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This document describes the password expiry and password change features on a remote access VPN tunnel terminated on a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA). The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment.
Notes: Use the Command Lookup Tool (registered customers only) in order to obtain more information on the commands used in this section.
An ASA with locally defined users does not allow use of password expiration or password change features. This attribute is enabled by user and can be used in order to disable global account expiry settings. On an ASA, you can use the password management feature, as described in the next section, in order to force the ASA to use MSCHAPv2.
ASA can use both the RADIUS and TACACS+ protocols in order to contact with the ACS for an AD password change.
In a typical scenario when the user password has expired, ACS returns a Radius-Reject message to the ASA. The password-management command changes the behavior so that the ASA is forced to use MSCHAPv2, rather than PAP, in the Radius-Request.
If ACS notices that the user needs to change the password, it returns a Radius-Reject message with MSCHAPv2 error 648.
Password expiry and change are fully supported by the Microsoft AD and Sun LDAP server schema. For a password change, the servers return 'bindresponse = invalidCredentials' with 'error = 773.' This error indicates that the user must reset the password.
This dialog box differs from the dialog used by TACACS or RADIUS because it displays the policy.
The certificate can even be a self-signed certificate because the ASA does not verify the LDAP certificate.
Select Local computer, import the certificate to the personal store, and move the associated Certificate Authority (CA) certificate to the trusted store. If the user chooses to change the password, there is a prompt for a new password, and the normal password change procedure begins. For the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) and IPSec, PPP is used as a transport for authentication.

The previous examples referred to IKEv1 and the Cisco VPN client, which is end-of-life (EOL). The recommended solution for a remote access VPN is Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility, which uses the IKE version 2 (IKEv2) and SSL protocols. If it is not possible to change the password over the VPN, you can use the ACS User Change Password (UCP) dedicated web service. There is currently no specific troubleshooting information available for this configuration.
This article teaches you how to use the User Change Password (UCP) service in Cisco ACS to allow users defined in the ACS internal database to first authenticate themselves and then change their own password. The objective of this document is to guide you on how to update and change the administrator username and password. Now that you know what version you have, time to figure out how to proceed on upgrading. The upgrading process will actually depend on the firmware you are running.
In order for the phone to get all those configuration, the phone and the TFTP server needs to be in the same network.
For the Server Interface, this is usually the IP address of your computer where your TFTP server is installed.
Before we change or do anything on the phone, we would want to clear out the previous configuration. If you haven’t done it before, you can see how I cleared out the configuration in this tutorial. After we cleared out the settings, we will configure the phone to pull files from our TFTP Server. Hello, I already have Cisco 7940G IP phone so I need to configure it to Sonetel phone system but firstly I need to upgrade firmware version so how can I find supported SIP firmware ? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The password-management feature is not needed, because the ASA still uses TACACS+ with an authentication type of ASCII instead of MSCHAPv2. It is just a bit longer the TACACS+ session with more request and reply packets, which are parsed by the VPN client and presented to the user who is changing the password. In order to enable this function, you must install the certificate for the computer account with the correct key extension.

The password change and expiry features work exactly the same for Cisco AnyConnect as they did for the Cisco VPN client. If someone has already cracked the password, you can change the password to make sure that the device is secured and not misused by any unknown user.
If you do try it on any other models, let me know what happens but I do not recommend it if you do not want to brick anything. With the older firmwares, it requires you to upgrade to a certain version before you can go up on a higher version. If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command. The ASA sends the username and password in plain text, and the password is then encrypted through use of the RADIUS shared secret. See How to enable LDAP over SSL with a third-party certification authority for more details. It is overall a good security measure to change the password more often for security purposes. To help prevent unauthorized access, you should use a strong password that includes lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers. I thought it would be a perfect addition to my room and so I searched for it online and see where I can get a good deal. While it is uploading, if you look at your TFTP Server and go to Log viewer tab, you will see the events occurring and what file the phone is trying to get. At that time, my dad was telling me that you can convert SCCP to SIP only if you are a Cisco Certified so I had to do some digging online.
I found a lot of tutorials on how to do it and sites where you can download firmwares and upgrade it via TFTP.

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