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How to Reset Juniper CMS Root User Password?What can been done when you have forgotten the CMS root user password and are unable to login to the CMS server to adminsiter your WX domain? Gentoo is one of the fastest Linux distribution due to its build from sources orientation and provides by its software management program – Portage – certain tools needed to build a complete web developer platform which acts and works very fast and, also, has a high degree of customization. Gentoo Installation with a Hardened Profile for an Internet-facing server – Gentoo Installation Guide.
Even if PHP-FPM service is started, Nginx can’t communicate with PHP gateway, so, some changes are need to be done on Nginx configuration files. Don’t close the file yet and move to the very bottom and add the following statement before last closing curly braces “ } “. Create the first Bash script named n2ensite that will enable Virtual Hosts configuration files by creating a symbolic link between specified hosts from sites-available to sites-enabled. Using localhost Virtual Hosts configuration files as templates and Nginx n2enmod and n2dismod you can easily now add as many websites as you like, but assure that you have valid DNS pointers for an Internet-facing web server or use entries locally on system hosts file. Now we have a minimal environment setup for Web hosting, and if you only use HTML, JavaScript and PHP dynamic generated pages and you don’t need SSL websites, the configuration above should be satisfactory for you. I'am a computer addicted guy, a fan of open source and linux based system software, have about 4 years experience with Linux distributions desktop, servers and bash scripting. If someone is developing any MySQL database driven application, the MySQL Workbench can be used there to create the databases, tables and to perform many other database related actions.
First of all, suppose you are not an expert of database, you just know a few things about MySQL and that’s it. If we are using a graphical tool instead of writing SQL commands, we can obviously save lots of times. It is useful for learning SQL as well because when you graphically perform any database related action, the application shows the corresponding query in the GUI.

A new window will appear and Click on Add Schema or Create new Schema Icon as shown in the picture.
MySQL Workbench will automatically load the table editor, rename new_table name as you wish, here we chose test_table. Now, to add data inside those cells, click on a cell and type any amount (the inserted data should be same as the data type, i.e. Now, you will see a screen that shows the SQL query to be  executed for inserting the data you provided. Log into the CMS Server and change to the MySQL installation directory on the command prompt. Run the following command to log into the database and execute the MySQL query to change the root password. Before attempting to proceed with Nginx installation make sure that your NIC has been configured with a Static IP Address and make sure Portage sources and your system it’s up to date. After update process finishes, proceed with Nginx installation by choosing the preferred settings and modules by echoing Nginx USE flags to Portage make.conf file.
To use PHP dynamic web programming language with Nginx server, install PHP-FastCGI Process Manager (FPM) by appending fpm and other important PHP Extensions on Portage USE flags and make sure you remove Apache extension. After PHP-FPM configuration file it’s edited, change PHP-FPM log file permissions and start the service. Nginx default template configuration file just provides a basic HTTP socket for localhost only. Next create sites-enabled and sites-available ( for unused Virtual Hosts) Nginx directories and configuration files for localhost on HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Now it’s time to create two scripts on a system executable path ($PATH shell variable), that acts as commands to activate or disable Nginx Virtual Hosts.
Then create the second script called n2dissite, that will delete specified active Virtual Hosts from sites-enabled Nginx path with the following content. After finishing editing Bash scripts, append execution permissions and activate localhost Virtual Hosts – use Virtual Host configuration file name without .conf extension, then restart Nginx and PHP-FPM services to apply changes.

In return if you want to use MariaDB, drop-in replacement for MySQL, use the following commands to get USE flags and install it. Enter MySQL database using, mysql -u root -p command to test its functionality and leave it with exit command.
Keep it in mind that you will not get any change of pointer indication when you take your mouse pointer on it.
Click on Finish to the next window and also click on Close button after creating new table. And when you click on the Apply button to save the change they will show you a window to confirm SQL Statement(s) like CREATE SCHEMA `my_schema` ; , don’t worry just click on Apply button again to save it finally. To add table at first select the schema name and then click to the Add Table into the Object Browser. For example we put sample value in first row like Column Name id, though the first field will default to idtest_table we will rename it with id.
You may save the password of MySQL to avoid giving it repeatedly whenever you open the MySQL Workbench. Click on Finish to the next window and also click on Close button after creating new schema. Or double click on the Add Table label area or Create a New Table icon within the Overview area.
As there is no data in the table you can see in the below screenshot, the cells shows null. Then select the check box of PK(PRIMARY KEY), NN(NOT NULL) and go to the next row and create another column by following the same way continue this process and add as much row as you wish.

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