recent update, the growth of artists, brands, small businesses and individuals relied solely on word of mouth.
Your appear as name is your “Snapchat Brand.” It’s what viewers share with their friends when think you are worth following. So say for example your username is “brownie154” and your appear as name is “John Brown.” You created this awesome snapstory and people are super excited to tell their friends about it. They aren’t going to say “Go follow brownie154” because that’s not your name?—?at least that’s not the name that appears in their feed. It’s very unlikely that these people would be able to find you or, even worse, they would probably end up following the username “JasonBrown” who has used Snapchat since he uninstalled it 5 minutes after downloading it. BUT, if your username and appear as name are the same, there’s no chance of anyone missing out on your awesome content because they would be able to find you. I did a little math and, on average, 9 out of every 10 people (that’s 90%!!) have added me by my username (which they likely discovered through word of mouth). Remember, your appear as name is the first thing people see and the last thing they will remember.
Snapchat does not inform users if they are following the correct brand or person, so it’s imperative that you keep reminding people which Snapchat username to follow by keeping it top of mind and consistent throughout their experience with you. I already changed my name in snapchat but it does not appear in my friends’ snapchat.
We heart it is a visual social media platform which is very similar to Pinterest and Tumblr.
At the moment Pinterest has more than 70 million users, compared to We Heart It’s 25 million.
Anyone or any business using visuals or would like use visuals to reach their audience will find We Heart It very effective.
As I show you how to get started with We Heart It I will be referencing Pinterest, wherever necessary, as you will notice that there are many similarities between them.
The simplest way to set up a We Heart It account is by signing up with your Facebook or Twitter or Google+ account, just like you might have done on Pinterest.
If you aren’t comfortable connecting your other social media accounts with your We Heart It account, then you can sign up with your email address. A drop down menu will appear which will prompt you to join them using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email. After you fill in all your details, read the terms of service and click on the pink ‘Sign Up’ button. As soon as you click Sign Up, We Heart It will direct you to a page, where it will ask you to heart four images. Based on the images you have hearted, We Heart It will find people with similar interest so that you can follow them. To fill the rest of your details, scroll over the profile picture thumbnail on the top right corner of your profile and then click on ‘Settings’ which appears on the drop down menu. The next step you need to take is to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts by using the options to the right. After you connect your accounts, you can find your Facebook and Twitter friends on We Heart It and follow them. After filling in all your details you can also add a cover Image, by clicking on the ‘Change Your Cover Image’ button which can be found at the top corner of your canvas (profile home page).
But one thing every user might benefit from is the ‘Heart Button for your browser’ which can be found at the bottom of the goodies page. This is very similar to the Pinterest, ‘Pin It’ bookmarklet as it makes it easy for you to share an image from any webpage.
A pink heart button will appear on the top right corner of your browser as soon as it is installed.
The Heart It button for websites: This is a share button that you can add to your webpages and blog posts. At the top of the Canvas, right below the profile picture and cover image, you will be able to see all the collections you or the person who owns the account has.
You can also view hearts and collections separately by using the tabs at the top of your profile.  (right below the cover image). To create a new collection on We Heart It, first visit the collections tab by clicking on it.

To create a new collection on We Heart It just click on the box with the big plus sign in the centre.
You can change the name of a collection on We Heart It by visiting the collection first by clicking on it, and then clicking on the edit button on the top right corner.
In the field that appears, you can type in your new collection name and confirm the change by clicking on the green tick mark.
If you have a new We Heart It collection or account, this will help you spread the word on other social networks. In the favorite tags feed you can add your favourite tags in the field provided on the right side and We Heart It will help you find hearts and collections based on these tags and keywords. You can easily heart an image from a website or blog onto We Heart It by clicking the We Heart It button you installed onto your browser earlier.
This will get an array of images to appear (the number of images that appear depends on the number of images on that page).
After that a new window will appear in which you can choose the collection you would like to add the image to.
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In my first-ever blog I'm going to go ahead and come clean with a confession.I have been leading a double life.
If my content was going to be talked about, I needed to make sure people knew who to recommend.
This is why it’s important that your username and “appear as” name should always stay the same. Again, you can only search and be added by your username in Snapchat, not your appear as name. Stories only last 24 hours, so if your snap story is amazing and gets people excited to share with their friends before the 24 hours is up, you bet there will be screenshots, texting and leaning over the cubicle to share your appear as name with their friends who have not yet discovered you. When people are recommending you to others, it’s the name they remembered seeing over and over and over again. Snapchat doesn’t allow people to search with the symbol or spaces and trust me, people will type that in when trying to add you. If visuals are an important part of your social media strategy or if you would like to reach your audience with visuals, this is a social network you should look into. But We Heart It continues to grow at a nice pace and it is being called the next big social network. This will be a lot easier as the details found on those accounts will be automatically added to your We Heart It account. First, add your name, then your page name (which is also the name that will appear in your URL), then the email address you would like to use and finally your password. You can do this by clicking on the heart button that appears when you scroll over an image. Write a short bio where you describe yourself, what you or your business does, your favourite things and what you plan to share on We Heart It. The next time you want to heart an image from a website or blog you can just use this heart button. You will learn how to navigate through the site and how to heart images properly in this section. In this field add the name of the box and click the green tick mark and the We Heart It collection will be created.
This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. Not the double life where I'm journalist-by-day and secret-agent-by-night executing covert missions. If you are a Marketer, Brand or Individual looking to take advantage of the word of mouth component of Snapchat, having the same username and “appear as name” may be the most important strategy to execute from the moment you open your account. Your username can ONLY be found and viewed by the people you have added in their “My Friends” contacts.
This name is what your friends see when you send them a Snap (Direct Message or video) or when you add Snaps to your Story. While a person can search and find you using your username?—?your “appear as name” is what will be seen 100% of the time by your followers when you send Snaps and update your story. That name should be your Snapchat username?—?the name they can type in to find and follow you. Before you take a brief look at it and dismiss it off as one of the many Pinterest clones created with easily available software, take a closer look at when it was founded.
According to We Heart It’s CEO Ranah Edelin, 80% of the users are below 24 and more than 50% of the users are in their teens.

