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As we all know, a lot of money and time was spent on changing street names, very few that really were justified, but in general just a waste of money, effort and in this case, municipal staff working time. If you knew the reverence Solomon Mahlangu enjoys, you would understand that it was absolutely necessary for each one of the “municipal workers” shown in the picture to stand in observance of the red-lining.
Pearson Publishing disclaims any liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense however caused, arising from the use of or based upon the information provided through this service and does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information provided.
If birds today don’t look anything like dinosaurs, what is the evolutionary origin of some of today’s creatures that do bear some resemblance to dinosaurs?
On a recent trip to Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach, Florida, a very accommodating Woodstork posed on the railing of the boardwalk, allowing birders, (and the ever present walkers) to pass close by and offer an excellent photo op.
There is a wealth of information online regarding the origins of birds, alligators, iguanas and armadillos as descended from dinosaurs.
Stealth has been an important element of warfare ever since man began fighting with his fellow man. More typical stealth activity is that of the Northern Harrier (above, left) which cruises low over fields searching for small rodents, dropping quickly as the opportunity arises.
Flycatchers typically station themselves at a good vantage point where they can swoop out and grab a passing insect, and return to the same perch to devour the meal.
But the very essence of stealth, to me, is exhibited by the American Bittern, (right) which is capable of creeping along very slowly and silently in search of whatever it was looking for. Stealth is not a particularly common attribute of modern man, apart from the occasional cat burglar, cheating spouse, high school freshman peeking in the girl’s locker room, or some other illicit or anti-social behavior. Yosemite lawsuit and name change - outrageous!!Signs will come down on four other structures in the park as well. Yosemite officials announced Thursday that all hotels and skiing area in the historic park would get new names. Yosemite National Park is changing the names of several sites within the park because of a trademark dispute with a concessionaire that lost its hospitality contract. In other changes, the popular Badger Pass Ski Area will be renamed the less evocative Yosemite Ski &Snowboard Area, and the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls, will be reconfigured as the Yosemite Valley Lodge. However, according to SF Gate, Delaware North believes that the National Parks Service is changing the names mostly to turn the public against them.
The park service says it belatedly learned of that Delaware North had applied for the trademarks on Yosemite names when it prepared to open bids for the concessionary operation. The concession company does not seek to overturn the park service's award of the new $2 billion, 15-year Yosemite concessions contract to Aramark.
A Yosemite spokesman told the Los Angeles Times that the park service hoped to restore the names if it prevails in court.
In an aggressive response, the Justice Department asserted earlier this month that DNC had proposed an "improper and wildly inflated" value for the trademarked park names.
Delaware North "apparently embarked on a business model where by it collects trademarks to the names of iconic property owned by the United States", Robertson wrote. Lenau also worries about stripping away the Native American heritage by turning the Ahwahnee into the Majestic Yosemite Hotel and the Wawona Hotel into Big Trees Lodge. 4 I bought a Bond to get a character name change, but can’t use it as I am not level 1000?
5 Can I use my monthly name change from my members benefits as soon as a batch of names is released? In addition, with the release of this many names, we are giving players the ability to redeem one Bond for a Character Name Change which will give you the opportunity to change your name immediately, even if you have already changed it recently. It is worth noting, that when redeeming a Bond to change your Character Name there is no guarantee that you will be able to change your name to the name you want, as that name may not be available. There are then two ways that you are able to exchange a Bond and change your Character Name. The second method of changing your Character Name is by visiting the hero interface and switching to the summary page.
Please note that if you have a Bank PIN activated, you will be asked to enter this when redeeming RuneScape Bonds. Once you have redeemed your Bond you will go through the Character Name selection where you can enter the name you would like and check its availability. It is worth noting, that when redeeming a Bond to change your Character Name there is no guarantee that the name you want will be available.
RuneScape Members with a level of 1000 or higher will have the opportunity to grab a newly released name in the first 24 hours of the names being released and then all members will be able to get involved and change their name.
After each batch of names is released, players who have a level of 1000 or higher will be given 24 hours in which to change their Character Name. As our Players are aware, we are keen to always keep RuneScape a growing and organic game and want our community to enjoy the experience.
We're always looking for ways to improve things, so in response to player feedback, we’ve tweaked the process related to changing your character name. As we are publishing the list simultaneously with the release we have disabled the name checking function on the website in order to improve performance.
If you choose a name that is not available or taken then you will still be notified of this when you attempt to use your Character Name Change. You may be unable to choose certain names due to them being already taken or being blocked by our filter for being offensive to other players in the community. When you attempt to change your character name you should be presented with some variations and alternative suggestions if the name you want is taken. We have the check availability function before confirming your new name to help you with this. We understand that with the release of millions of new names into the community, players may want to have more than one name attached to their account or may wish to reserve a name.
Our current reserve system where your old name remains linked to your account for a short time will remain in effect. We have spent a lot of time identifying the released names and have reached out to millions of players via email as well as releasing our news post and FAQ about the Character names that were going to be made available.

