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Famed Snapchat artists like Michael Platco, Miologie, Dasha Battelle, and Shaun McBride make creating multicolor masterpieces look like, well, a snap. Here are our best Snapchat hacks, tips, tricks, and secret functions to transform any ordinary snap into a work of art. Once you’ve logged into Snapkeep, you’ll be confronted with a screen very similar to Snapchat’s snap-viewing screen. Snapchat’s secret palette of colors is probably one of the most elusive and difficult tricks to learn. On Android, the base functionality is similar, but the colors are organized in a locked palette instead of a gradient. The Android version also offers a secret highlight and shadow feature that you can access via the pallette. Snapchat automatically sorts your most snapped friends into a “Best Friends” list on the “Send To” screen, but the list is non-customizable and capped at seven users. Once you sign in with your Snapchat username and password, you can easily upload photos and videos straight from your iPhone library.
Snap Up also allows you to add custom filters and fonts that aren’t available in the traditional Snapchat app (but beware, these features can sometimes be buggy). One small note of caution: Because these apps aren’t officially Snapchat-sanctioned, they are frequently shut down and removed from the App Store. Drawing in black and white is old-hat to many novice snappers, but the functionality still remains well hidden to those just starting out. With seemingly little effort, Donald Trump has built one of the biggest and loudest Web campaigns ever. Setting your phone to Japanese means your phone assumes you are a native Japanese person and will be treated as such.
If you are looking for a way to introduce more Japanese to your life there is no better way.
There is no better motivation than waking up first thing in the morning and seeing Japanese on your alarm clock.
The great thing about changing your phone to Japanese is the extreme ease which it can be done with (and reverted if you feel you aren’t ready). Since there will be a lot of new words you will come into contact with for the first time, I thought I would give you a small list that will help in the beginning. Anime and Visual Novel enthusiast, who has a goal of achieving fluency in Japanese within 1.5 years. I tried doing this a while ago and my version of Android doesn’t have Japanese in the language list.
I changed over my devices (iPods, phone, computer, gaming consoles and handhelds) to Japanese about four years ago.
I found that with my iPods and phone (when I eventually got an iPhone), I would just go my muscle memory. And now, I can navigate the more complicated things on my computer, picking up computer-specific vocabulary and such. Some Android phones (like mine, I have a Galaxy Note 4) don’t list ??? as an available language when you go to settings, but it is still possible to make the switch. I switched my phone to Japanese a while ago, maybe right when I was moving towards intermediate. I have an iPhone and my favorite part is having the navigator voice in the maps app being Japanese. If you look at Anthony’s comment above, he gives some good advice to how to get your Android powered phone to switch to Japanese with the app called MoreLocale2. Oh cheers :-) I used a diff app but I eventually managed to get it to work and now my phone is in Japanese.
I’ve had my phone in Japanese for a while, and I think the scariest moment was installing some big software updates for the first time.

