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When apply to change the ip address there is possibility that You will lose your Internet connection.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I see this question get asked a lot on forums, most people never touch the firewall, 'if it's working leave it alone'. OK lets not run to the comms rack with a laptop and get stuck into the problem, get all your ducks in a row first. Then ring the old ISP make sure you can log a technical call without having to give them a password, (that everyone's forgotten), or the only person who they will talk to left the company five years ago. Warning: Sometimes you find that if you have used the public IP your ISP gave you on your laptop, that when you plug in the ASA it won't work, (this happens because the router 'caches' the MAC address of the Laptop, and get confused when the ASA uses the same IP).
If you have other sites with VPNs to you, they will need changing to point to the new public IP address. Now you've read all the above, you have a better appreciation of what you might break, and how much downtime to expect.
Again never assume the outside interface is called 'outside', I've seen all sorts of naming outside, Outside, Public, WAN etc. Now you know the interface name, you know know its physical name, (GigabitEthernet0, Vlan 2, etc.) You have all the information you need to change the IP address, subnet mask and default route.
In the ASDM you go to the same sections you did above, select the interface or route, click edit, then make the change. Before we look at anything else we need to make sure the ASA has connectivity to the Internet, and THE ASA can ping a public ip address (Note: I said the ASA, not something on your network). If this fails, ensure you can ping your ISP router (default route IP) this should be pretty easy to troubleshoot with the assistance of the ISP.
If you have public IP addresses statically mapped to public IP addresses from your old ISP range then these will need to be changed.
To do the same in the ASDM, is a little more convoluted you need to check every NAT rule and see if you have one thats type is 'static' and has an IP address from your old ISP range, then you can change it accordingly. If you have site to site (IPSEC) VPN's then these will have gone down when the public IP address changed.
For remote workers using the older IPSEC VPN client, you will need to send them a new PCF file to import into their VPN client with the new IP address in it, (unless they are pointing at your public DNS name, then you simply need to change the IP address that the DNS name points to).
I think I've got most stuff covered, if I've missed something that's caused you problems let me know, and I will update this article accordingly (contact link below). This article contains instructions for setting up SnapStream to change channels on your DirecTV set top box via the network port. Following this, step after step, is a quick way to achieve your first basic functional setup and make your simulator come alive. SimTools is designed to be a simple set of tools that work together to get motion simulators up and running as fast as possible while still giving the user all of the customization’s and flexibility they may need.
Just follow this step-by-step guide from points 1 to 10 and you will make your simulator move accordingly to the default profile ! Download the Plugins related to your favorites Games which can be found in the resource section. Select Full Installation if you run only one PC. (If you have a dual-PC setup, you have to run the installation program on both PCs individually. Check in the System Tray for Game Engine and Game Manager and make sure they are not running. Once this is successful, the profile will be available within Game Engine and Game Manager. With more experience you can also add some % of Surge to simulate acceleration and braking or Heave for road bumpiness. When using Output Testing, the Axis Assignments Profile that is used is the “Default” profile.
The “Default” profile is also copied for each new game installed as a starting place for the Axis Assignments for the new game. The following steps are only for example purposes and treat the Arduino and JRK interfaces.
Under ComPort, select one of the COM ports connected to you SCN5 (if you don’t know it, check the Control Panel on Windows, under the COM Port section).
With the Speed bar you can adjust the speed of the actuator, select a temporary value of 10.000 (value that you can increase after some testing).
With the Acceleration bar you can adjust the acceleration of the actuator, select a temporary value of 500 (same thing here, you can increase it after). Now do the same thing with the Interface2, using the other COM port, and selecting Axis 2 under Assigned Axis (important!). With the slider, we will manually make sure that it is rolling and pitching in the right directions. So to correct to the coord’s we need to invert the Roll and invert the Pitch or our games will not  produce the right directions of movement.
Once we have this all set up including Heave , Sway and Surge we can then go on and patch a game and begin to test the motion and fine tune it to your Sim. Now that we have downloaded SimTools open, the archive  that you have received and then double click the icon to open the file browser in order to install the application.
Click Next to continue, please read the Licence Agreement and if you agree please check the radio button I accept the agreement then Next.
