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The auto-lock feature on the iPhone and iPad lets you control how long you want the screen to stay on when the device isn't being used. If you've got both hands on the wheel and don't know where you're going, Siri and Maps can help. If you spend any part of your day in a car, you should have a charger in there just in case. One of the biggest advantages to jailbreaking an iOS device is the ability to customize nearly any aspect of the user interface.
You might not realize it, but choosing a well-designed wallpaper is the most important part of how your Lock screen will look and feel. A pair of jailbreak tweaks named Zeppelin and No Percent Sign come into play here, eliminating the carrier logo and battery percentage indicator in the status bar respectively.
If you’re looking for the easiest way to remove the Camera, Control Center and Notification Center grabbers from the Lock screen, look no further than customLS. The theming advice that I have provided above for the status bar, grabbers, passcode lock and wallpaper is just the beginning of what you can achieve with your Lock screen.
I downloaded AndroidLock XT and it works but I need to put in my iPhone passcode everytime after I put in the pattern.
The fun of modern phones is customizing them, but if you’re used to other cellphones, you might be surprised at how easy it is to customize the iPhone and how many different ways there are of accomplishing it. For example, to change the photo that shows up on the iPhone when it’s locked you can either go through the “Settings” application or you can just find a photo — or take a photo! Let me show you by changing the boring old Earth from space picture to a photo of my friend’s Christmas tree.

The shorter the amount of time you set it for, the faster the screen will go off due to inactivity. Ventev’s 2A car charger has a built-in Lightning cable, and a full-sized USB slot to plug in an extra cable.
The service was previously accessible only through a mobile app, but if you're living in an area that's covered by the service, you have the option of ordering directly through the website. In fact, being able to customize or theme is one of the primary reasons that I jailbroke my first-generation iPod touch over six years ago—and I’ve been doing so ever since. Graphic design is certainly subjective, so not everyone might agree, but my personal recommendation is to stick with simplistic wallpapers.
Most look absolutely beautiful, and can really bring out the other features on your Lock screen; namely, the clock, pull tabs, slide to unlock line and status bar.
The benefit is an even more simplistic Lock screen, which I find to suit the design of iOS 7 overall. Removing the pull tabs is also possible with TabLess, but customLS gives you the ability to replace slide to unlock with custom text, remove the clock, set custom legal text, and more.
AndroidLock XT borrows some functionality from Android by allowing you to set a pattern lock instead of a numerical passcode.
Over the coming weeks and months, expect developers to release further tweaks and extensions for customizing iOS 7 elements. But I really want to change the photograph that shows up on the front of the phone from the generic picture. I’ve had a lot of different cellphones in my time and I have to say that the iPhone is the best gadget phone I’ve ever owned, though as a phone it’s still pretty poor, but that’s another story.

A shorter auto-lock time will make your iPhone or iPad prompt for a passcode faster, which results in better security.
While the photo in your Camera Roll that you took over the holidays is certainly meaningful, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will look great on your Lock screen. A good starting point to look at is iDownloadBlog’s Wallpapers of the Week segment, which our own Jim Gresham has been hosting for over six months. Zeppelin can also be used to set a custom carrier logo, if you prefer that, although the tweak has not yet been recompiled to support A7 chip devices like the iPhone 5s and new iPads – rest assured, that’s coming soon.
Control Center and Notification Center are still accessible from the Lock screen after removing the grabbers, and they can be easily re-enabled through the customLS menu in the Settings app. As always, keep it locked on iDownloadBlog for the latest theme and customization coverage.
Alternatively, I will be sure to share the wallpaper I am using in the screenshots above in the comments.
If you ever want to switch back to the regular passcode, the tweak can be enabled or disabled with the flip of a toggle switch.

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