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And so, since there are no boys in my family, the name Izon more or less ends with my sister and me (we'll save the conversation about my future children's surname for another post, shall we?). If I took my fiance's surname, a part of me feels like I'd be erasing everything that I've accomplished under my maiden name.
I will be my husband's wife and wear that moniker with enormous pride, the same way I hope he's counting down the days until he can call himself Juliet's husband. Please allow production time for your garments as we meticulously embellished each item to your specifications one at a time! QUESTIONS AND ANSWERSQuestions & Answers about Pop The Champagne I'm Changing My Last Name Tee Ask a question about Pop The Champagne I'm Changing My Last Name Tee .
When I was born 27 years ago -- the progeny of two English majors -- I was named Juliet for its poetic Shakespearean roots, Kathryn for my mother, and inherited the Spanish-by-way-of-the-Philippines surname Izon (that's EE-zon, folks) from my father. Perhaps this comes from the decades of correcting the legions of people who insist on pronouncing it EYE-zon. I never gave this much import until recently, when I became engaged and everyone started asking me what I planned to do about changing my name.

The French, unsurprisingly, seem to be the only ones that get it right at first glance, which only strengthens my belief that I am a true Frenchwoman manque. I don't want to have to give up a huge part of my identity just because I'm getting married. Rush service is not the same as expedited shipping such as 3-day air, 2-day air, or overnight. The prep-school girl within me has managed to give up my near-pathological adoration for pink and green and grosgrain belts, but I do believe the habit of initialing everything is most certainly here to stay.
It has a Z in it!" This was met with mostly confused stares and an awkward leap to another topic of conversation. It's the same number of syllables as my own and even ends in the same letter, so the conversion wouldn't be terribly painful. Standing together on our wedding day, I'm thrilled to be marrying someone that I am crazily, stupidly and entirely in love with. These expedited shipping methods and time in transit begin when your order leaves our warehouse.

But, at least for me, marriage doesn't mean you suddenly meld into one being; it's rather two people who form a union that makes each individual that much more awesome. Due to the personalized nature of this apparel, we are not able to accept returns or exchanges. A quick Google search reveals some of my proudest moments professionally: my very first Huffington Post article, my numerous TV and radio appearances, and, if you dig a little deeper, that amazing canon of work from my early years as an editor at the Trinity College Tripod. This is what Juliet Izon has done so far and, I hope, only a small percentage of what I will continue to do.

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