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Join us for daily meditation and dhammachakkra chanting.  This will create a peaceful condition for your mind to deepen our meditation experience and reach the stillness.
Nowadays meditation is widely advised as a practice that helps quieten the mind, relieve it from stress, achieve higher levels of concentration or relaxation, etc.
In this article we use the term a€?meditationa€™ to refer to the superconscious, thoughtless state.
The table below shows why in the current era of KaliyugA chanting is more beneficial than meditation. Following is a more detailed analysis of the practical benefits of chanting compared to meditation. Continuity of spiritual practice: Meditation cannot be done continuously for the entire day, but chanting can occur continuously.
Continuous a€?awakened statea€™ or the spiritual experience of God: The seeker practicing meditation comes to the state of being awake from the state of meditation since there is an attraction to the physical dimension.
Attraction to the physical dimension: Impressions in the subconscious mind attract us to the physical dimension. Surfacing of subtle-thoughts: Keeping the mind thoughtless means not paying attention to the outside or inside.
True and false spiritual experiences: The spiritual experiences obtained through chanting are real since they occur as a result of blending with the Name, while experiencing void or thoughtlessness in meditation is illusory because one is not aware of this experience. Experiencing different states: In meditation we experience a corpse-like state, while chanting gives us the experience of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya). Artificial and natural states: Meditation is an artificial state whereas through chanting we attain a natural state of communion with God.
It is not easy to achieve communion with the God principle during meditation, as the idea and experience that one is in fact separate from God remains strong.

It is easy to have thoughts such as a€?I am meditatinga€?, a€?I am going into meditationa€? which not only increase the awareness of oneself, mind and body, but also can lead to thoughts of being special and unique, thus increasing ego.
Chanting protects us from negative energies: In the state of meditation the mind is thoughtless. Completeness in spiritual practice: Chanting can be done during any and every activity, which means other aspects of spiritual practice can occur simultaneously.
Nowadays many people practice meditation as a psychological self-improvement technique rather than a tool for spiritual growth. Based on the above comparison, for spiritual growth in todaya€™s era, chanting is of greater value. If you already meditate with the intention of achieving spiritual growth, we recommend you complement it with the spiritual practice of chanting.
Chanting OM Nama Shivaya And Nama Shivaya Om Can Transform The Body, Brain And Mind And Impact The Elements Differently In Both Cases And Effect A Different Outcome. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
The beauty of the Shanti Mantra lies in its simplicity of message, "May all beings be happy and healthy." It is also referred to as a mantra for peace (shanti). You are currently viewing the Music for Deep Meditation Chanting Om - Meditation On the 7 Chakras & Savasana Sound Bath Therapy Album Cover.
In this article we explain the differences between meditation and chanting, why meditation is difficult to achieve in todaya€™s times and why chanting is of greater value to those seeking spiritual growth. When our mind gets absorbed in chanting, we tend to forget what we are eating and this helps us in reducing our likes and dislikes.
On the other hand, when chanting is continuous then we are continuously in the a€?awakened statea€™, i.e.

During meditation the tendencies of the subconscious mind are only suppressed and not eliminated. More information about which Name of God to chant is available in our section Which Name of God should one chant. Our Brain And Body Power Vibrates And Gets Activated By The Frequencies Created By Certain Sounds. If we keep chanting while doing every activity, then all impressions are gradually reduced. On the other hand, when we concentrate on the Name of God, due to deflection of other thoughts or the establishment of a devotion centre subtle-impressions do not surface. For example, achieving a thoughtless state in meditation does not indicate that one has reached Self-realisation, whereas experiencing continuous chanting that occurs automatically is indicative of 40% spiritual level. As a result, the ego of doing spiritual practice does not develop and in fact undergoes dissolution. On the other hand, a protective sheath that wards off negative energies is formed around us when we chant. This is important because by and large we need to undertake spiritual practice while fulfilling responsibilities such as looking after our homes, children, profession, etc. Earth Water Fire Air And Space - These Five Elements Operate With Each Other & Transform In To Another Element.
In addition, the time required to go into a meditative state when practicing meditation is not required in chanting.

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