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I just love these 16 creative change of address cards!  These are the best way to announce to your friends and family that "we are moving" or have just moved!
1.  Just Moved Paint Chip Cards - Postcard-size paint chip sam­ples that she ran through her home printer to make a per­fect and totally budget-friendly mov­ing announcement.
2.  Modern fabric custom moving announcements -This is such an elegant moving notice and enclos­ed in each announce­ment is a sim­ple linen pocket, which was then placed inside the mail­ing enve­lope.
8.  "Living out of Boxes" sample moving announcement - Just moved and living out of boxes?
10.  "We're Moving!" Photo Card - Armed with a camera and a sense of humor, you can create fun custom cards for any recipient and every occasion. 12.  Its not that far really postcard SET - this postcard is for that far away friend to let them know that really, they are only inches away.

15.  Change of Address Postcards - Notify friends and family of your latest move and change of address with these whimsical and fun change of address cards! 16.  We Moo-ved Free Postcard Printable - Here is a fun way to announce your move to friends and it's a free printable!
Aren't these change of address cards darling!  If you have a fun card idea over on your blog, we'd love to see it! Uzywamy plikow cookies, aby ulatwic Ci korzystanie z naszego serwisu oraz do celow statystycznych. These unique moving announcements are shaped like paper airplanes, offering a fun and creative way to share your big news that your loved ones are sure to remember. These cute letterpress cards are the perfect way to get your new address out to friends and family.

Jesli nie blokujesz tych plikow, to zgadzasz sie na ich uzycie oraz zapisanie w pamieci urzadzenia. Going through a move ourselves and having ideas ahead of time helps make the process easier.

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