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Mindfulness and Christian Meditation are both widely practised nowadays and have much in common.
Meditation means turning round our attention which habitually flows outward to all the attractions of the world. Among the many aspects that Mindfulness and Christian Meditation have in common is the necessity of having a daily practice.
Similarly in the Christian Meditation teaching of John Main who was the initial inspiration for the World Community for Christian Meditation, you meditate without ambition or expectation – you accept what happens, indeed he says, “Be grateful if nothing happens”! In Christian Meditation the anchor for the attention is the age-old practice of focusing on a sacred word or phrase, a mantra.
Present moment awareness is fundamental in both Christian Meditation and Mindfulness practices – that is not being in the past, ruminating on past joys and sorrows, not anticipating the future anxiously or indulging in fantasy. As a Christian Meditator following the teaching of Jesus, we are called to ‘leave self behind’. John Main wrote “The mantra leads us to attention, a spirit of attention, a mindfulness of what is, not what has been or what might be, but what is. Please contact organisers of events that were planned to take place at Meditatio House for the new venue. Our Mission: To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teaching of John Main in the Christian tradition in the spirit of serving the unity of all. Intentional breathing is a natural good which can be put at the service of our on-going relationship with Jesus Christ.
One of the most integral aspects of spiritual maturity involves the ability to recognize that we are not the center of the universe.

In our early spiritual development, we must let our experiences surface without judging them nor trying to repress them with an iron will. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This describes an experience I have in my daily encounter with Jesus at the time of the Consecration.
We are all aware of the stress and bustle of modern life and seek some escape into a state of peace or freedom from stress.
Like acquiring any other skill, the essence of meditation is that it becomes a way of life, not an occasional or one-off experience. The essence is faithfulness to the practice and not seeking special or altered states of consciousness. However, in our weekly groups we welcome all who come and in the shared silence each one follows their own individual practice.
This is what we are doing in Christian Meditation, leaving behind the small egotistical mind and our obsession with our sense of self, in order to find the fullness of being to which the practice opens us. By stilling the mind we become open to our own spirit and the creator spirit of God that fills the whole universe. Learning to meditate means learning how to train and restrain this tumult of thoughts and feelings. We grow and cultivate the fruits of inner peace, stability and centred presence through daily practice.
You cultivate a willingness to see and accept things as they are, letting go of grasping or pushing away.

Thoughts and images are considered distractions in the time of meditation so when they come we let go of them by returning attention to the mantra. By awakening to the spirit who dwells in our heartswe become one with the Spirit who ‘in silence is loving to all’. The second step – which is more like a leap, or a plunge into the very basis of all that is – the second step is the realisation that God is, that God is present, that God is now and, perhaps the most wonderful of all, that God is mindful of all” (from The Door to Silence quoted in Silence and Stillness in Every Season p.346 ed. Through the meditation practices of Mindfulness and Christian Meditation we can find a way of stabilising these special moments and integrating them into our daily life. You become the detached observer of your thoughts and state of mind and body and hold your attention by focusing on the breath.
A good sitting posture which is stable and balanced, with your spine upright, supports the stability and poise of the stilled mind which nevertheless ‘quivers like a bead of mercury’ – always ready to run off!
For some who have followed a Mindfulness course it may be important to develop this in a way which acknowledges the spiritual and they may choose to do this through Christian Meditation. The field of attention may be expanded to include whole body awareness, sounds or thought processes. Stilling the mind allows the heart to open to the unity of Being which lies behind the rich diversity of creation.This is the deep purpose of meditation.

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