One of the requirements of releasing the old Character Names is that none of these names have played RuneScape for a substantial period of time. If a Character Name has become available that you want we really encourage you to login and try to choose it.
We strongly advise all players to activate the RuneScape Authenticator to prevent someone accessing your account without your permission. If you suspect someone has had access to your account and changed the name of your account, click here to start the process of recovering your account and changing your name.
Where there is clear evidence that the account has been accessed by a hijacker and we are happy that you have taken reasonable care to secure your account, we will do our best to return the name to your account.
Most certainly, paying members can still change their names every 28 days as long as they have active membership. All accounts created after November 2010 will continue to have their email login while older account will continue to keep their login name.
Yes, we wanted to make sure that when releasing these names, the genuine players of RuneScape have an opportunity to grab a cool new name.
Whilst we can’t tell you what these measures are or how they work (we wouldn't want to give the game away), rest assured we have it covered.
For these reasons we would always advise people to not purchase names from other players - it’s far better to choose a new name yourself without involving anybody else.
Please note that to revert to your previous name you need to complete the character name change request using the website function available in your account settings. Taking energy away from a gas (cooling it down) may cause it to turn into a liquid - or condense. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy won the Oscar for best documentary short subject for A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness.
It is thus not a simple case of idiotic “municipal workers” – contrary to how many of us will very readily see the matter. Actually, birds at Green Cay and the similar nearby Wakodahatchee are so accustomed to people that they remain comfortable in their environment undisturbed by we humans snuggling up to them.
We can just be glad they are no longer the mega ton behemoths that roamed the swamps, fields and forests millennia ago. It came in low and silent, just above the horizon, and even though the Navy’s newest version of the Stealth Bomber was just coming in for a landing several hundred yards from the road we were travelling upon next to the US Naval Station at Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, it briefly darkened the sky, and was very ominous and awe-inspiring.
The everlasting dance between predator and prey bird species undoubtedly has been going on since birds evolved from dinosaurs.
The attack was so quick and sudden that I was not even able to press the camera release to record the event. Some species, such as kingfishers (left), Kestrels, Ospreys and terns, often hover in place until prey comes into view, and then dive down after it. While this Scissors-tail Flycatcher (left) looks like an outfielder ready to catch a fly ball, it actually flew out from this fence wire, caught the bug, and returned to the same spot. But I must admit that when my neighbor, who is an excellent cook, bakes a scrumptious cake, or delicious cookies, I do entertain thoughts of surreptitiously sneaking into her kitchen and sampling some, without getting caught.
Instead of paying, the Park Service said it will change some of them: the Wawona Hotel will be renamed Big Trees Lodge and Curry Village will be called Half Dome Village.
Looking at old accounts that no longer play the game and names that have fallen through the cracks of Gielinor, we are releasing over 50 Million names into the community for all members to take advantage of. Clicking on this section will open the RuneScape Bonds interface which will provide details on how many of your RuneScape Bonds are tradeable or untradeable; and also has a button for redemption. It will tell you how long you can wait to change your character name for free and let you know how many Bonds you have available in order to change your name early.
This does not stop you from choosing a variation and other names will be suggested to you as well. This means that if you have purchased a Bond or Character Name Change and are finding you are unable to use it instantly, you will be able to use it 24 hours after the latest batch of names is released. As long as you are a RuneScape Member you can take advantage of the newly released names, 24 hours after each batch of names is released. All other RuneScape members will then be able to redeem a bond for a Character Name Change or use their monthly Character name change in order to choose a name from the latest batch.
Releasing 50 million names all at once would likely cause some player disruption so we will look to release the names in small batches starting from late July 2014 and running through to the end of August 2014 when all 50 million names will have been released.
This is different from what players have been able to do previously so please be aware this is a conscious change we have made to enhance the process for you and that you do not need to contact us about it being a potential bug.
In addition, there is nothing stopping you from trying to see if a different name is available before selecting it. Rather than contact us, we encourage players to use our new Character name change system if you wish to change your name and not miss out on one of the cool names being released.
This means if you have had a name for a few years and want to try out a new name then you will be able to revert back to your previous Character Name if you change it within the allotted time. As such, we have put some pre-emptive measures in place to stop people being able to snipe names.
It is also possible that even if you purchase a name successfully the original owner may subsequently challenge the change and deny that they agreed to the transaction, and we simply don't have the tools and resources to act as mediators in these type of disputes. If you purchase a name (or anything else) from another player using real world money you will be breaking our Real World Trading rule. Provided the name you want to change back to is the last name you had and you have only recently removed it.
Currently it is not possible to change back to your previous name in game and if you try to do so you will receive a message that the name is not available. Etheldreda Nakimuli-Mpungu is one of this year's winners of the Elsevier Foundation Award for female scientists in the developing world. While not in the direct lineal line of the terrifying tyrannosaurus rex, or the monstrous 38-ton brontosaurus, birds trace their ancestry back one hundred fifty million years to archaeopteryx, the first known feathered and winged dinosaur during the Jurassic period. In fact, it is quite likely that the ability to fly and change locations saved them from whatever disaster doomed their larger more fearsome dinosaur kin.

