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Not to mention the effort in becoming integrated with the internal team once you win the business.
In the case of the prospect who expressed the desire (and need) to help us, her company has been doing all marketing work internally thus far. Rapid growth and increasing competition in their industry prompted this bright VP of Marketing to recognize she needs help from outside. Is it too obvious to say that managing this change successfully is a major initiative unto itself? Ultimately, responsibility for getting your agency team fully integrated into a prospective or new client organization rests heavily with your primary contact.
In some ways, you may have the most to gain by very effectively managing the development of your relationship with your new client’s internal team — and potentially the most to lose if you neglect to manage this change process effectively with all key players in their organization.
As the VP of Marketing in our recent new business call illuminated, managing what is a change process may very well begin BEFORE the close.

If you need help building your strategy as a collaborative partner in implementing this process, call us, or see the Agency New Business Resources tab on our website. About Jane BroweJane Browe has marketing and sales experience on both client and agency sides of the industry. Great management and clear guidance are not the only tools that a company can use to improve productivity and efficiency among employees. If you could change a few things on your project to vastly increase your chance of success, wouldn’t you do it? Just like any other area of management, project management is bound to change its face during the upcoming year. We've gone through the topic of why use the mind mapping technique for your project management efforts before.
The recent PwC Global PPM Survey pointed out some interesting facts about the trends we’re seeing across project and programme delivery.

Have you ever asked someone in your project team to do a task and know that they aren’t going to get round to it, however enthusiastic they sound at the time?
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Or, if the request is sent to the team via e-mail or a phone call, the justi?cation section is completed by the project leader and then signed by the person requesting the change.

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