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The blue identity card belonged to Frances Orriss of SW17, who lived in the Tooting, south west London. On the back of cards for children and young people under 16 was space for the parent or guardian to sign. The Identity Card Holder is black and has its name on the front along with 'National Registration Act 1939.' The identity card slotted inside, and the holder protected it from wear and tear. Identification was necessary if families got separated from one another or their house was bombed, and if people were injured or killed. The government used the information to 'call up' men for service in the army, navy or air force.
People had to produce their identity card alongside their ration book to prove that they were entitled to their share of food or clothes.
To stop the cards falling into the wrong hands, like spies or black market traders, there were strict rules about carrying and caring for the identity cards. Everyone, including children, had to carry an identity (ID) card at all times to show who they were and where they lived.
The parent or guardian was responsible for looking after the child's identity card, and producing it when required. The sections in the card showing the change in address were important, as many people moved several times during the war.

Since the register had a record of dates of birth, it was able to identify men who had reached 18, the age when men were eligible for active service.
This stopped black market trading in loose rations or people using the coupons that belonged to someone else. On the back of the blue card there is a notice to the owner:Always carry your Identity Card. People who live in France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal and the Netherlands all have national ID cards. Singleton, should such tapes be suppressed?card name deletion form tamilnaducards in world war 2certificate deletion name cardsimonds coach tripsseven oceans emergency foodaion combat krallWelcome to WordPress.
It held the information needed for issuing national identity cards and food and clothing ration books, and for identifying children eligible for evacuation and adults eligible for call-up into the armed forces. If a family's house was bombed, they moved in with relatives, or moved to a different area. The government then sent 'call up' papers to the person, telling them where they should report for service.
The shopkeeper made sure that the correct person was claiming the food by checking that the cards and ration books matched.
You must produce it on demand by a police officer in uniform or member of HM Armed Forces in uniform on duty.You are responsible for this Card, and must not part with it to any other person.

Each person was allocated a National Registration number and this was written in the top right hand corner on the inside of the card. She was probably a baby in 1945 and the card was valid until she was 16, when she would have had to collect a new card at the local National Registration Office.
Just under half of all London schoolchildren were evacuated, travelling to places that were not so badly affected by air raids and bombing. In 1943 registration and rationing were combined and a fresh set of identity cards were issued at the same time as the new ration books. The identity cards were a way of keeping track of the children's movements and ensuring that they could be reunited with their families when they returned to London. When the National Health Service (NHS) was set up in 1948, the National Registration Numbers were used for patients' records. The cards can be used to cross borders to visit other countries in the European Union, instead of a passport.
It is based at Southport and keeps patient records and up to date lists of patients in each Health Authority.

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