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Three years ago, SoCal post-hardcore hopefuls SAOSIN released an EP that stirred the underground and had many a label scurrying to sign them. Fortunately, Judas Priest is brought up, and now Burchell is compelled to engage in the discussion.
Maybe fame, fortune and everything that goes with it is approaching even sooner than the members of Saosin would tend to think. In 2003, playing latter-day post-hardcore and simultaneously screaming your lungs out was all the rage. Rumors of Green’s alleged drug use had been circulating in the underground for quite some time. Things weren’t so easy for Burchell, however, the reluctant product of a strict Christian household. Even though Burchell was raised in the church, you won’t find much in the way of religious overtones on Saosin.
Perhaps it also had something to do with super-producer Howard Benson (Head Automatica, the All-American Rejects) being at the wheel of Saosin’s major-label debut. Benson’s coaching and enthusiasm led to Reber finally settling comfortably into his frontman role.

Very little of Benson’s bright pop sheen found its way into the relatively darker territories found on Saosin.
Several defections and attitude adjustments later, the band are ready to follow up on their promise.
Motioning to a vintage Kiss shirt affixed to Burchell’s torso (a gift from a friend), the bellhop launches into a 10-minute, one-sided conversation about the arena-rock legends. In February 2004, he abruptly resigned from the band via cellphone in the Phoenix, Arizona, airport where he was waiting for a connecting flight back to California after flying from his hometown of Philadelphia.
This October, the band will head off on the international Taste Of Chaos tour, where they will be sharing stages across three continents with such heavyweights as Taking Back Sunday, Thursday and Underoath. For the next few weeks, we are going to go back in our time capsules to revisit some of the names that not only cemented TOC as a formidable adjunct to Warped Tour's summer mania, but as a festival of great merit curated on its own aesthetic terms. Burchell begins nodding in feigned interest as the bellhop waxes nostalgic about his Kiss concert-going days of yore. After all, Green did leave the band right in the middle of their rising popularity and the ensuing label feeding frenzy (the latter started before the band even played their first show). A healthy diet of classic rock and pop would often find its way into the family’s home.

When the band return in late November, they’ll be touring throughout America well into the next year. These five songs were issued on an EP, Translating The Name, or as the band refers to it, the White EP. How many upstart bands, who, when faced with a similar situation, would respond with, “Dude, the guy had to be on drugs!” But more specifically, drug problems? What I finally ended up doing was making mixtapes, writing Christian band names on the tapes and listening on my headphones,” he says. It was such a learning experience on how to sing, and now it’s just a world of difference. And while Shekoski will admit to second-guessing their new music against the impact Translating generated, Saosin have chosen to look ahead, instead of obsessing over their past.

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