If you use Japanese directions, learn some vocab words first (turn, go straight) and make sure you give yourself a little extra time the first couple of tries.
There is nothing wrong with switching back to English when it is something you really don’t want to mess up on.
How the heck are you guys getting More Locale 2 to work and change to Japanese on the Android without a root? I took my own advice over the past week and spent a fair amount of time on our sales floor. I fumbled through our new-ish computer system and created quotes, wrote a few orders, and made a handful of sales. I learned that there are opportunities at my fingertips to improve efficiencies, to increase sales, and to provide better service. I also discovered that some of what I had been asking my reps to do was not a great idea (and, in some cases, was not even possible). But the hardest-hitting moment came when I got a call from a nice size account that had no idea who I was. Want to discover new ways for increasing your business, building customer loyalty, and eliminating inefficiencies? I know you’ve hired a manager, a sales rep, a receptionist, or somebody else to answer the phone at your business. The best part about this is the real time feedback I got on amm the suggestions I thought were so awesome. I found that the more I tuned in to my customers by taking calls, the more I tuned into my team because I could feel what they were really up against.
Once inside the app, the lines themselves don’t get smaller, so it’s like your finger is shrunken down times 100. Decide who you want in your extended list, and navigate to their username on the “My Friends” page. For instance, if the user’s name is Beyonce Knowles, you’d edit her display name to read “a_ Beyonce Knowles.” This will automatically force her name to the top of the A category on the “Send To” screen, allowing you to easily snap all your closest friends without having to scroll through your entire contact list.
Everything that goes on in your phone, including advertisements, apps, the app store, and error messages are all now part of study time. You’ve probably used your phone more than a few minutes a day, so you may now how to get around it.
And if it is absolutely an urgent situation, you can always change your settings back to English temporarily.
After being told by everyone that this is too unrealistic, he now has "realistic" goals of graduating as an alien fairy and helping the world.
I found myself learning menu item positions and not reading the kanji, most of the kanji I didn’t look up the readings and they just got ignored. I was having problems with Anki in Android showing up Chinese characters instead of the Japanese ones. I remember the hardest thing was dealing with my computer when it was an emergency or when I was installing something or when my mom was on my computer.
I found it much easier than switching my computer over since there’s more pictures and generally less text compared to drop down menus etc. I was trying to get Anki to work on my phone and for whatever reason switching to Japanese allowed it to work. No biggie (switch back to English if you need), but it felt like I might accidentally sign my life away.
You just have to enable the debugging console and use it to grant one extra permission to the app. Maybe somebody with video-making skills could tackle the task of creating a tutorial video? Download the .zip file, un-zip it onto your Mac, and double click the adorable little red icon to start it up.

I learned that what I thought was happening on a minute-by-minute basis was actually pretty different than what is actually happening. When I managed a call center, I'd make time as often as I could to listen in on calls and boy - did I learn a lot.
I hope you'll repeat this experience more often and keep sharing what you learn - with us and your team.
If you’ve ever tried to turn one of your selfies into Frodo or Harry Potter and then given up, frustrated that your fingers were too chubby to paint it, you’re not alone. Signing into the Snapkeep app (or any of the third-party apps listed here) will sign you out of the Snapchat app. You can review the snap or story anytime, as many times as you like, or choose to save it to your camera roll. You’re able to sketch fine lines that would be impossible to achieve on any smartphone, and a stylus can be used for advanced snap art. Click the first option, “Edit Display Name.” Another pop-up window will appear with a field where you can change your friend’s name. Money rains down in one filter from New York City’s Financial District; another Los Angeles–specific filter features brightly cut-out shops and shoes. To activate geofilters, navigate to the settings page and scroll down to “Additional Services.” Click “Manage” and a page will appear with several options.
However, over time, I found that I was starting to read the names of things in my settings or in other apps without forcing myself to do so. Note that this will most likely require you to connect the phone to a computer and enter some text into the command line (there are tutorials if you google it) to give MoreLocale2 permission to change your language.
It works for a while, but then I want to look at something more complicated and it is all in Japanese and I can’t understand a thing. If you attempt to change it without permission, the app will tell you what to do to allow the change. In fact, I intend to stay out here on the sales floor for at least another week and will schedule at least one day a month on the phones going forward.
I found the best practice was to spend time answering calls right after we made a big change - to understand what the full impact was on my customers and more importantly on my team. Search for “Snap Up” (two separate words) in the iPhone App Store, and click on the “Pro” version with the blue background and white ghost with a rainbow tail. If I click one wrong button I could end up doing some irreversible or otherwise extremely annoying.
It helped me see I didn't explain the why nearly often enough, so I didn't get the buy in from those I led. This truly has been an eye-opening adventure and I would recommend you try it for yourself.
This week, I often felt like a receptionist for callers who just wanted to speak to their favorite sales guy or girl.
Next, click the Use these Icons button, and then the Apply Icons button at the top of the CandyBar window. Unlike in the past (where it was very focused on price and availability), I found customers today to more concerned with warranty coverage and product specifications. I do not, not, NOT like the new icons.Christopher Breenwhenever i try to do this, it tells me that i have an unqualified system, says if i quit the icons will be lost.

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