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Since 2003, Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD and his team have been carrying out research on a kundalini yoga meditation called Kirtan Kriya. In published trials catalogued here, they demonstrate changes in brain perfusion, decreases in inflammatory gene expression, and dramatic increase in telomerase (a longevity enzyme) that correlates with subjective sense of wellbeing, energy, sleep, memory, and even a 65% improvement in depression scales.
Patience: leads to persistence of a regular yoga and meditation practice, which brings with it the development of personal empowerment. Compassion: conveys kindness, which leads to empathy, which emboldens healthy feelings and communication.
We try to understand these non-linear effects, and we may touch on some aspects of their mechanism, but we undoubtedly fall short of capturing the web-like effects of these natural interventions.
Chanting these sounds in this order is thought to stimulate meridian points in the palate that reflex to the hypothalamus and pituitary the master gland. As evidenced by brain scanning, different areas of the brain including the occipital lobe are activated by different parts of this simple meditation.
Then reverse the order, whispering for two minutes, and then out loud for two minutes, for a total of twelve minutes. To come out of the exercise, inhale very deeply, stretch your hands above your head, and then bring them down slowly in a sweeping motion as you exhale.
The mudras, or finger positions, are very important in this kriya (see illustration below). Some of my patients find that after the first practice, they inexplicably cry with a feeling of poignancy. Great question – I use a track by the beautiful Nirinjan Kaur called Kirtan Kriya (Short Version). We work with companies wishing to streamline their business by implementing a new CRM system, and always look at ways of helping them manage this change. With any system, a database is only as good as the data and effort you put in; therefore it is key everybody adopts a new system and utilises its full potential from the outset. We take the job of implementing a new system very seriously and whilst we focus on the big jobs such as training or configuration, we also spend time on the small details. Identify a champion – A system champion will be responsible for basic system administration and for getting to know how the software behaves. Identify standard practices (per department) – Create a standard operating environment – it’s always easier to get everyone reading from the same page if they all have the same book.
Make data entry ‘enjoyable’ – it is important to remember that the quality of the data is dependent on consistent data entry by all users. Changing the habits and beliefs of anyone is a daunting task but if done right can be extremely rewarding. These have just been a few of our suggestions on how to implement new CRM software into your business, but please feel free to add any ideas or comments below.
We’re in a world where smart phones, marketing and everybody else is vying for our attention. Did you know, thirty-eight percent of fatal fire injuries occur in homes with no smoke alarms, while 24 percent occur in homes in which at least one smoke alarm is present but fails to operate, frequently due to dead or missing batteries. The Change Your Clock Change Your Battery®program is just one of the ways Energizer brings to life the company’s commitment to making a positive impact in communities across the country.
From now through November 3, visit the Energizer Bunny® Facebook page and click on the Fire Safety Info Tab where you will have the chance to enter a sweepstakes to win an additional Family Safety Kit.  Energizer will be giving away one Family Safety Kit per day valued at more than $167. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. One of the best ways to create positive change and achieve balance and success in your life is through coaching. Devouring self-help books, attending personal development conferences and training as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time-Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy.
The learning I made, and the coaching and therapy I received freed me to achieve a high-level of success in my life and career and I now support people through my coaching and therapy.
I’ve created a quick, easy and cost effective way for you to get access to all my high-quality, high-impact coaching through my Change Your Life 30-day E-Programme.
Every day, for 30-days, you’ll receive an email from me, which takes no more than 5-minutes to read.
If you thought coaching wasn’t for you, as it was too expensive or you weren’t sure what it was all about, this is the product for you.
I’ve combined my expertise in Learning and Development, specifically Accelerated Learning, and my Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner studies to create training content and activities I know are quick and easy but have a big impact on both your conscious and your unconscious mind.
