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Concepts such as recycling and sustainability are making inroads among consumers and, consequently, among industry insiders. In line with these requirements is the recent release on the market (the first unit was delivered just last May) of a new automatic self-cleaning screen changer for plastics processing machines: the Fimic 700 model, which expands the production programme of the company in this field maximizing the screen surface. The range of automatic self-cleaning continuous screen changers by Fimic allows the user to choose the model best suited to the hourly output of their extruder. Within the production flow, the automatic self-cleaning screen changer is placed between the extruder and the cutter. This operation mode is the most widely used, although, depending on the manufacturer’s requirements, the unit is also able to remove dirt from the screen with timed expulsion of contaminants by means of a timer. All models of the same screen changer can however operate in backflush mode, using a steel mesh selected according to the filtration degree necessary to “clean” less contaminated materials. Antonio Canaia, owner of Fimic, looks with satisfaction at the accomplishments of his company at a time that is certainly not easy for the sector and more generally for the Italian industry.
After weeks of reports that the next iPhone will have a larger screen — possibly in the form of two different but bigger models — I’m starting to believe it. Assuming the rumors are true, the next interesting question is divining what resolution Apple will choose for a larger iPhone screen?
For example, a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 — I’m picking an arbitrary size here — won’t be the same overall size as the iPhone 5s unless Apple removes (or significantly modifies) the Touch ID home button.
Those are just two examples of what Apple has yet to figure out, although if reports are accurate and at least one larger iPhone model is nearing production, Apple likely already made a decision.
To meet the needs of developers while also increasing the size of the iPhone, my best guess is that the iPhone 6 would have a 1440 x 960 resolution. Regardless, an iPhone 6 with either a 1440 x 960 or a 1920 x 1280 resolution is still going to need the screen to expand vertically as well as horizontally. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged javascript jquery or ask your own question. Would allowing a cantrip cast as a bonus action to be used on the same turn as a non-cantrip cast as an action break the game? Is the existence of a sole particle in an hypothetical infinite empty space explicitly forbidden by QM?
It is a point in favour of those who, like Fimic (Carmignano di Brenta, Italy), have decided to develop machines capable of processing huge quantities of materials contaminated with foreign material and dirt.
Inside the housing of the screen changer, a scraper acting on a perforated metal plate expels under pressure the dirt mixed up with the plastic material, especially if this is contaminated with metallic scrap and other foreign matter, while the clean resin can pass over to the next process step on the machine.

In this case, the scraper holder rotates steadily, cleaning up the plate without interruptions in order to achieve a continuous process in the presence of materials with very high concentrations of dirt or of a system that requires a constant operating pressure. In this case it is possible to achieve a filtration performance in the range from 60 to 300 micron. This satisfaction is due to the company growth in contrast with the current market situation. Apple simply doubled the resolution both horizontally and vertically, gaining higher pixel density while offering developers an easy path for their apps: Pixels were simply doubled. I still don’t think Apple will scale from that resolution but I point out the aspect ratio as a compelling reason for it to do so. That would mean a screen with 1920 x 1280, which is surely feasible; there are several Android phones currently available with 1920 x 1080 displays.
I suspect Apple will do everything it can to minimize screen bezel and save room above and below the display to keep its next phone as small as it can be while adding the larger screen at the same time. In order to meet this demand we designed a machine with a larger surface, though maintaining the same advantages ensured by smaller screen changers.
As dirt gradually clogs the screen, the pressure increases until a threshold limit is reached which is detected by a special control instrument, as a result activating the scraper holder. The screens are made of punched AISI 304 steel alloy subjected to two hardening processes for extra strength.
I called for 4-inch iPhone in early 2011 because I saw more and more people around me squinting to see videos on the then-3.5-inch iPhone display.
After all, you can’t add a larger display to a phone and keep the same overall size the same unless something else changes. Later, when Apple moved from a 3.5 to a 4-inch screen, it simply added extra pixels horizontally for developers to use. After all, simply adding horizontal screen space would make the phone much taller than wider and at some point, it could get too tall to use comfortably.
I’m not using the 1136 x 640 iPhone 5s display resolution as a baseline because to me that was a one-off choice to make the 4-inch display work until Apple was ready to make a bigger change. Either way, such displays would provide more pixels per inch than any current iPhone, which Apple can use as a selling point. Scaling up at 150 percent would mean a resolution of 1704 x 960, which seems a bit odd to me. Motorola’s Moto X is a fine example of this, using a 4.7-inch display with a footprint that’s not much bigger than the current iPhone. I don’t have any concrete plans or knowledge of what Apple will do for the iPhone 6, or if it will even be called the iPhone 6.

First of all, the operating costs, which are kept at a relatively low level also for screens and scrapers.
The scraper holder, which incorporates two interchangeable scrapers made of steel, is then lifted by a rod, removing and discharging the dirt from the perforated metal plate. Depending on the use and the material being processed, but especially on the degree of contamination, the screens can be replaced one to three times a week. Over these years we have always tried to meet the needs of both established and potential customers, and we were not satisfied with just trying to cope with the situation as good as we can. I see a similar trend now having jumped on and off the “phablet” bandwagon since September of 2012.
They won’t want another screen resolution to develop iOS apps for without some type of easy migration path. Plus, the display would be even wider from left to right when in portrait, which wouldn’t help for watching video.
On a 1440 x 960 display, iOS apps will surely look fine, so why incur the cost of a 1920 x 1280 display?
The company has been able to keep developers and users happy as it grew the iPhone to its current size, however, and I think it will do the exact same with the next edition. Hence the strategic choice, which is no longer a novelty, to propose reliable technologies ensuring a good quality-price ratio». These screens, made of special metal plate, can be disposed of at the end of their life and replaced with new ones avoiding expensive cleaning and recovery operations. On the contrary, we have strengthened our investments in research and development, being aware of the fact that the sector has been going through a stagnation period and a growing concentration. That’s plenty clear for a handset: I’m still not seeing the need for the alleged 2560 x 1440 “2k” screen and the 525 PPI expected in upcoming Samsung’s Galaxy S5.
Look at programmers complaining about Android’s many screen shapes, sizes and resolutions to see what Apple wants to avoid. This is the only bottleneck in the production flow, since the automatic management of screen changers allow the user to work nonstop».
In this moment, the new model 700 is our front-line product, but we are already working on projects involving construction materials, looking forward to introducing other innovations soon».

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