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There exists a single volume book called The Supreme Regimen Book of Embryonic Breathing (???????? Choosing a breathing method that fits you depends on your level of health, physical fitness, customs and commitment to practice. With your hand flat against your belly, fingers together, thumb above and fingers below, put your thumb directly over your umbilicus.
Practicing: Inhale until you cannot breathe-in anymore then holds your breath between 15~20 seconds then slowly breathe-out as slow as you can. Gilles Marin was Kim's first Qi Gong teacher, who specializes in Chi Nei Tsang (internal organs Qi massage) and advanced Taoist meditation practices. Bone Breathing will allow you to quiet and clarify your mind, relax better and improve the natural capacity of your body to heal. The exercises in this recording follow a progression based on visualization, meditation, and deep energy management and are designed to train individuals to sleep better and better, deeper and deeper. When practiced diligently these exercises have been proven extremely efficient in reversing insomnia and bringing people to a healthy rhythm of sleep and wakefulness. These exercises were used a long time ago in Taoist monasteries in the mountain ranges of ancient China to bring monks, ascetics and hermits to higher realms of meditation through the exploration of their dreams. A series of lectures, exercises and meditations which help to progressively and naturally develop and cultivate all the positive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a properly harmonized and cultivated 'Inner Earth'. Health issues brought on by Earth Elemental Force disharmonies include but are not limited to poor digestion, stomach pains, hypoglycemia and diabetes, back and leg pains.
Such health issues often manifest psychologically in chronic anxiety, bulimia and anorexia, poor self-esteem, guilt and shame, adaptation problems, poor mental attention, difficulty in being mentally present, autism, difficulties in standing up for oneself or others, poor coordination (clumsiness), etc.
The Activating Inner Fire and Laughing Chi-Kung CD contains a series of four meditations and exercises to help people to be more alive and to enjoy life in a meaningful way.
The progression of simple guided practices is geared to relieve your heart of stagnant energy, the oppression of rigid mental pressure, and the weight of emotional charges. The meditations included on it have been inspired by the practices of Taoism and Tantric (Tibetan) Buddhism. By practicing this series regularly in the indicated sequence you will develop a greater capacity for appreciating the beauty and goodness of life, and therefore will benefit from a greater enjoyment of life. Breathing Chi-Kung and the Power of the Metal Elemental Force - The doorway to our feelings and emotions (lecture). Introduction to The Power of Elegance Meditation.  Metal Elemental Force is the power of refinement, which we need to cultivate within ourselves, to attain the fullest enjoyment of life. The Skin Breathing Practices: guided exercises for better health and beauty, as they connect your internal self and the part of yourself that makes contact with the external world, especially during the formation of relationships with others. Checking your Breathing System (guided exercise): is a guided self-anatomy class on the anatomy of your breathing system including its meridian system. The Inner World Peace Meditation (guided meditation): This guided meditation is about how to pacify emotional distress without mental numbing, continuous entertainment, or intoxication by alcohol, tobacco, recreational or prescription drugs. Smoking and Emotional Clarity (lecture): How smoking is the best emotional screen ever invented and how we need to proceed to efficiently reverse the conditions that require us to smoke.

