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The Change Password service is implemented as a protocol-provider plugin for the Apache Directory server. Server as well as the Change Password Server is less than 5 minutes (5 * 6000 milliseconds).
Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) provides functionality that allows employees of Auburn University to backup their local computer or specific files on their local computer to an OIT network server.
Provide the TSM node name, user's name and campus contact information (address, phone, email). Backups for Windows platforms exclude things like network drives and Windows system objects. Using the GUI to selectively back up files and directories, even if you back up the entire c: drive , does not result in a full incremental backup and does not update the 'last backed up' timestamp. If you see that a filespace of yours is scheduled to be deleted, you should check the filespace name to be sure that it is from a machine that you no longer have.
To login the first time, you will type the username in both the username field and the password field. Locate the Tivoli Storage Manager from your Windows start menu and select Backup Archive GUI.

Keep expanding the listing as needed by clicking the + boxes on the left until you find the files you need. Hardware failures can occur without notice so it is critical for you to have a backup copy of your important files. Employees must use their username for their TSM user id and TSM password when logging in to the TSM client; however, TSM accounts are only issued upon request from the appropriate Administrative Computing Coordinator (ACC). This change was made December 18, 2003, in order to make more efficient use of our backup storage space. What a filespace is depends to some extent on the platform on which the TSM client is running.
Note that this timestamp is only updated when a full incremental backup is done on a filespace.
For this reason, it is highly recommended that you perform backups using one of the three methods listed above. For those filespaces that have not been backed up in at least 6 months, email is sent to the owner of the filespace.
There will be no interruption of your regularly scheduled backups using TSM, and everything in My Documents and Program Files will continue to be backed up.

In Unix, a filespace is simply a filesystem (or part of a filesystem); in Windows, a filespace is a combination of Windows 'Computer Name' and drive letter. At that time, all backup data for your ID will be deleted from the server and the TSM ID will be removed.
The email lists the filespace(s) that appear to have been abandoned and informs the owner that the filespace(s) will be deleted during the next month's cleanup.
If the filespace is a backup of a hard drive that still exists, then you should perform a full incremental backup via one of the three methods listed above. You can burn your data on CDs, save to an external hard drive, or use use a backup client like TSM.

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