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To open Display, click Start, click Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display. Internet Explorer 10 includes accessibility settings to help all users, including those with disabilities, move around the Internet easier, see webpages more clearly, and access information quicker. For better visibility of webpages you can change the fonts, font sizes, text and background colors, or zoom in on a webpage to enlarge it, or zoom out to see more of the page on screen.
Make everything on a webpage easier to see by zooming in, or enlarging the whole page—including images and text. With a webpage open, press Ctrl+Plus sign (+) to zoom in, or Ctrl+Minus sign (-) to zoom out. Or, open Internet Explorer, swipe in from the upper right side of your screen, tap or click Settings, tap or click Internet Options, and then use the Zoom slider to set the zoom level. Screen shot of the Zoom control slider in Internet Explorer 10 settingsOr, while viewing Internet Explorer for the desktop, tap or click the Tools button at the top of the window, tap or click Zoom, and then select Zoom in, or Zoom out, or the desired percentage. You can increase or decrease the font size on a webpage to make it more legible in Internet Explorer for the desktop.
To make webpages easier to see, you can change the font type and size, and the foreground and background colors that are used to display webpages. With an Internet Explorer window open on the desktop, tap or click Internet Options from the Tools menu.
Accessibility—to make Internet Explorer ignore colors, font styles and font sizes used on webpages, or to format webpages using your own style sheet. To make text on webpages stand out more clearly from background colors and images when you print the pages, you can choose not to print background colors. You can quickly move around the web by using one key and one key combination: TAB or SHIFT+TAB. You can use the keyboard keys Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, the arrow keys, and TAB to navigate through the buttons, content, and text entry fields on most webpages. To use Caret Browsing, tap or click the Tools menu, tap or click File, and then tap or click Caret Browsing.
Internet Explorer 10 has several options you can use to make your screen reader function more effectively. You can select text on a webpage and use add-ons called Accelerators to perform many common tasks, such as mapping a street address or translating text into a different language. With Internet Explorer open on the desktop, go to the webpage that contains the text that you want to use with an Accelerator, and then select the text. You can also point to All Accelerators to see a complete list of Accelerators available on your computer.
You can easily access what you use most by pinning your favorite apps, websites, and more to the Start screen. Apple’s decision to stick with the same form factor for its latest iPhone received mixed reactions from the public when it was announced.
From the front and rear glass panels to the sleek steel band, everything on the outside still feels the same. While the two devices share many similarities, there are notable differences when it comes to hardware, as you can see below. Siri is Apple’s new intelligent software voice-recognition assistant and exclusive to the iPhone 4S. When Apple demoed the application, the company noted that it is still in beta and currently only supports English, (US, UK, Australian) German, and French. Some of the cool things Siri can do is type messages as the user dictates it then send it to the recipient, set an alarm, place a reminder, and even do some light researching for you. Despite all its capabilities, it still remains to be seen whether Siri will become a game changer: it is, after all, still in beta, the video below shows Siri in action. While most of it’s physical appearances may not have changed, Apple made sure that the iPhone 4S got souped up under the hood. First on the list would be the camera – which went from 5 megapixels on the iPhone 4 to 8 megapixels, a move that would bring it on par with its competitors. The iPhone 4S has a new, slightly higher capacity battery, though the advertised battery times by Apple shows that the battery life between the two devices are almost identical.
While the iPhone 4S should have no battery problems as indicated by the spec sheet, many users are complaining of a shorter battery life.