Deep, internal breathing has many dimensions and benefits as I discuss in my feature article on Tao diaphragm breathing, which I recommend reading before moving on to these more advanced breathing techniques that target the kidneys and upper back.
The lungs and the heart comprise the bulk of the thoracic cavity with the lungs sitting directly on top of and moulding to the shape of the diaphragm. In nearly two decades of teaching, I’ve noticed that the space between the shoulder blades (behind the heart) is closed down and dormant in most people and this trend is only increasing with each passing year! Lie down on a relatively hard and flat surface, such as a carpeted floor, yoga mat or outside on the grass. Diaphragm breathing–click on the link to review my blog explaining how to implement this technique.
Deep breathing to engage the ribcage–click on the link to review my blog explaining how to implement this technique. Next, use your intent to guide your breath deep into the back of your diaphragm to directly pressurise the area surrounding and encompassing your kidneys. Don’t force your breath or try to achieve any markers of “success”, especially in reference to any previous practice sessions.
Once you have a feeling for the kidneys moving, relax your effort and let the pressure build slowly and gently. The exercise starts the same: Lie down on a firm surface and initiate all the breathing techniques you have learned so far—diaphragm, belly, sides and kidney breathing. This entry was posted in Beginners, Breathing, Mind and Body Exercise and tagged Breathing Exercises, Breathing Techniques, Breathing Techniques for Anxiety, Deep Breathing, Deep Breathing Exercises, Diaphragm Breathing, Diaphragmatic Breathing, Relaxation Breathing Techniques by Paul Cavel. Paul Cavel is the founder of Tao Arts London, editor of the monthly Tao journal, Inner Quest, life coach and senior Tao meditation arts teacher. Your hand moves out from your spine as the skin over your Dantien becomes convex, like the outside of a large balloon. Taishang Yangsheng Tai-Xi Chi Jing ) It focuses on embryonic breathing and is illustrated with charts of inhalation patterns. In the practice of Hard Chi Kung Bi-Xi can increase your resistance to hitting and compression injuries. You should ensure that you carry out the practice smoothly if you wish to achieve meaningful results. His knowledge and understanding of the human mind and body is extraordinary, and Kim regularly recommends his CDs and books to clients.
It is highly recommended for people with a high stress level, hypertension, breathing difficulties, joint and nerve pain, bone deterioration, low vitality, spastic muscles, etc., and anyone just wanting to be able to relax deeper and enjoy a more satisfying sleep without experiencing the side effects of drugs. They will help to greatly reduce any risk of heart attack as well as help to reverse the conditions that lead to depression. The Inner Fire Meditations will equip you with both an increased perception of life's obstacles and the mental and emotional ability to surmount them.
It will help you outgrow anxiety and depression, rage and terror while nourishing virtuosity.

The area between the shoulder blades can negatively impact the heart when tense and closed down, so it’s well worth the effort to open it up and release any bound tension you might be holding.
Soft or yielding surfaces, such as mattresses or sofa cushions, won’t work because they don’t give you the feedback you’ll need in the next step. Then, progressively introduce the two stages of breathing that should precede deep breathing techniques for the heart and kidneys. When you can easily gain access to your kidneys via your breathing—which might take several days or even weeks to solidify—you can add breathing into the back of the lungs to directly massage the heart. Since 1987, Paul has studied nei gong science, the I Ching and Lao Tzu’s Water tradition of Taoism in-depth, including qi gong, tai chi, bagua zhang, Taoist breathing, Taoist yoga, qi gong tui na energy healing and meditation.
Do not attempt any exercises if you have a physical, emotional or mental condition that may make you susceptible to injury. However, all share a basic understanding about the importance of right posture, breath and consciousness. The exercises that follow will not only help relax and calm any anxieties but, when practised over time, can also contribute to a healthy mind and body.
Put a thin cushion or pillow under your head and your feet flat on the ground with your knees up.
If you find yourself straining or forcing, back off immediately as this is counterproductive and can actually cause more harm than good. When the chest rises, it neutralises your ability to open the area behind the heart, so make sure your chest remains down and the pressure from the in-breath goes back towards your spine. A little breathing practice each day will yield better results than doing a lot infrequently.
This leads to the understanding that breathing exercise (Chi Kung) can clear the body’s energy meridians and veins.
We all knew how to breathe this way when we were babies, but we gradually forgot it while growing up. So if you can create a light and gentle downward pressure at the back of your diaphragm, you can directly cause a massaging pressure into the kidneys.
As you fill the back of your lungs with air, a massaging pressure will also transfer to the heart, which sits between your lungs. You don’t want to suddenly release a lot of gunk and shock or disorientate yourself as it’ll simply create more stress in your system.
The word Dantien translated literally as “cinnabar or red field” and is loosely translated as “elixir field”.

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