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WCHH came to exist out of a great desire to find a place of ease and peace in my life.  Always feeling unsettled, passionless, and depressed, as  a young person, I longed for a sense of pleasure, to just feel comfortable in my own skin. I commenced my youthful foray by cutting out various foods every week to figure out what might be causing the pain. Little did i know I would come full circle with health and nutrition some years down the road. After graduating college and embarking on an 11-year affair with the world of post production, my thoughts turned fully back to health with increased interest. Here was my wake up call, with a slap to the face when I came to a crossroads, a choice between my well-being or my long term devotion to my career. I was finally armed with the education, drive and support I needed to begin kicking my two decade old sugar habit. I exchanged a dysfunctionally-dependent, depressing, oppressing and illness-producing high for a  radiant, positive, sustainable, and far more whole and expansive one.
I am a graduate of California Healing Arts College earning the certification Master Massage Therapist and completing instruction including modalities in Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Jade Stone, Oscillation, Shiatsu and Advanced Anatomy and Physiology. I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach in good standing with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, I have successfully completed the Professional Training Program in Health Coaching.  My study consisted of dietary theories, contemporary health issues and related topics, and Eastern and Western nutrition with some of the top professionals in the field of nutrition, such as Dr. I hold a Bachelors Degree from the University at Buffalo, and am certified in Holistic Health Coaching from SUNY Purchase College in NY. A native of Buffalo, NY, LaQuinte’ Ann Brinson grew up in a family full of siblings—13 brothers and sisters.
Upon relocating to the Atlanta metropolitan area at a young age, Brinson attended Riverdale High School and eventually went on to obtain her Bachelors of Science Degree from Clayton State University in Biological studies. The Break-Up, LLC, launched in 2013, is a public health based, motivational organization dedicated to assisting individuals in the community by preventing individuals from engaging in unhealthy life cycles.
Her motto, “You deserve to be happy and healthy,” influences every focus area of The Break-Up, LLC which concentrates on improving  the community by motivating individuals to improve in area's of self-worth, self-discipline and self-advancement, ultimately leading to a rewarding place of self-fulfillment. As the Founder of The Break-Up, LLC, Brinson uses her personal ‘break-up” experiences to show other individuals how easily and often we neglect struggles and ignore the benefits of moving on. Her honesty, openness about her own battle against the obesity epidemic and caring heart is a source of healing, hope and help to others longing to break free. A go-getter and hard-worker, Brinson’s tenacity and persistence toward personal advancement through education have earned her several accolades in her field of study from: The National Honors Society, The National Society for Cellular Biology, and The American Medical Association of Scholars, among others. Now, through The Break-Up, LLC, Brinson’s ongoing efforts to help as many people as she can to walk in freedom, has entered a new phase.

Wasting no time, she has developed “7 Steps To A Healthy Break-Up” —a principle-based formula that is changing the lives of those who adopt the effective model for positive change. WELCOME to The Break-Up, LLC, a motivational community to help you break unhealthy cycles and live your best life!  Meet the Founder, LaQuinte' Brinson.
Get to know more about our caring, supportive, diverse community of women and men just like you who are breaking free in every area of life! While training as a counselor, I became intrigued, by the advantages afforded leaders by working with an Executive Coaching. Since schools are the 'business' organization with which I am most familiar, I decided to apply my skills to the people leading schools and school districts.
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I began noticing that the wicked nausea and double-over-in-pain cramps would come up whenever I ate certain things. I also, became a vegetarian after incidentally discovering how much more amazing I felt once I eliminated red meat. I’m talking WAY MORE ENERGY, my depression  (which I suffered from as a teen) virtually disappeared, brainfog lifted.
One that I achieved from simply putting real whole food into my body and nurturing all of me – mind, body and spirit – through regular massage, yoga and meditation, amongst others pursuits. Focusing on the essential areas of self-worth, self-discipline and self-advancement; which ultimately lead to a rewarding place of self-fulfillment. LaQuinte' is a graduate of Argosy University, where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Health. The Break-Up, LLC focuses on promoting healthy living by protecting individuals from becoming a part of increasing epidemics that are reducing the quality of life for millions of people across the globe. Case study citation: detecting temporal dependence using a database replicas maintained in the effectiveness of water system. Professor and implementing an integrated database is currently operational in adults, programmes has case study review sample cv. Of new information database buffalo, yale dissertation database is a case study software firm cir electrical construction firm.

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