After a rundown of the two iPhone models, it’s quite obvious the latest version packs a lot of improved features. This is quite a tough one to call if you already own an iPhone 4, although if you use your iPhone for taking a lot of photos, then the new 8 megapixel camera may be worth the upgrade. The addition of Siri to the iPhone 4S isn’t really a deal breaker, and you can probably live without it, as it is still in beta at the moment, and more of a novelty than a useful tool.
I have a 4s it got stolen and i loove the 4s but should i just get the 4 cause sprint wont cover stolen so i have to re buy the phone .. This page explains step-by-step how to increase the size of text and other elements in Windows 7 by either changing the DPI (dots per inch) scale, or by decreasing your screen resolution.
Note: The 'Ease of Access Center' has replaced 'Accessibility Options' (which was used in earlier versions of Windows) in the 'Control Panel' of Windows 7. Press the Windows key + U or click the 'Start' button, followed by 'Control Panel', then 'Ease of Access', then 'Ease of Access Center'. Under the 'Explore all settings' header, click on 'Make the computer easier to see' (Fig 1) or press Tab until it is highlighted and then press Enter. Under the 'Make things on the screen larger' header, click on 'Change the size of text and icons', as shown in Fig 2, or press Alt + Z. Click the 'Apply' button, or press Tab until it is highlighted and then press Enter, to save your changes. Note: If this does not work it could be because your computer settings cannot be changed due to local IT policies - contact your local IT support for further help. Under the 'Make things on the screen larger' header, click on 'Change the size of text and icons' or press Alt + Z. Click on 'Change Display Settings' in the panel on the left to open the window shown in Fig 2. To change your screen resolution, click the button beside 'Resolution' to reveal the slider, as shown in Fig 3.
Click the 'OK' button, or press Tab until it is highlighted and then press Enter, to save your changes. If you want to increase the of text on your screen to make it more readable, use on the Appearance tab in Display. If you use a touch-enabled computer you will swipe and tap to navigate rather than pressing keys and clicking options and icons with the mouse pointer.
You can also specify the color used for links in webpages, and override colors used on webpages. To prevent background colors and images from printing, open Internet Explorer on the desktop, then tap or click the Tools button, tap or click the arrow next to Print, and then tap or click Page setup.
With these keys you can quickly navigate through links that are text or images, text fields on website forms, hotspots on image maps, the Address bar, the Tabs bar, and HTML frames. On the Advanced tab under Internet Options, select options under Accessibility, Browsing, and Multimedia.
You can also choose the web services or websites that Accelerators use to handle different types of tasks. If you're using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and then click Search. With the webpage you want open in Internet Explorer on the desktop, drag its tab to the taskbar and release the mouse button when Pin to Taskbar appears. As seen in this picture comparison, the iPhone 4S’ mute button and the volume keys are raised just a little bit compared to the older model (GSM variant). Their speaker and microphone placements, camera (front and back) locations, are pretty much one and the same – so much so that you can mistake one for the other at first glance. Those outside the US may not be able to fully utilize its function as well, but Apple is working on allowing more users to experience Siri’s full potential. All these improvements turn the iPhone 4S into a very capable digital camera replacement for the regular user. The iPhone 4 is no slouch in the speed category as well, but Apple’s latest gem just feels faster especially when using apps that require a lot of graphics.
They’ve now made sure that the iPhone 4S is up to par in terms of call quality and reception. It should also be faster in pretty much all aspects, all while being enclosed in a familiar shell.

The iphone 4 cdma has 4 individual pieces for the antenna and the gsm has 2 as shown above. I mean is there a way to say that this is an iphone without the applications, seen as both iphone 4 and the 4s a almost the same?? To select the size you want, click the radio buttons or press Alt + S for the default scale (100%), press Alt + M for the medium scale (125%) or press Alt + L for the larger scale (150%).
Under Paper Options, clear the Print Background Colors and Images check box, and then click OK.
But, there's even more you can do with keyboard shortcuts to save time and effort, see Internet Explorer 10 keyboard shortcuts. To unpin the webpage from the taskbar, right-click and select Unpin this program from taskbar. While others felt the bump in specs on the inside was enough to keep Apple in step with its competitors in the smartphone arena. However, the iPhone 4S is a tad heavier, coming in at 140g, compared to the 137g of its predecessor.
Aside from increasing the photo and video resolution, the 4S uses a 5 element lens that should result in sharper images via optics. The infamous death grip is no longer an issue and users can, thankfully, use their phone even without a bumper case on. And while there is nothing really revolutionary about it for some, the iPhone 4S has enough to lure majority of consumers with its fast processor, good camera, and the availability of tons of apps. I have iphone 4 cdma and my sister has the 4s which is exactly the same visually besides the visuals below serial number and the slot for the sim card or memory on right side (both verizon). However, protective cases that have these precise button openings for the iPhone 4 may not necessarily fit the newer version.
The difference is that the iPhone 4S is noticeably snappier and faster, thanks to its new A5 chip. For CDMA variants, some users have noted that their version of iPhone 4 cases will also likely fit the 4S. In order to change the for individual items, you may need to have Classic style selected (as shown in Fig 2).
It is worth noting that Apple dubs its latest offering as a world phone, which means it supports both CDMA and GSM. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. Professional Product Documentation basics Specify a picture to display on your desktop You can also change the color of Increase the of text. If the text on your screen is too small for easy reading, you can increase the of the I have gone through all the changes allowed in this menu and none of it changes the Search Community member; If it does not help, you cannot change the of the items listed in Display and other menu items as it is by design of Having trouble viewing words on your computer? Describes how to customize the appearance of your desktop by changing the and color of individual elements such as menus, icons, and title bars. If you ever find yourself squinting to read text on your monitor screen or want to fit more on your and then click.
Under click on the drop down menu to change it to Large Anybody know how to change the text in Mode at the command prompt? This is a common problem, and I found a bunch of suggestions for how to deal with it, but none of the suggestions seem to work. How to change screen resolution, color depth, refresh rate and text in, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 Hi, Unfortunately, you cannot resize the text on that, since its been design by operating system.
To adjust the only, go to the Appearance tab under Display and change the to Normal, Large or Extra Large. The catch is that only WPF applications I write seem to have this effect, and the problem happens only on one computer.

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