Believe it or not, alligators are more closely related to birds than one might expect, as they are both descended from a common ancestor, but diverged down different paths well before archaeopteryx came on the scene.
By examining in detail the neck and legs of the Woodstork, we are able to discern some of the dinosaur type features that seemed to have survived into the present day. Could you just imagine tyrannosaurus rex rampaging across a mall parking lot on his way to a dumpster now frequented by Grackles and Starlings?
One could easily comprehend the fear it would create in enemy souls below who would realize that it meant to do them harm. History is full of examples of much larger forces being defeated because a small stealthy force, utilizing the element of surprise, emerged victorious by catching the larger army off-guard.
And in that dance, predators rely on stealth and the element of surprise as a key to their success, while prey species rely on alertness and constant awareness to survive. I can only imagine the degree of stealth the hawk, a relatively large bird, must have exercised to get in position, unobserved, to launch its attack. It played briefly with the insect just before this photo of tossing it in the air and down the gullet. Please be aware that you are redeeming the Bond for the ability to change your Character Name, you are not buying a name with the redeemed Bond. Check the list out for a little inspiration, but bear in mind that it will quickly become out of date as character names are taken. You can revert back to your previous Character Name by waiting for the 28 day period or by using a Character Name change. If the name you are after is not available, it will be because a player has been able to get it before you legitimately rather than through sniping. Nobody has our permission to sell RuneScape account names and anyone involved in buying or selling account names will be deemed to be in serious breach of their agreement with Jagex, which could lead to all accounts used by that person being permanently banned. You are free to go back to your previous name using the character name change function as normal and choosing your previous name in the same way that you would choose a new name. Notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence, as with global warming, there are those who deny the science and still do not accept this evolutionary version of birds; and if you think about it, hummingbirds do seem to be very foreign from any concept of dinosaurs that we have ever had.
Iguanas and lizards also stem back to ancestors that long predate birds, but are not in the same evolutionary line that produced birds; and armadillos, even though they have thick horny scales and date back to the same evolutionary line that later produced stegosaurus, are actually mammals, and are not considered dinosaur related. Perhaps like the Peregrine plummeting from the sky on the poor hapless Pigeon, one could well imagine the dove’s last view of daylight, briefly darkened, just before its lights went out forever. Here in Fort Pierce, Florida, where the US Navy Seals first began their development and training during World War II, the Navy Seal Museum stands as testament to arguably the most effective military use of stealth in world history. This Green Heron (right) was in this standby, ready for a strike position, at Viera when we first saw it early one morning, and was still there in the same identical position and pose an hour later when we made our second trip around the refuge.
In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, here's a collection of some amazing global women that NPR has profiled in just the past few months.
Maybe in a few years they'll top Google's lists of women changing the world in ways large and small.
Rosa Coj Bocel, student Bocel, 27, is the star of a short documentary about her life in rural Guatemala, Rosa — These Storms. The indigenous Mayan woman grew up in poverty, was pulled out of school early, then became pregnant. Her daughter died at the age of 2 from hydrocephalus, a condition marked by a buildup of fluid in the brain. A few years ago, she graduated from high school and is now studying to be a registered nurse. Odontuya Davaasuren, doctor and professor Davaasuren, a family doctor and professor at the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences in Ulaanbaatar, has one goal: to improve the way people die. Called "the mother of palliative care" in her country, she's helped raise more awareness and funding for end-of-life care. Now poor families taking care of a terminally ill person can get about 36,000 tugrik [$18] each month from the government until the patient dies. Kiran Gandhi, period activist Gandhi, 26, a Los Angeles-based musician and feminist, ran the London Marathon while on her period without using any hygiene products.
She wanted to let her blood flow freely to encourage women not to feel embarrassed about their periods, and raise awareness for girls and women around the world who do not have access to feminine care products. Stephanie Linus, filmmaker Linus, 33, a Nigerian filmmaker and actor, created a Nollywood movie called Dry about obstetric fistula — a hole between the vagina and bladder (or rectum in some cases) that can result from prolonged obstructed labor in childbirth, leaving a woman unable to control her bodily waste. She hopes her film educates the world about the problem, and she's raising money for the Extended Hands Foundation, which she set up to support surgical help. Etheldreda Nakimuli-Mpungu, scientist Mpungu, 41, is a Ugandan doctor and researcher who is a pioneer in treating symptoms of depression in people with HIV. The medical community in sub-Saharan Africa believed these individuals were "beyond help," she says. Saba, an 18-year-old girl, was shot and thrown in a river by her own family for secretly eloping. After the Pakistani prime minister watched the film, he pledged to change the laws to protect girls from honor killing. Garmai Sumo, nurse, Ebola body collector Sumo, 29, a nurse in Liberia, is the star of the Oscar-nominated short documentary Body Team 12. Jugbeh Tarpleh Kekula, nurse Kekula is a registered nurse who works nights in the emergency room at the Liberia Government Hospital in Buchanan, the third-largest city in the country.
You know, stick to your words." Your turn: Are there other women who you think should be on this list?

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