If you don’t know much about Pinterest and would like to learn about it, then you can check out our free Pinterest Marketing Video Tutorial where you can learn how to set up a Pinterest account, how to use it at the beginning and how to promote yourself with it.
The name you add will automatically be made into your page name, but you can change that by adding a different page name if you would like to.
You can then save the changes you have made by clicking on the pink ‘Save changes’ button at the bottom.
You can also visit the canvas by clicking on ‘My Canvas’ which appears on the drop down menu, when you scroll over the same thumbnail image. So add tags you find most relevant here and you will be able to view interesting images to heart easily. You can also choose whether you would like to have these posted on Facebook and Twitter too. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. GET STARTED The name change is now more of a breeze.Most brides find themselves in and out of our site within 30 minutes. Recently the company formed partnerships with Conde Nast and Teen Vogue, two publishing media that reach young readers.
If you don’t like the tags that are currently available, you can change them by asking for new ones by clicking on the ‘shuffle tags’ option which can be found below the tags. This can be done by clicking on the share button, which can be found right next to the edit button. Once you have performed all the above steps, you can add the image to your collection by clicking on the pink ‘Post’ button. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book. After that Pinterest had a massive spurt in growth which helped it gain many more millions of users. You would know that as you walk through my house and catch glimpses of the Sperow surname etched on the wall and all the monogrammed "S's" sprinkled throughout my house in various fonts. In fact, why not throw a party?  more>>A section of one of the most well-known streets in New Orleans collapsed last week, but that won't keep spirits from crumbling.
GET STARTED 1234 How it worksTHE 3-Step Process1Select from our extensive list of banks, credit card companies, frequent flyer programs and more. The laws of attraction or making a new connection have shifted, with the traditional meaning of "being social" or "meeting up," now taking a backseat to meeting online or through a mobile device and apps. So for the sake of not having to adjust to change, I remained as Christine Nelson.Which brings me to where we are today.
We’ll even remind you of a few you might’ve missed.2We’ll round up all the forms you’ll need to notify everyone, plus provide easy instructions on preparing and submitting the forms.3Download and print the forms and letters, mail them and you’re done! I'm not just "the news lady on TV" as many viewers identify me when they see me out in public. Highland was with the team last season for the first part of training camp before being waived. I'm first and foremost a wife and a mom and make up a percentage of the pie we like to refer to as “Team Sperow” in our house. This combination provides a unique opportunity for consumer brands to offer incentives to a growing network of socially active mobile users on a hyper-local basis. As approximately 90% of brides do change names after marriage, Name Change Express aims to make this a more simple and hassle-free process by offering our help through the process. Having started this business as a result of our own need, thousands of brides and grooms have come to rely on our support when changing their last names. While we do provide forms, we are the only service that provides detailed instruction for BOTH government agencies and company’s instructions, including forms and letters, and pre-filling them with your information and mailing addresses. The words or phrases "would be," "will allow," "intends to," "will likely result," "are expected to," "will continue," "is anticipated," "estimate," "project," or similar expressions are intended to identify "forward-looking statements." Actual results could differ materially from those projected by iHookup Social, Inc.
The iTunes rankings should not be construed as an indication in any way whatsoever of the future value of the iHookup Social's common stock or its present or future financial condition. Good!Keep checking back in to my blog “Sperow's Nest.” People always stop me and say watching us each morning makes us feel like family to them and I feel the same way about you! Statements made herein are as of the date of this press release and should not be relied upon as of any subsequent date. Unless otherwise required by applicable law, iHookup Social does not undertake, and iHookup Social specifically disclaims any obligation, to update any forward-looking statements to reflect occurrences, developments, unanticipated events or circumstances after the date of such statement.

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