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There are a variety of daily routines that every parent would love for their kids to perform without having to be reminded.
Use this visual morning routine chart to build great behavior habits early.  Write your own task or morning chores in the two blank circles.
For parents, preparing kids for bed or getting them ready for a new day can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Help your get into an easy evening bedtime routine with this color your own evening routine chart for young children.
For parents, it can be challenging getting kids ready for school in the morning or preparing them for bedtime.
Regular teeth brushing and flossing is important for kids to learn early, but getting them into a healthy routine can be challenging. Motivate your kids to be consistent in their daily habits by printing our daily routine charts and using them to visible display the tasks you want your kids to complete. Teaching your kids to be consistent in their daily routines can be very difficult, but our free, printable routine charts can help.
Teach your kids about the importance of oral hygiene by printing some of our free dental care and brushing charts. Even if your kids understand why it is important to brush and floss their teeth, getting them into a regular habit of proper oral hygiene can be difficult. You can explain the importance of proper hygiene to your kids all you want, but it can still be difficult to make it part of their daily routine.
Getting kids into a habit of regular tooth brushing can be hard, even if they understand why proper oral hygiene is important. Get your kids into a routine of daily tooth brushing and flossing by printing some of our free brushing and dental care charts. Good oral hygiene is easy to explain to your kids, but challenging to actually implement as a part of their daily routine.
Posts related to Daily Routine Charts For Kids Collection (25 Pages) Personal Hygiene Charts Collection For KidsTo save the charts to your computer, click to the chart you want to download, it will open.
The HUGE benefit to you as a parent in guiding your children in this way is that the need to nag or constantly direct your children will be eliminated!
Check out my article, about Routine Chore Charts for Kids  for even more examples and suggestions. Liverpool FC news and transfer rumours LIVE: Can returns to training, Reds look ahead to Villarreal, Where does Sturridge's future lie?
Argentinians fill the skies with paper lanterns called a€?globosa€™, a bit like in the Disney film Tangled.
Dona€™t forget mana€™s best friend at yuletide - or cats, rabbits, hamsters, goldfish, stick insects or whatever is your pet of choice. Children in Zambia are asked to take a present to church to be given to those who are less fortunate than themselves. Turn this into a fun activity for your kids and it will help you stay consistent with their morning wake up routine. Use our free, printable evening and morning chore charts to help you organize and display the tasks you expect your kids to complete, and watch as those tasks become part of their daily routine. Our printable evening and morning routine charts can help you motivate kids and show them the importance of making hygiene a daily priority.
Use our daily routine charts to offer them a visible display of all the tasks you expect them to complete. Implement one of our free, printable charts to motivate your kids and show them that proper oral hygiene is important. Motivate them by using one of our free, printable routine charts in conjunction with a points and rewards system.

Create a visible display of the expectations you have for your kids, and let them mark off tasks as they are completed. Our daily routine charts can relieve that burden by showing your kids, visibly, what you expect of them, and allowing them to check off the items they complete, leading to consistency and a sense of daily routine.
Our morning and evening routine charts can help you motivate your kids and keep them consistent.
Use our morning and evening routine charts to help motivate them and keep them consistent in their routines.
Even if your kids understand why brushing and flossing are important, they may still struggle to implement them as part of a daily routine. Use one of our free, printable hygiene charts to motivate your kids to make things like cleaning, washing, brushing, and flossing a part of their day-to-day life.
These charts will help motivate your kids to make hygiene a part of their daily routine, something that is hard to do even if they understand why brushing and flossing are important. Imagine a huge flock of those floating past the Three Graces or above the roof tops of Liverpoola€™s terraced streets. Here in Liverpool, wea€™re good at thinking of others - see a list of ways to help people in the city at Christmas. Young children love to be involved, and this color your own morning chart lets them be involved. Show them the tasks you expect them to complete and watch as they gradually become daily habits. Implement a points and rewards system to motivate them, and allow them to check off items as they are done, leading your kids to self-esteem and consistency in their daily routines. Print them off and use them for both the morning and the evening, motivating your kids to make hygiene a part of their daily routine.
These charts can be used in conjunction with other daily routine charts as part of an overall positive parenting initiative. Display the tasks you expect them to complete and allow them to check off tasks as they are completed. Your kids will quickly get into the habit of doing these tasks regularly, and they will feel a sense of accomplishment as they cross each item off the list. Use these charts in conjunction with a points and rewards system in order to effectively motivate your kids. Use one of our free, printable brushing teeth and dental care charts to motivate your kids and get them into the habit of proper hygiene. These charts can be used with other daily charts as part of an overall positive parenting tactic. Even within a single street you'll find people practising different customs - do you tuck into your Christmas Dinner with the Queen's Speech on TV or do you listen to carols while you eat? Of course, youa€™d have to persuade the neighbours to join in too - and dona€™t forget to use lanterns that are safe for the environment and burn up completely. Nuts and suet are hung on the trees to make sure the birds are able to join in the feast too. Your kids will get a boost in their self-esteem and also learn to be consistent in their daily habits.
What do you leave out for Father Christmas - a mince pie and glass of sherry or a pint of stout? Eat up If you still have room in your belly after all the usual feasting, why not copy some parts of France where they serve 13 different desserts made from fruit, nuts and pastry.
And do you decorate your tree as soon as December arrives or do you wait until a week before Christmas Day? Cookie baking parties This one is from Canada, where friends each bring a favourite recipe to bake and then exchange the biscuits with each other.