I utilise NLP and harness the power of language to break down the mental barriers we all unknowingly create for ourselves over time and by habit. By utilising the latest learning techniques from Neuroscience and the principles of Accelerated Learning I have created quick and easy activities that have the greatest impact in the shortest time. All you need to do is set a little time aside every day for 30-days to read each email and complete each interesting and inspiring activity. I am so confident this 30-day programme will improve your life that if it doesn’t, I will give you your money back, no questions asked. Email access to me from 8-8 everyday –  An opportunity to ask me questions as and when you complete your activities each day, every day. Membership to the Change Your Life Secret Facebook Group – exclusive for those signed up to the Change Your Life E-Programme.

Free Personal Discovery Session for the first 10 people to sign up – a 60-minute coaching session following completion of your 30-day programme.
That’s it, just ?1 a day for 30-days gets you access to your daily email and activity, your bonus daily email access to me, your bonus Stress Questionnaire and Stress Buster Action Pack, your bonus Personality Type Questionnaire and Overview, membership to the Secret Facebook Group and an early bird opportunity to win 1 of 10 60-minute Discovery Sessions. My 1:1 personal coaching covering this volume on life-changing content would cost in excess of ?600 and in excess of ?1000 when we include your bonuses. Click here and simply enter your email address, a few details and then select the date you want to start to Change Your Life. If you’re still hesitating to take action now and have questions to ask, click below to contact me. My goal is to answer for each client, “What do I need to know, the learning of which will free me to change and achieve?” Choosing to work with me is an immediate investment in your future and a clear action to take responsibility now. I am friendly and approachable, and I work in partnership with you to ensure you’re making positive changes and achieving your full potential whilst maintaining balance and perspective. I pride myself on my empathy and honesty, I’ll listen, and you can guarantee I’ll tell you it like it is, no fluff, and a clear focus on supporting you to gain the knowledge and skills you need in order to change and achieve. It’s time to make some new learnings and create balance and success in your life and livelihood. I am a Master Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. Welcome to my exciting new report based on my ground-breaking system of changing your life and harnessing your potential through astrology. Like all personal horoscopes, this analysis is based on the planet positions in the signs and houses, their aspects to each other and other celestial influences that help mould your personality. Instead of feeling limited and frustrated with the difficulties life throws your way, this analysis will help you understand your reactions and make choices on which paths to take that might lead to greater happiness and fulfilment.
The reason people become disillusioned are varied but frustration has its roots in one common area - failure to fulfil our potential and to be true to ourselves.
Your birth data taken from your date, time and place of birth provides your planetary blue-print and with this astonishingly insightful tool I can help you unlock your true gifts, capabilities and talents. Your time of birth is crucial to the precision of your planetary particulars; if it is not correct to within four minutes, this will be reflected in the interpretation. I am delighted to be with you as you take your first step on the journey towards changing your life and creating our own destiny. Or, life will change without your permission, and you’ll be forced to go with the flow.
If you ever crave change, realize you need to change in order to experience something different.
Whenever you need to heal, it’s usually a sign that something in your life needs to change.
If you’ve been following my journey, you’ve probably heard a bit about mainstream media’s advertising chokehold and why you might not be hearing about this treatment on the 6 o’clock news. One of the foundational exercises of this ancient practice, I think of it like the magnum of kundalini. It has literally turned me from a neurotic, controlling, agro workaholic into someone who experiences grace, bliss, and a trust in the process so deep that I no longer even relate to “stress”. When you develop patience you have the ability to slow down and enjoy life more because you’re in the “flow” and can let the Universe work for you.
It also gives tolerance, which allows one to see the faults in themselves and others but yet to look beyond these faults and accept others and themselves as they are. Compassion also fosters clarity and commitment and the courage to be yourself without fear and pass to the next level of spiritual growth, which is surrender.
Employees accustomed to certain workplace practices can perceive change as disruptive and unnecessary, overlooking the longer term benefits. They will also provide a liaison between the system users and the software technical support. Give them a sense of ownership that helps facilitate the change and encourages user adoption. Agree on and implement a standard operating environment from the outset so everyone uses the system in the same way, with the same tools. She identifies business problems, implements ClickHQ CRM and carries out tailored training.
