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This is an email I recently received from a groom, “We were a little curious how bride will sign her name on the marriage license. So to clear this up (because we are asked this often), the bride will change her last name AFTER the marriage. If the bride is changing her last name there are a few steps to take and they are all be done AFTER the marriage is legal. If you are going on a honeymoon right after the wedding you will use your current ID or Passport then when you return you can take the steps in getting your last name. 3. Drivers license- contact your local DMV to find out what forms are required to change your name on your drivers license. Getting married is exciting and so is changing your last name so have fun with the process. Testimonials"Thank you so much, Charmaine & George Sr., for making our wedding so very special! Enter your email address to subscribe to our blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
STEP 2 : We will mail you how your ad will look in the newspaper with proper advertisement content.
STEP 3 : Once you approve your advertisement, you will be directed to online payment gateway options.
Ans : Based On your Location & budget we will Offer the Best Combination as per your requirement.
Ans : We Just require a Photocopy of either Deed Poll Affidavit or Gazette for Name Change ads. Ans : We also assist you in getting the right ad matter as per the Norms of Passport, For Major & Minor respectively. Ans : For Change of Name one has publish the Advertisement in two Newspaper ( 1 Local & 1 National ). I’ll quickly mention that your name is legally changed on the day of your wedding when your pastor or wedding officiant signs your marriage license.
In addition, the steps I’ve listed below include as much mailing and as little person-to-person interaction as possible. This step is optional, because you can always use your original marriage certificate, which you will receive in the mail a few weeks after your wedding.
The easiest way is to order it online here if you were born in New York City or here if you were born anywhere else in New York state.
Here are the detailed instructions from the Social Security Administration but all you really need to do is fill out form SS-5 and mail it to your local Social Security office. The form doesn’t specify where to mail in the application and supplement materials so you will need to find your local Social Security office via the Social Security office locator and mail it to that address.

For step 4, unfortunately, you are required to appear in person at the Department of Motor Vehicles, known infamously as the DMV. To change your name on your Passport if it was issued MORE than one year ago, you will need to fill out form DS-82 and mail it to the National Passport Processing Center.
To change your name on your Passport if it was issued LESS than one year ago, you will need to fill out form DS-5504 and mail it to the National Passport Processing Center. If you liked this article or found it useful, feel free to share it with a friend, like on Facebook, or follow via Twitter. Register Your Wedding Day Date, we'll contact you soon to guide you on whats required.
At Wedding Name Change we are here to assist you with the huge task of notifying those about your name change. Register for your online account today, and you will have continuous access to your personal account until you have completed your name-change! Just because you get married does not mean the woman’s last name automatically changes. Everything else– bank accounts, credit cards, doctors, insurance, voter registration card, etc. Your signature Now that you’re name is legally changed it’s time to practice your new signature! And Need submit the newspapers cutting along with Deed Poll Affidavit or Government Gazette. And while our experience is in regards to New York, these general instructions should be a good guideline regardless of what state you live in. If you’ve ever watched Parks and Recreation, you’ll know that government agencies are some of the most inefficiently run offices!
Some people don’t want to lose the original marriage certificate in the mail or want to keep it in mint condition so they get a certified copy for changing their name. Some people don’t want to lose the original birth certificate in the mail or want to keep it in mint condition so they get a certified copy for changing their name.
The cost is $15 to get a copy of your birth certificate, but you will be charged an additional $8.30 for ordering it online.
Step 3 is when the previous steps come in handy, because you will need to include a certified copy of your marriage certificate (step 1), actual proof of identification NOT a copy, and proof of U.S. In your mailing, you must also include your current Passport, a certified copy of your marriage certificate (step 1), and a Passport eligible photo. In your mailing, you must also include your current Passport, a certified copy of your marriage certificate (step 1), and a Passport eligible photo.
All of the ideas and writing are strictly the opinion of the author and do not reflect the position of the companies discussed.

Assisting brides nationwide, we have simplified the name-change process in 3 easy steps: Questions, Forms, File! I recently changed my last name (was Amanda Doumanian now Amanda Reeves) so I totally understand that it’s a confusing processes, as well as, a pain for the woman!
After the County Clerk records your notarized marriage license you will receive a certified copy which you will use to get your name changed. My wife and I just successfully completed changing her name in New York so I’ll document the step-by-step process along with the cost to try and save you both time and hassle.
The general rule is a short certificate can only be used domestically while a long certificate can be used internationally as well. There is no additional charge for ordering a copy through the mail via this form, but you will need to include a photocopy of your ID and get the form notarized, which seems a bit annoying. I didn’t specify the waiting time for each of the steps since it will vary tremendously. Prices described are not guaranteed to be accurate and may differ on a case-by-case basis or as time passes.
Government name change forms for YOUR State within an instant online account, allowing you to login and auto-complete your forms in under an hour!
When I changed my last name, I made my middle name my maiden name and last name my husband’s last name.
So while you can substitute many of the mailing steps below with an in-person visit to your favorite government agency, I don’t know why you’d want to!
Hopefully, the above guide will provide a one-stop source of information that makes the process easier. In addition, certain links may be affiliate links that provide the author a commission for the referral of business.
So we are glad to help with all your marriage license and name change questions please do not hesitate to ask us! There are all sorts of options and in our modern time the woman is free to chose to do what they want. You will need to fill out an application for social security card and bring the required documents.
Even if you are the type to procrastinate, you should do step 1 as early as possible since it’s crucial for the rest of the process.

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