Getting competitive Residents of Labrador City in Newfoundland hold a Christmas lights competition every year. If cookies arena€™t festive - or British - enough for you then why not get together to make different flavours of shortbread or other Christmas treats. While trying to beat your neighbours to a prize isna€™t exactly in keeping with the spirit of Christmas, it does encourage some very beautiful displays.
Here are 15 festive customs from all around the world that you could incorporate into your own festivities.
We love a lit-up reindeer on the roof here in Liverpool so why not go for a drive with the kids and see who can spot the best light display. Opening presents at a civilised hour In the Czech Republic, a bell rings after Christmas dinner to announce Santa has visited and left presents under the tree. Have a fruity New Year People in Spain eat 12 grapes, one for each stroke of midnight - could be a sneaky way of getting the kids to eat their five a day. Share them in the comments section at the end of the article and wea€™ll include a selection on the Echoa€™s website. No more being woken at the crack of dawn by excited children eager to get stuck into their stockings. Candlelight In parts of Norway, a candle is lit every night from Christmas Eve to New Yeara€™s Day. Little drummer boys (and girls) On Christmas Eve in Greece, children walk through the streets, singing and banging drums and triangles.
Fireworks If youa€™re looking for an excuse to use up the second box of BOGOF fireworks you bought for Bonfire Night then why not adopt a tradition from Greenland. Ita€™s a nice way of pausing the festive mayhem for a few minutes and spending time together as a family before the teenagers race off to meet their friends and you fall asleep on the sofa. Worth a try for tiring the kids out so they sleep through past 3am on Christmas morning for once. At midnight on Christmas Eve, families there light hundreds of fireworks to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Secret Santa No, not when you draw names out of a hat to see who should buy who a present, but the Nova Scotian custom of dressing up as Father Christmas and popping round to friendsa€™ houses to see if they can guess whoa€™s inside the costume. Installing a crib Some of you will already have one of these in your home but why not embelish it with a French tradition. Throwing a pinata party In Mexico, between December 16 and Christmas Eve, people hang pinatas - papier mache shaped like a donkey, bird or star with seven points representing the Seven Deadly Sins. In Marseilles, they include figures that arena€™t usually found in a nativity scene such as butchers, bakers, policemen and priests.
Children are blindfolded and take it in turns to bash the pinata with a stick until it tears open and sweets spill out. Celebrate in June Some New Zealanders enjoy a hot Christmas dinner in June, when it is winter there, to make up for December being in the middle of summer.
You could choose some Scouse characters - what about a miniature Steven Gerrard among the shepherds or a tiny Les Dennis hanging out with the Three Wise Men? The custom in Haiti of letting children of all ages drink the mildly alcoholic drink anisette perhaps, or attending pre-dawn mass every day for 10 days as many people in the Philippines do. Then therea€™s the herrings in oil or jelly that form part of a Polish Christmas dinner - bleurgh!

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