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Hofuf is home to an industrial site set to be completed next year and created entirely for the purpose of employing women. But how can further segregation be expected to solve the problems caused by discrimination?
Clerics will say that Islam does not allow women and men to mix at work, while the rulers explain that segregation is part of Saudi culture.
The implications of Hofuf have yet to be fully recognized, but from a historical standpoint, this could be the first step towards turning Saudi Arabia on its head, or on its elbows, or on its knees. Achieving equality alongside men may not be possible for Saudi women at this point, who exist in a climate where they are policed socially as well as legally to remain silent, subordinate, and inactive — but they desire it.
Carmen is the Straddleverse Director, Feminism Editor, and Social Media Co-Director at Autostraddle. She probably wishes she was on a road trip right now.
I Spoke to 2,500 Sluts on Saturday: Why We Need to Start Talking About Consent, Sex Ed, etc.
4 Please log in to voteI hate to be a naysayer, but I’m very troubled and uncertain about this plan. As of Friday, there was still no official word if TNA wrestling will continue to use the TNA name, according to Dave Meltzer. Hi Charish, I want to first thank you for being transparent with us about a topic that is very important to adoptees. IAA: I really hope the judge grants your request and understands the power in an adoptees birth name. IAA: Reading that warms my heart because I am willing to believe that your natural mom did care about you.
Charish: I started writing my name as Francis when I found out my birth name, and for a few years refused to answer to anything else.

It takes a peculiar leap of logic to think the answer is instead to build whole new cities where women who choose to have careers can be herded.
Yet Islamic feminists have pointed out time and time again, that the prophet Muhammad himself was married to a businesswoman – with no need to hide in an all-women city. In a region where women have historically been oppressed at a very extreme level, an entire city devoted to their potential and ambitions seems like it could be a major step forward for the women involved, although what it will mean for the future of Saudi Arabia as a nation remains impossible to predict. Hofuf is an opportunity for Saudi women to show their families, peers, and leaders that they have tangible skills and ambition, and at this point in their movement that seems a necessary step in order to create change in their benefit within the region.
I would guess that they will create a city of beauty and creativity, and become the envy of others. Is this anything more than a governmental scheme to make sure that women remain cloistered, albeit in a larger box? I have been contacted by adoptive mothers seeking advice on the effects of changing their adopted child's name. It is imperative that adoptive parents understand what it means to keep a piece of a child's birth mother with them after being adopted. I believe once a child has been named by their natural family that it should never be changed for the exception of the last name, and that is it! The development will create a multitude of opportunities for women while appeasing the longtime tradition of sex segregation in the region  and the social customs that often make it impossible for a mixed-sex workplace to be efficient, safe, and successful.
Would this be seen as acceptable, even progressive, if the cities were there to house workplaces for people of one race rather than one gender? A culture that does not just segregate women, but enshrines in law that they are second-class citizens is hardly one worth preserving. In the wake of the accepted proposal for the site, academics and journalists alike have harkened back to Jim Crow, arguments about same-sex education, and the failing logic of a segregated city.

The idea that women have to prove to men anywhere on this planet that they have worth is frustrating and stupid, and we are right to react with confusion and anger at the premise that it is the only way. Why should they continue to wait for slow political progress, and trust in individual public figures for their own liberation, when they can just pick up and go? Their challenge then will be not to let their success be destroyed because it will pose a threat to the more traditional man. If I were a Saudi woman, I’d probably be delighted at the prospect of a job and personal security. But where are the voices calling for an end to the country’s discriminatory practices? Saudi women do not have time for gradual progress — but now they have the opportunity to explain and exhibit why it never made sense to wait in the first place. There has been none of the broad support that would have ensued had the segregation been along race lines. My adoptive mom changed my middle name and gave me my natural mom's name when my adoption was finalized at 8 years old.
Conservative religious customs and old-standing tradition and law have rendered Saudi women almost powerless, and despite small gains, they remain far behind in their recent efforts for equality.
At one point it was impossible for American women to get an education comparable to that of presidents, business owners, and other breadwinners — so they simply made their own space to do it. Sometimes you have to stop waiting to achieve equality alongside your oppressor and you have to pack up and go.

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