Next you will be asked to select the destination location, please change if you wish to install SimTools to a different location. Full Installation – Select this one if you wish to only uses one PC, for example the game and motor controllers or any other peripherals is all running off one PC. Game Engine Installation – Select this if using two PC’s and should be on the PC that you are running the motor controllers or other peripherals from.
Game Manager Installation – Select this if using two PC’s and should be on the PC that the Games are actually running on. Once you have selected the components to install, please set the menu name that you wish to appear in the Start menu and click Next.
Next is the option to create a desktop icon (recommended) or to create a Quick Launch icon.
Now if using a second PC you will need to follow the above instructions but select 3 if you are now installing SimTools on the game machine, or vice a versa. The Game Engines main task is to drive your simulator from the game values that the Manager is sending. Interface Settings – This will be where you enter the details for setting up the motor controllers, etc.
Output Testing – Here you will be able to test your interfaces without using a game output. Tools – Here is where we can use tools selected for Game Engine to use, clear our home page, Manage our presets and set the priority of the Game Engine.
The Game Managers main task is to patch games and transfer this information to the Game Engine for processing to the Interfaces setup by your settings and for creating game profiles and setting up the of the Game Dash.
Top bar shows the status of the Game Manager, whether it is connected to the Game Engine or if a game is currently running.

Game Selection – Allows you to select a game plugin that you have installed via the Plugin Updater. Profile Selection – As it states you can select the default profile to run when a game starts or a custom profile that you have written in the Profile Editor. Profile Editor – Is where you can build a custom profile that can be selected via the Profile Selection and can be change live while in the game and can be modified while still live in the game selected.
Patching – As it name suggests is where you patch a game with the plugins so that Game Manager may send data to the Game Engine.
Tools – Here we can select tools that you have setup in order to help you in the Game Manager and also contain the area where you can access the profiles created in the profile editor, so you can copy and send them to someone else to use.
Dash – Allows you to initiate the Dash out available in certain games as well be able to set an IP address if the dashboard is on another IP Address. In order to use the plugins we have previously installed with the SimTools Game Plugin Updater we must patch the game for motion. You will now notice another window open as asks you to select the Live for Speeds installation directory. On pressing Remove Patch you will be asked to confirm that you want to Remove the Patch for Motion ‘Live for Speed’? Once of the nice things that the Game Manager allows us to do is if we have followed all the right instructions in the setting up of the Game Engine, mainly setting up the default profile correctly. A new window will pop up and this is where we can create and save custom profiles on the fly. Main – where you are now and where you can change game quickly and change the Main Level of % to make the Game Motion less overall. More – Is where you can check the details of the plugin and modify the three extra forces the plugin may contain for example Traction Loss. In this section it is split up into three areas, all serve their own functions, first on the top is a nice banner showing the Game Plugin selected plus in the upper right corner is the name of the people(s) responsible for writing the actual game plugin. Your custom profile is now ready and can be selected on the fly in the front page of the Game Manager. There comes a time when the default motion profile does not suit the car or plane we have change too, so instead of going through the lengthy process of tuning a profile again we can do as explained in the above section of the Profile Editor. In the next window please change the IP setting to match the IP of the Game Engines location.
Note that if this game is already patched you will have to later follow these instructions in order for motion to be present from this game again. Here you can gain access to copy your profiles so they may be posted to a web site or attached to an email in order to send them to someone. Please note if you do not copy and just move them you will no longer be able to use them anymore.
Now we can simply drag and drop the supplied Game Manager Profile to the Import Files box (3.) And the Game Manger will then install this to the right place ready for you to use it. With the Dash Output settings you to set the pack rate for the data being sent to the Game Dash to send it to the micro controller or  peripheral it communicates with, as well as setting the IP address if this is connected to a different computer on your network. Here if the dashboard or peripheral is located on your network, for example is run of a second computer. Now with the packet rate is the time that the dash out pauses between sending the data to the Game Dash .This in turn give the Game Dash time to do what it needs to do before another set of values are sent and is needed in order to keep a nice constant flow of data.
