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21 years old born and raised in Odense, Denmark with a huge pasion for street couture, high end fashion, hip hop culture, art and more. Iggy Azalea, if you don’t know the name by know you better start memorizing it quick. This girl is one of my personal favorite up and coming artists and she is beginning to make a big name for herself on the main stream. Cash Money General Birdman stopped by the Breakfast Club to speak his mind and leave it all in the studio this week at Power 105.What goes down as the shortest interview in Breakfast Club history happened Friday morning.

Iffy is not shy to flaunt what her momma gave her and it is apparent in most if not all of her videos.
THE CLEAR COWBOY HAT IS THE NEW BEANIE WITH A VEIL: Every genre of music has to have its signature headwear, and for the past year it seemed like the veiled beanie was the dominant topper in female rap. We recently shared the visual for 'Grave Diggers, just last week which has had positive feedback from fans. MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING: Even if money and success can change your life, you shouldn't value the green too much.

IT'S WORTH INVESTING IN SOME GOOD CONDITIONER: It's the only way we can explain Azalea's sheet of perfectly shiny blonde hair.

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