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If your photo is featured as the Gallery of the Day, you’re eligible for a special Weddingbee badge for your blog or website! I’ve shared our proposal story, but I have not shared the story of my ring and how it has given us an unforgettable experience. The wedding is creeping up pretty fast, which is probably why those wedding thoughts are now entering my dream world. I only remember bits and pieces of the dream, but these bits and pieces are enough for anyone to scratch their head. As we walked into our reception, I noticed all of the tables were covered in burlap and lace. You might be asking yourself, “Miss Wizard, why the heck were you so hell-bent on going dress shopping just days after getting engaged?”? They always say to wait to go dress shopping until you have a better idea of what your venue will be, how formal your wedding is, what season it will be, and so on. One of the many things I would never have even thought about doing until discovering Weddingbee is buying a special fragrance specifically for the wedding. My fabulous wedding shower was on Saturday and I am still amazed at how awesome it turned out.
Let me tell you right now: changing your name mainly involves standing in line, sitting in waiting rooms, and making phone calls. Our first stop on our travels was my cousin Andrea’s wedding, in which I was a bridesmaid. It became clear that we’d outgrown our bee levels on the boards a little bit, so we’ve added a few more levels for your commenting pleasure! This may be difficult to fathom, but name change notification does not stop at Facebook or Twitter.
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If you change your name due to divorce, marriage, court order or creative caprice, you will need to notify your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
Depending on your DMV, you may be required to submit name change notification within a certain number of days. While it’s best to update the car title, a task that will eventually be required when it comes time to sell or donate the vehicle, many states do not require registration certificates to be updated, reflecting your new name.
Our modern era has introduced even more reasons: from newlyweds taking a hyphenated version of both their last names, to transgender name changes, to more and more folks who simply desire a name that more authentically represents who they are. However, it is one thing to start demanding that everyone call you Cornelius Awesome from now on, and quite another thing to make your name change legal.

You may need to update everything from your Social Security card (which is done with the Feds, rather than at the state level) to your vehicle title, vehicle registration, voter registration, and passport. Of all of the legal documents that will reflect the change, your drivers license or ID card is arguably just as important, because it is something you carry with you every day.
So, Captain Tyrannosaurus Radpants, what is needed to change your name on your drivers license or ID card? However, if you do not currently have a driver license or ID in your state, you may need to provide other official documents such as an updated Social Security card reflecting the new name as well as completing the required application for a new license. In the case of a voluntary name change that is not related to a change in legal status (from single to married, change in legal guardianship, etc.) depending on where you live, you may still need to get a judge to sign off.
Many states will let you change your name pretty easily, but they want to verify that you are not taking an alias in order to commit crimes or to evade the authorities. My whole life I’ve been told how alike we are, both in looks and in personality, how much I would have loved her, how proud she would have been of me.
I just love this idea, since I know I already associate certain perfumes and scents with different moments and times in my life.
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MOH J5, MIL Warbler and bridesmaids Tata and E all worked their butts off to make everything perfect. Some people I hadn’t seen in a while and others had traveled miles to be there for me.
I don’t know if Andrea threw it at me on purpose or if it was fate, but I swear those flowers flew straight into my hands.
This sounds obvious, but it’s needed for new business cards, payroll and withholding tax forms. When not pretending to enjoy watching middle school soccer games, she writes, blogs, and edits.
This will help avoid any potential confusion or problems in the future, especially in the way of car titles and vehicle registration certificates.
DMV offices will NOT issue a new document if your name does not match the SSA’s records.
Unlike submitting an address change, which can be completed online or through the mail, updating a name change requires doing so in person. In most cases, depending on the circumstances behind your new identity, these vital records will be a marriage certificate, divorce document, or court papers issued in the U.S. This means if you submit a name change for your drivers license, the DMV will automatically update all of your records. In this case, you retain your existing driver license number and renew your license or ID card according to its current expiration date.
Cara is a member of the National Writers Union and has written extensively about the arts, restaurant culture, business, and education for both print and online publications.

Get the necessary forms & steps for informing the DMV of an address change, listed by state.
Please encourage your loved ones to be focused drivers by tagging them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Castle went to a couple different places but settled on a princess-cut solitaire from Tiffany’s. Then, all of the centerpieces were piles of sand and marshmallows with birthday candles stuck in them.
She and my dad had taken me to my four-month checkup at the pediatrician’s office, and as they were checking out afterward, she quite literally collapsed on the spot. After giving everyone a hug, I stopped to look at all the personal touches from the gorgeous centerpieces to the champagne glasses that had our initials and wedding date etched on them. Dragon kept sending me links to jewelry and asking if I liked it, but I had no idea when the question would actually come. I’m nearly six feet tall, so all I had to do was reach up and hold on tight, and I had ”?em. Update this first before notifying other agencies, as some may require a Social Security card showing your new name.
It’s especially important to update your drivers license and identification card since both can be used for boarding at airports, cashing checks, and registering to vote. Cara loves to travel and maintains a personal Wordpress blog named Advice From a Real Live Woman. When we lit the candles, the sand and marshmallows magically transformed into piles of snickerdoodle cookies. Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to jump at the chance to dress shop whenever it presents itself. My dad caught baby-me out of her arms, and left me in the care of one of the nurses there while he rode to the hospital in the ambulance with my mom. Never having had any symptoms, she never went to a doctor, or a cardiologist, or anything, to get looked at; if she had just had an EKG, a chest X-ray, or something, a doctor might have seen it and been able to give her a pacemaker and she might still be here. It turned out to be better than I imagined, I couldn’t have asked for better friends!
There were also platters of fruits, vegetables, cookies and Bridesmaid E cooked up the most delicious waffles ever! My engagement ring style has been around since 1886, so he knew it would always be fashionable and could be something we pass down to our children one day.
What this entailed was eleven people coming to our apartment to do a photo shoot and record audio of us telling our story.

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