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Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade is considered by most to be the best operating system Microsoft has ever made.
That Bing is the default search in Windows 10 gets to the very heart of what Microsoft is trying to do with the operating system.
It’s Bing that processes searches in the Ask Me Anything bar that’s added to the Taskbar by default. You can’t change how tightly integrated with Bing is with Windows 10, but you can change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge, Windows 10’s default web browser. Press the Windows key on your keyboard, the Windows button in the Taskbar or the physical Windows button on your touch-screen device.
From this point on, typing anything in the search bar within Microsoft Edge brings you to Google Search results instead of Bing search results. THIS is a deal breaker for me, so I will not be using this browser if it can not allow a change for my search engine. The only thing I can’t tell is whether or not it passes the search onto Google after Bing already gets credit for it. Google created Google Local Business Center awhile back and it was a great bonus for businesses.
If you look at this it is quite obvious that Google is killing their own creation – the search engine.
I’m not sure I completely agree that the GOOG is going to be a paid directory, but I can see more of that sentiment taking hold. Years ago, in some high level threads on Cre8asite Forums, I suggested that the most effective way for search engines to handle spam is to go to paid inclusion.
Many of the changes at Google the past 2 years have narrowed the number of sites people get exposed to — and many of the queries leading to them have been vetted by human quality control. It’s obvious, that Google has changed: Away from that clean, bright interface displaying only 10 search results towards pure complexity full off options! I have not seen that large local listing display yet where I am but I’m not crazy about it. Sebastian, I understand Google evolving, but I don’t like the fact that it is all about the money.
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Yahoo won the deal to be the default search engine in Firefox in November; now after losing some search share, Google's fighting back. Now that Yahoo has gained search share from Google thanks to its Firefox deal, the search giant seems to be finally hitting back with moves to get users to switch to Google.

I’ve been checking each week since the deal was announced in November to see if Google would finally do as I expected, try to prompt those using Firefox to change back from Yahoo to Google.
I got this message when using Firefox on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10, a Lenovo desktop running Windows 8.1 and another Search Engine Land editor got it even though his homepage was set to Google Translate. The messages did not appear for me when using Firefox on the Mac, nor when going to Google with Internet Explorer on a PC (though I did get a long-standing message in a different section of the Google home page encouraging me to download Chrome).
The tweet leads to what appears to be a new page made up for Firefox users, telling them how to change. Google does have dedicated pages to encourage IE users to switch either their search engine (see here) or home page (see here).
However, the messages for Firefox users are new — and driven, it would seem, because of the reports that Google has lost search share. I figured it was inevitable Google would do this, if the Firefox-Yahoo deal really did seem to be having an impact.
My response has always been that if Google was worried, it could and would fight back in this type of manner.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. From here you can change many of the features of the browser, including the default search engine.
GottaBeMobile broke down many of Microsoft Edge’s new features and upgrades for users here.
For you to do well on Google you will need to pay for Pay Per Click (PPC) or you will need to pay for the Google Places. The problem is they are destroying what they had and what they had was great which is why so many people used it.
I guess what bothers me is they were making tons of money without this move and to become greedy and lose users is incredibly stupid. I told a client at a meeting yesterday that I though the backlash Google will receive in the next year should make Bing extremely crucial…Now I know I am right.
Our work as SEOs get even more complicated and so on, but these are just unreflected complaints humans always bring up, when something changes. I do think they could learn from Bing’s tabbed local option, which to me is cleaner and easier.
But on Twitter, others have told me they’ve seen them within the past two months or so.

He’s a widely cited authority on search engines and search marketing issues who has covered the space since 1996. Certainly, some aren’t a fan of Microsoft making it difficult to change the search engine in Windows 10 to Google.
Both of those companies give updates to their operating systems away for free, banking on users adopting in mass and boosting usage of their other services. It comes equipped with a Share button for quickly passing website links to others, a note taking mode and an interface that works well for all users. It’s a nice web browser that gives users tons of options, even if they can’t change the search engine Cortana uses. Then it turned into some money hungry machine despite that fact that it was making tons of money already. Google also took all of the SEO’s and web designers out of Google Places last year and there has been significant talk about Google offering SEO services.
In fact, all the major search engines have done campaigns like that at different times going back for years.
Certainly, I’ve taken enough calls from various press outlets wondering if the deal and subsequent share loss meant a big problem for Google. Danny also serves as Chief Content Officer for Third Door Media, which publishes Search Engine Land and produces the SMX: Search Marketing Expo conference series.
To prevent yourself from using this search box you can hide it by right-clicking or tapping and holding on it to hide the box. Those of us that are in the industry have seen google doing some things that clearly show all they care about is making money and giving good information to us is no longer a priority. If you were on the first page of Google and you worked hard to get their you may no longer be there. So now they will make money from PPC, Google Places and if you want to be in the top 5 you may have to pay them for it. And now that they feel Yahoo and Bing are no longer a threat – they decide to build what they had. It appears their priority is how to make money and display to you the people that are paying them. Then Google started offering tags that people could pay for and many of us saw massive shifts in what is now called Google Places.

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