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The best thing about using a Windows computer is that you can customize it or do almost anything – for free.
Normally one clicks the battery icon sitting in the notification area, selects  Adjust screen brightness and then moves the slider to the left to reduce the screen brightness.
In spite of having done this, I felt that the screen was too bright and I was getting slight headaches due to regular use. This is how your screen brightness would look if you were to reduce the brightness by 10-20%.
If you want it to start everytime Windows starts, you can place its shortcut in the Startups folder situated at C:\ Users\ Yourname\ AppData\ Roaming\ Microsoft\ Windows\ Start Menu\ Programs.
Having to work with a migraine, I started searching for a way to dim my screen more than the button on my monitor would allow.

Receive future emails with valuable tips, tricks and news and offers that will inspire, challenge and excite your imagination. So I thought I had two option now – either get a shaded screen for the laptop or wear shades myself (just kidding) while working on the computer.
Looking around a bit, I came across two portable freeware which can help you dim your screen brightness further.
You can change the brightness easily in terms of percentage directly from the notification area by right-clicking on the program icon. Once you set the brightness, you cannot change it easily by right-clicking the notification area program icon. Changing the brightness of the screen can result in either a more comfortable way of working or a longer lasting battery duration.

I was finding its screen a bit to bright for my liking, in spite of having reduced its Screen brightness to the minimum via the Power Options.
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There are other times when I am watching a movie and the screen is still too dark even when it’s on the brightest level – this tool should help to solve that issue too!

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