Although I love the leaves changing colors, and Christmas right around the corner I’m not a fan of the colder weather and having my children up an hour earlier. Almost every week I hear about a fire in the community, and it is devastating to hear about a death and it hurts even more knowing that a working smoke detector was not in the house, with just few dollars for a new battery a life could have been saved.
I am proud to support Energizer, and all of the help they provide communities, just his past year I partnered with Energizer and Habitat for Humanity to help build a house for a family in the community. If you’re unhappy about anything in your life I can guarantee the chances are you’re not doing anything about it. What would your life be like if you overcame your current challenges and achieved balance and success in all areas of your life? What’s holding you back from making your life better, and how can you overcome it, now? For many, this is an expensive solution, particularly if you’ve not yet experienced the life-changing benefits of receiving personal one-to-one coaching.

I’ve managed to condense 10 years of training in learning and development, coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, time-line therapy, hypnotherapy and the best personal development philosophies and self-help teachings.
It’s bite-size information and a quick and easy activity that packs a real punch when it comes to thinking about your life differently.
All the key learnings, questions and activities that had a positive impact on my life and now create great results for my clients.
NLP is considered by many to be one of the most useful and accessible tools to come from modern psychology.
More has been discovered about how the human brain works in the last 35 years than in all history to date. To ensure I can support all my Life Changers I am limiting this first intake and at this price point places will go fast. The difference is, I won't just be telling you what this all says about you but I will suggest what you can do, too, to build on your strengths and overcome the weaknesses shown through the negative features of your chart.
Deny a part of yourself for too long and you will eventually become discontented and disillusioned.
When difficulties occur, this could be due to energy blockages or expressing it in a negative way.
Dare to explore new territory inside, and you’ll be sure to see some positive changes outwardly.
Resisting will increase your discomfort, Going with the flow of change will lead you in a new direction physically, emotionally, and mentally. This leads to forgiveness, which releases anger, which is toxic to brain, immune, and cellular function. When you surrender to your soul, you gain the strength to sacrifice and to serve others and give to them without thought of reward for yourself. With each syllable, imagine the sound flowing in through the top of your head and out the middle of your forehead (your third eye point). She completed her psychiatric training and fellowship at NYU Medical Center after graduating from Cornell University Medical College, and has a B.S.
My one questions is how do I remain in ‘the zone’ with eyes closed and chanting, and still figure out when 2 or 4 minutes is up? Over time, the champion becomes an expert in using and administering the system, who can provide training to new users.
Having regular feedback sessions and surveys will not only help to get everyone’s voice heard, but also assist you with measuring the effectiveness of your new implementation. Small details like ensuring users use the same browser, helps standardise the work place and remove potential usability barriers.
Create habits like logging into the CRM first thing in the morning and keeping it open in a separate tab all day. Just ensure that a change in CRM is monitored closely and issues are identified and acted on as early as possible. Clare makes sure she really understands customer problems and provides high level support for ClickHQ. All into one bite-size programme for people wanting to Change Your Life by committing a little time every day for 30-days. This activity also helps us plan many of the activities over the next 30-days of your Change Your Life programme. Sit back and enjoy my regular videos as they drop into your inbox to inspire you to change and achieve balance and success in all areas of your life.
This tool is at the heart of the content and activities you’ll be receiving over the next 30-days. Your birth chart not only reveals your basic personality but also your mental, emotional and spiritual make-up too. Your analysis will help you identify the weak points in your personality and give suggestions for positive change.
After years of following the literature on mindfulness meditation, all I was left with was a sense of frustration and guilt that I could never commit to “watching my thoughts”. Only direct experience can answer that question with a wordless sense of remembrance for something we have forgotten. By also incorporating well-researched memory techniques, Accelerated Learning makes learning an enjoyable, successful and satisfying experience.
Serenity gives peace of mind and a sense of universal love where the One is seen everywhere. She is board certified in psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, and integrative holistic medicine, and is specialized in a root-cause resolution approach to psychiatric syndromes and symptoms. This is the ultimate in brain longevity and is what many people call enlightenment or illumination.

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