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Almost all passwords and other authentication strings in Cisco IOS configuration files are encrypted using the weak, reversible scheme used for user passwords.
Secure Bytes has recently released a new program to decrypt user passwords (and other passwords) in Cisco configuration files. Cisco Password Decryptor is a free desktop tool to instantly recover your lost or forgotten Cisco Type 7 Router Password. It supports dual mode of password recovery.You can either enter the encrypted Cisco Type 7 password directly or specify the Cisco configuration file. Select 'Encrypted Password' option if you have the password else select 'Cisco Router Config File' if you have the Cisco configuration file. Finally click on 'Decrypt Password' button and tool will instantly display the decrypted password as shown in the screenshots below. Find cisco decrypt type 5 password, configuring cisco asa devices for use with npm, cisco asa.
The enable password command uses the weaker type 7 encryption, whereas the enable secret command uses the stronger type 5 encryption.
Find cisco decrypt type 5 password, configuring cisco asa devices for use with npm, cisco asa on SolarWinds. Download Decrypt Type 5 Password Cisco Free Software Download - cisco password decrypt utility, cisco decrypt password, Decrypt Cisco Password md5 Online and more. Por lo tanto volvemos a la frase inicial de esta entrada: borra siempre las contrasenas de tu fichero de configuracion (aunque esten cifradas) si vas a facilitarlo a un tercero.
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So I want to try and crack the enable password, but i don't know what format it is or what tool i can use to brute force it. I already know the password is “cisco” for passwd, but if that was different, how can i go about cracking it?

There are also the following lines with multiple usernames in it which i assume are the same format as above. I tried adding the 'known' cisco hash into the PIX-MD5 in cain manually, but it didn't work (used a dict with cisco in it).
If you've used oclHashcat-plus before, the following command worked perfectly to crack it on windows for me. This should point you in the right direction, I won't repeat all that's written there however. I think that appears to be correct with the usernames (in the webvpn setup) but there is no username for enable mode??
Please do repeat, see the FAQ and How to Answer - link only answers tend to degrade over time and are not of much value. From what I can tell in the docs this is a "type 6" password and this seems to be related to encrypting a pre-shared key. I did some googling of the exact password line since you said its the default password, this article suggests running more system:running-config which will show you the preshared key (Reversing the preshared key).
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged encryption cryptography software cisco password-cracking or ask your own question. Cisco devices can use a proprietary encryption algorithm to encrypt the password for enable mode and vty lines.
Cisco Type 7 Password Decryption tool embedded into Secure Auditor decrypts Cisco type 7 passwords with a single click.
User simply needs to cut and pastes the encrypted password into the dialog box;the decoder will do the rest.
Cisco Type 7 Password Decryption tool is proof of concept network security tool that the user should try to avoid type 7 Passwords and use more effective type 5 Passwords (enable secret) on Cisco Routers, although Enable secret passwords are not trivial to decrypt with the help of Cisco MD5 Password Auditor. In second case, it will automatically detect the Type 7 password from config file and decrypt it instantly.

It is successfully tested on both 32 bit & 64 bit windows systems starting from Windows XP to Windows 8. Find cisco secret 5 decrypter, configuring cisco asa devices for use with npm, cisco asa on SolarWinds. Type-6 passwords cannot be easily reversed because they depend upon the per device local key. Once user place the encrypted password and press 'Decrypt' then Cisco Type 7 Password Decryption tool will automatically show the password after decrypting it. It depicts that Cisco customers have led us to suspect that many customers are relying on Cisco password encryption for more security than it was designed to provide. Accepts encrypted Cisco type-7 passwords to Cisco switches or routers; Decrypts the Cisco type-7 password and supplies the plain. Please note there are two (potentially different) places i've sourced passwords from in the above question, one form the beginning of the config file and one from the VPN setup section. Cisco Enable Password (not enable secret), User passwords and most other passwords like VTY Password, Console Password, AUX Password  in Cisco IOS configuration files are encrypted using a scheme that is very weak by modern cryptographic standards.
Due to weak password encryption algorithm, it has always been Cisco's position that customers should treat any configuration file containing passwords as sensitive information, the same way they would treat a cleartext list of passwords.
Cisco type 7 Password could be identifying as a password in the configuration file with a '7' in the second to last field.

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