Now that the packet rate is selected at any time you wish to stop or start the dash output it can be controlled by checking the Enable Dash Output box. SimTools Game Plugin Updater was created to make life easier for the end user to install a game plugin and not have to worry about were the files need to be place in order for them to work correctly. First of all make sure the Game Engine and the Game Manager are not running in the system tray or the plugin updater will not start and warn you that they are still running.
Now the plugin should be left as they were downloaded from the Resource Section of the website and do not need to be uncompressed in order for them to install properly. Here in the Home Screen we can set a picture of our simulator or a picture to make our setup look personal to our tastes. The axis used by the Game Engine are important to setup correctly as this will decide how your simulator will act to the input coming from the Game Manager. You can gain access to these by pressing the button marked Axis Assignments located on the top line.
Looking at this page you will notice on the left hand side a list of Axis 1 through to 6; these are the Axis that you may setup to be used by the Interfaces that you will select in Interface settings. In the center box is a list of DOF which allows you set the forces you wish to act on each axis and can be a collection of up to six allowing for a very complicated axis profile to be easily written. For now we will setup the default axis as this is the most important one to setup first before moving on and installing any game plugin.
It is recommended that we first setup our Axis, to test the simulator before testing any game output.
From this you can see that both axis pitches and move in the same direction to create a pitch down and up movement, and for roll they move in an opposite direction to create a roll movement. To check what is set for the Axis – Roll and Pitch, noting that roll has one axis is inverted.
Now we have just set our Default (Base) axis for all new games that are added to the Game Manager but remember we can always come back and change these values for a specific game.
Now what we have actually set in the above Default Axis profiles is for our sim to use 60% of the actuators movement to Roll (Tilt left to right) and to use 60% of the actuator travel to Pitch(tilt forward and backward) and both Roll and Pitch act on both Axis(motors). Due noted that we haven’t included any Surge (longitudinal) and Sway (lateral) or Heave (vertical) to our default axis settings this can be done as well by adding it to the default profile to create a true motion cue. This also can easily be set by using the supplied presets or from a preset that someone has sent you. Now we have saved the above settings from the SimForceGT profile to our default axis profile. You will also notice there is a button under each DOF – Flt which is used to create a filter for each force within the Axis Assignments and can be handy when you refine your axis assignments to improve the feel to your personal requirements. Smoothing – Will smooth the value, if a value seems jerky or not flowing this can be increased to add a smoothing effect by creating a mean value of the values coming in.
Boundary – Is to make sure the single DOF does not use more than X amount of the available axis. This simple process allows you to save your Axis Assignment settings to allow it to be sent to another user to easily select and install to their SimTools.
You will notice by pressing Presets and then Load a Preset in the following window, the name of the preset we have saved before will appear in the list.
A file manager window will open and you are free to copy the preset to either a post on the web site or an email attachment. SimTools will validate it to be sure it is not corrupt and install it to the correct location and now can be selected by the user to use or just to check if they got theirs right. Now this will limit the maximum distance the axis will travel if set right will never reach their internal end stop and damage them and this can be revisited and changed if required. In the top button bar you will notice we can setup six interfaces for the Game Engine to control therefore we can control six interfaces for a 6DOF simulator. There is also presets already setup and ready for you to just select and go, can save some time and this makes it easier for you if you have one of these supported interfaces.

Once you are happy with the interface please press Save to save the setting to the Game Engine. If more than one Net Interface is used you can then select from the top button bar the next Interface and continue to set it up like above. Again please press Save in order to save these setting to the game engine, and if another one need to be setup, simply click the next Interface in the top button bar and continue to setup like listed above. Today we are going to inform a simple tips for changing IP address of D-Link DIR-615 Router. And that's great until you move offices, or get a newer faster (or cheaper) Internet connection. The ISP always reserves and issues the same IP details to you because you have a mail server or have VPN connections etc). Your Current Internet Connection: I know you're going to turn this off, but if there's a problem and everything 'goes to hell in a hand cart', you might need to connect back to this one in a hurry, (best not to look like a clown because you deleted all those settings and don't know what they are).
Backup: You are only ever as good as your last backup, make sure the ASA is backed up before you start, and backup to TFTP, or via the ASDM NOT by copy pasting the config into Notepad (this tends to hide shared secrets etc).
