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This is why it was a surprise to pretty much everyone when one day in mid-December, I up and decided to head down to the local Social Security office and change my last name. On the upside, now that Danny and I have the same last name, when I make reservations, no one will refer to us as Mr.
South Dakota is changing place names that may offend certain ethnic groups or minorities and is seeking public assistance to do so. This little-known federal board rules that names must center on local history, folklore, events, or natural aspects of the area, adding that names must not duplicate others attached to geographic features in South Dakota or nearby states.
In South Dakota, the process of name-changing began in 2001, and the state has so far been successful in renaming 20 sites that have been deemed to carry offensive names; for example, Little Squaw Creek has now become Badger Clark Creek. Road construction, numbering, traffic signs, fantasy roads, general roads musings, road history, mapping. I think renaming of streets has been moderately common nationwide to avoid duplications, as administrative areas get larger.It's interesting to see your examples in which the new names have no obvious relationship to the old. Big Nick wrote:Years ago I found out that the Post Office did a lot of this in the late 19thC to help them get letters to the right addresses. There is a collected list of streets renamed in Leicester here.Most fall into the categories of eliminating duplication as a village was incorporated into the city (eg number of examples in Aylestone), eliminating less desirable names (eg Backside, Pig Lane, Asylum Street) or replacement of German names during the first world war (eg Saxe Coburg Street, Hanover Street, Bismark Street).
There was a very thorough renumbering of streets in Stoke-on-Trent in the 1950s so that each different street name was now only used once.
I think I've pointed this one out before, but Gleneagles Cottages became part of an extended Dumbarton Road in Glasgow. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy won the Oscar for best documentary short subject for A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness. A number of the replacement names suggested by the South Dakota Board of Geographic Names have been rejected by a federal body called the US Board on Geographic Names (USBGN). There are a few in this list where the original name changed centuries ago though.Some of the old Aylestone names are still used by a few locals, despite being changed over 120 years ago. Etheldreda Nakimuli-Mpungu is one of this year's winners of the Elsevier Foundation Award for female scientists in the developing world.

This one looks a bit more genteel though!Years ago I found out that the Post Office did a lot of this in the late 19thC to help them get letters to the right addresses.
This one looks a bit more genteel though!.There is an Albert Square in E15, but it is not s square ! Danny could have cared less whether or not I took his name, but, he kind of hated it when someone referred to him with MY maiden name.
And I'm actually quite surprised that Silver Street replaced no fewer than seven(!!) other names. Even more curious, there doesn't appear to be a duplicate anywhere - seems to have just been Glasgow rationalising street names.Same area, Stuart Avenue is now Verona Avenue, Darnley Avenue is now Dunglass Avenue and so on.
A number of bones were dug up here in the past and they were considered then to be associated with the nearby St Nicholas Church. However, the school closed down only a few years later replaced by a larger building elsewhere. In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, here's a collection of some amazing global women that NPR has profiled in just the past few months. Maybe in a few years they'll top Google's lists of women changing the world in ways large and small.
Rosa Coj Bocel, student Bocel, 27, is the star of a short documentary about her life in rural Guatemala, Rosa — These Storms.
The indigenous Mayan woman grew up in poverty, was pulled out of school early, then became pregnant. Her daughter died at the age of 2 from hydrocephalus, a condition marked by a buildup of fluid in the brain.
A few years ago, she graduated from high school and is now studying to be a registered nurse. Odontuya Davaasuren, doctor and professor Davaasuren, a family doctor and professor at the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences in Ulaanbaatar, has one goal: to improve the way people die. Called "the mother of palliative care" in her country, she's helped raise more awareness and funding for end-of-life care.

Now poor families taking care of a terminally ill person can get about 36,000 tugrik [$18] each month from the government until the patient dies. Kiran Gandhi, period activist Gandhi, 26, a Los Angeles-based musician and feminist, ran the London Marathon while on her period without using any hygiene products. She wanted to let her blood flow freely to encourage women not to feel embarrassed about their periods, and raise awareness for girls and women around the world who do not have access to feminine care products. Stephanie Linus, filmmaker Linus, 33, a Nigerian filmmaker and actor, created a Nollywood movie called Dry about obstetric fistula — a hole between the vagina and bladder (or rectum in some cases) that can result from prolonged obstructed labor in childbirth, leaving a woman unable to control her bodily waste. She hopes her film educates the world about the problem, and she's raising money for the Extended Hands Foundation, which she set up to support surgical help. Etheldreda Nakimuli-Mpungu, scientist Mpungu, 41, is a Ugandan doctor and researcher who is a pioneer in treating symptoms of depression in people with HIV. The medical community in sub-Saharan Africa believed these individuals were "beyond help," she says. Saba, an 18-year-old girl, was shot and thrown in a river by her own family for secretly eloping.
After the Pakistani prime minister watched the film, he pledged to change the laws to protect girls from honor killing.
Garmai Sumo, nurse, Ebola body collector Sumo, 29, a nurse in Liberia, is the star of the Oscar-nominated short documentary Body Team 12. Jugbeh Tarpleh Kekula, nurse Kekula is a registered nurse who works nights in the emergency room at the Liberia Government Hospital in Buchanan, the third-largest city in the country.
You know, stick to your words." Your turn: Are there other women who you think should be on this list?

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