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Download Christian Spiritual Backgrounds in HD widescreen for your wallpaper background collection. Christian based rehab centers have become a popular resource for those struggling with drugs and addiction. It’s not just Christians recovery centers that people flock to recovery, there are many other faith based recovery programs and spiritual rehabilitation options available nowadays. This executive order was designed to allow faith-based organizations to apply for federal funds that gave them ability to provide addiction treatment, among other faith-based social services. Since this expansion, faith based organizations have been able to spread and even provide free programs for addicts in need. Faith based drug rehabilitation methods have evolved to harness both the power of faith and new found cutting edge medical sciences to apply together in helping address America’s huge nationwide societal issues involving alcohol and drug use.
As with the treatment of all illnesses, there is a place for spiritual and faith-based approaches.
When properly integrated with proven treatment methods, faith-based approaches can enhance treatment and improve recovery rates.
It must be emphasized that spiritual counseling should not be used alone, as addiction is a very tricky thing to address. Many addiction programs have realized this, and are actively combining previously proven as well as new and innovation methodologies to maximize recovery rates that help drug users going through recovery to maintain their recovery.
If faith-based addiction treatment programs are to succeed, they need to be held to the same standard as all other addiction programs. Addiction is not primarily a moral or spiritual illness.  Many good people with strong spiritual programs can and do become addicted. Addicts are sick people who need to get well. They should not be chastised as sinners who need to repent, bad people who need to become good, or criminals who need to be punished. Spiritual Addiction Treatment should be available to all – regardless of monetary status. Addicts often believe that they have lost all of their personal power, and that there is no higher power that can help them with the crisis.  They are alienated from the God of their understanding of personal salvation. In other words, most addicts who are experiencing a motivational crisis have consciously rejected the idea of God. With A Christian or other religious approach to addiction treatment, this skepticism is addressed with a call to embrace a religious approach in exchange for helping to meet their survival needs. The challenge is privately many people still often feel manipulated and exploited.  As a result, most will leave the program as soon as possible, usually to relapse.

A common method of recovery centers is to first offer the addict a strong dose of unconditional Christian love – without any expectation or manipulation strung to it. This is one of the more controversial methodologies that some faith based recovery programs focus on. The goal is to help the addict to see that whenever they put alcohol or drugs in their body, they do things that make their problems worse, not better. Even when they hear this from a supportive faith based rehab center – they can still get really down on themselves.
We have to focus our energies upon doing things that are within our power, and then turning over everything with faith believing that all will be as it should, and knowing that we couldn’t do anything about it anyway. The ability to consciously bring relaxation to the body and mind is paramount in learning to gain self control. With self awareness we can become accustomed to the feelings coursing through us that usually lead one to turn to abuse.
Through pray and breathing practices one can welcome their discomfort – instead of running from it. With these efforts of establishing a non-controlling awareness of what is going on around us can can become free of the grip that our sensations previously had over us. It can be used as a desktop wallpaper or background for your pc or in powerpoint presentations in your christian church sermons or in your music software for datashow on Christian concerts. Click the download button below which can suit with your resolution that you like at Christian Spiritual Backgrounds pictures .
There is a serious effort to help individuals and their families overcome and conquer substantial hurdles to their wellbeing caused by drug use.
And this has been acknowledged by the major forces in spiritual recovery, as many have followed suit with other non-faith based recovery protocols by requiring processional licensing and accreditations for their programs. Many addicts, especially in the late stages of their disease, are physically debilitated, psychological impaired, socially dysfunctional, and spiritually bankrupt.  Spiritual approaches are important, but by themselves are insufficient to produce and sustain recovery. Faith-based treatment programs should all be held to the same standards for facilities, clinical program, and staff credentialing as other treatment programs. There are many free christian based drug rehab centers available that provide support to those in need who cannot support themselves. This should be remembered and remain a constant reminder, regardless of recovery methodology. All successful treatment programs should be based upon the principle that people get well “from the inside out.”  In other words, physical healing must come first, then psychological healing, then social healing.

The hopes of most spiritual programs is to address this underlying skepticism and bring it down to low enough levels that the therapy can progress.
This is a breathe of fresh air for many addicts, as most are used to more abusive and coercive interaction with people, especially from those who have tried to help them in the past.
And that the actual choice to use these drugs is beyond their ability to regulate, so they must turn over their will to God and have him decide. There are plenty of individuals who have given up drugs for decades after making this decision to surrender themselves to God’s will.
The uncomfortable feelings that usually lead to overwhelming mental self talk can be addressed directly – without a person spinning out into disarray. And if you would like to send this wallpaper to Facebook, Twitter or Delicious, please be our guest! Jesus Christ wallpapers at 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1280x800 resolution with Jesus Christ desktop pictures, photos, pics, images.
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These smaller programs can be targeted to specific issues – for example there are some facilities that just focus on Christian alcohol rehab and recovery. This is a fundamental tenant of most spiritual traditions to support all humans in need regardless of societal status. Free christian Mobile Phones wallpaper, Christian Cliparts, Religious pictures and Spiritual wallpapers. Of course, there is also the ever popular Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Program, which has become very popular here in the West. God knows your every thought, your every care, and your deepest concerns.God acquits us from the Courtroom of Eternal Justice on the grounds that Jesus Christ paid our fine. TroubleshootingEach of the above spiritual principles are explained in great detail in the E-book provided for free download above.

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