Test The New Internet Connection: I've had many a call from a colleague, that they can't get an ASA working through a new Internet connection. The outside interface of the ASA is exactly the same as any network connection it needs an IP address, a subnet mask, and a default route (same as default gateway for you Windows types). Now we need to locate the default route for the 'outside' interface, (or whatever yours is called). This confirms that your receiver is set up properly and has the ability to be accessed via the network. Create a profile for a game and then tune the profile to perfection while playing the game!
This will allow you to become familar with the application but if you plan to use more games than Life for Speedtm please close both Game Manager and Game Engine before proceeding. Click on Axis Assignment, Axis Limiting and, to any axis connected with a SCN actuator, select a value of 90%. Also make sure that your simulator Axes Limiting are set back to 100% once you are all setup.
The manual uses the default location and you will need to remember this location when we refer to the installation directory. Then in the Ready to Install you can check on everything you have selected previously and if any changes needed feel free to click “Back” to make any changes necessary. Also contains the area where you can drop profiles that you have obtained by someone else all these operations.
Here we will just set the game plugin that comes supplied with SimTools before we had installed any other plugins in Resource section on the website with information on the directory you need to select in order to successfully patch the game for motion. On pressing OK the path is  transferred back to the Game Patching Path, if you have selected the  wrong path it will say so too. Now for any reason you don’t like this, you simply press Delete and it is removed, on the other hand if it’s just the name you don’t like press Rename and give it a better name. Please stop the game after changing the IP Setting and Un-Patch and Re-Patch the game again, Thank you. And if it seems the Game Dash is not coping with the speed of the packet rate this too can be adjusted to a higher number in order for the Game Dash to cope better.
Easiest to do complete it is the Ms Paint, but any drawing application will work just make sure the overall size of the picture is set to 600 x 400.
Along with just selecting the forces to use you can apply filters and the % of the total axis movement to be used by each force.
Please not if only one Axis(motor) controls the Pitch and one controls the Roll you will need to change the Default Axis to represent this.
This can be handy when copying some else’s design and wish to use the same setting as they have. To be a perfect world we would have a list of all types of profile preset to use but to be fair we are able to create our own and save this so that we are able to send them to each other to make our journey through SimTools a pleasant one. In turn letting you have a very sensitive axis and will make sure it doesn’t take over the whole axis.
Ok now we need to know where we can retrieve this preset in order to be able to post this onto the website for others or in turn be able to email this to a fellow builder who has asked you for it. Plus on the end of this you can set a pause for the Interface to do its start up in time before any other command is sent to it – HW Start.
On another note it can be handy to Create a Preset with this existing settings in order to send this to another user who has the same device but not the knowledge on how it needs to be setup. In other case, some computers also ask to reboot after you make this change and will work properly after that. You may have covered this in point 5 but now I'm talking about the public IP addresses that are in use but NOT assigned to the outside interface. At the end of this there will be another two options that we recommend leaving so one may check the application has successfully installed plus helps to familiarize yourself with the way it is laid out. The second area labelled Main Setting is where you can select a game plugin, a quick way of moving through the game plugins that are installed. We can simply select the profile in the front screen of the Game Manager under Profile Selection, and the Game Engine automatically picks this up for us and modifies the values accordingly, without you worrying about it. We will explain below how to select a preset and how to save your own if you wish to send it to someone to try and test.
Motor controller, SCN Controllers and Microcontrollers even set our Interfaces that are connect to the Game Engine PC via the network. Or if your ISP handles this, get the information on how you can change your host records to point to the new IP address, (i.e. H25 receivers and some other receivers that do not include network adapters can usually be network using a coax adapter kit. Click Save at the bottom of the page and then your DirecTV Channel changing has been enabled. Press Ok to complete this and you will now see that in the Game Patching Path is now not set and the Edit Path button is now selectable. Press the down arrow and a list of game plugins installed will appear, simply pick the game plugin you want from the list and watch the banner change and now you can work with that one. After you have chosen your address, click on "Connect Now" and you will be connected to the network. Simply move this slider and the percent will represent the overall used by the Game Engine to drive your simulator. Thirdly the bottom section shows the forces available in the plugin, if your wonder what forces you need to setup in the Axis Assignment this will show you.

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