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LIFE COACHING INSTITUTE OF AMERICA (LCIA) is committed to intensive, hands-on training for its' Life Coach candidates. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. While leaders can be afraid to show vulnerability with staff members or followers, it can be the very thing that makes the difference between good leadership and powerful, transformational leadership. Skilled executive coaches utilize a number of effective strategies to help clients access and show vulnerability. This entry was posted in Books and Resources, Coaching Business, Skills Tools and Techniques and tagged achieve and sustain excellence, business coaching training, career coach certification, client, coach, coach training, coaches, coaching, coaching certification, coaching niche, coaching services, effective coaching, excellence, executive coach, executive coach certification, health and wellness coaching, life coaching certification, rapport, ROI. This Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program review is centered on the simple facts that you need to consider before becoming a member of this incredible coaching experience.
For the first time in a long time, life coaching certification can become yours in half the time it would normally have taken. Without saying too much about the Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program, it is very essential to note that without doubt there is so much to be expected from the online course. The Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program is very easy to access as membership is easily granted when you log on to the official website. There is also the simplicity of the program that brings it to par with the basic training of a fully fledged life coaching course.
The certification is very much legitimate and this goes to say that when you do get to start the course you can be rest assured that you are getting access to the very best training course online.
There is a refund policy for your training fee and this goes a long way to open you up to the certainty that the creators and organizers of the Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program are more concerned about what you stand to gain that what monetary benefits they themselves stand to gain. Also for those who might be thinking the Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program is a scam, there is enough membership response that proves otherwise. The Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program is an online course only available online to get access to. The course is also very specific in its teachings and in other words if you are not interested in being a life coach then this program is definitely not for you. The program is slated to last for over 8 weeks and in this time space, you would be required to be committed and dedicated to the course to get the necessary certification.
The Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program is all about getting the necessary training to become a certified life coach without having to result to taking the long route to that realization. Get your coaching certification from the most recognized coaching school in the world today. In just 16 days you will gain a comprehensive set of practical, hands-on skills, and the professional credentials needed to build a thriving coaching business.

In Module I you will be given a step-by-step introduction to Erickson’s Solution Focused Approach to coaching.
Module II will provide you with an expansive set of tools to delve into your client’s question, “How shall I achieve it?” You will learn specific methods to assist your clients in developing a productive relationship with strategies, planning, execution and time.
The aim of Module III is to raise awareness of how connecting with our deepest values enable us to commit to following through on a project. In order to facilitate ongoing learning and integration of the tools, skills, and processes learned in The Art and Science of Coaching, upon completion of Module IV you will be arranged in to triad groups with your fellow students. The Study of Metaprograms – a must know for coaches, what they are and how to use them.
This module is designed to make sure your coaching meets the standards of the ICF and the Erickson Certified Professional Coach designation. Upon successful completion of Module V you will be able to use the title ‘Erickson Certified Professional Coach.’ The next step is to apply directly to the ICF for your Associate Coach Certificate (ACC) or Professional Coach Certificate (PCC). In this six month online live course Teresia LaRocque gives you a step-by-step breakdown of exactly how to make your business goals into your reality.
Copyright 2016 © Erickson International, Erickson College, Erickson Coaching International. In only 2 days, you will learn and master all the tools and requirements needed to become a Certified PROFESSIONAL LIFE COACH. Imagine a leader sharing with a staff person a tough lesson they learned in the past when one of their projects failed – or admitting that they have felt scared or intimidated in the past and how they moved through it to achieve their goals. Through effective questioning, coaches help clients assess the systems in which they are operating and risk factors to consider.  As a result of coaching, leaders recognize powerful outcomes both in terms of deeper bonds with those they lead, but also in their overall comfort in their leadership position. Inside you will get access to a few pros and cons and a detailed overview of what the Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program is all about.
With the Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program you are being given the opportunity to transform your destiny by becoming the best life coach with the best of training skills that you could possibly get. So without doubt, you can very easily get access to the program and join in on the life coaching course certification that will definitely change your life. In other words, the Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program is more like a shortcut to getting your life coaching certification without any hiccups.
Our Enrollment Advisors are Professional Coaches and can help you choose the program that will best suit your lifestyle, schedule, and budget. The Art and Science of Coaching is a revolutionary life and business coach training program designed by Master Trainer and founder of Erickson College Marilyn Atkinson.
Our unique Solution Focused Techniques are taught in a supportive and interactive environment that allows you to practice your new skills as you learn them.

You will learn the basics of coach position and will be able to conduct a full coaching session by the end of this module.
When we identify and align with our core values we are able to answer the question, “Why is it important for me to be doing this?” In this module we will teach you processes that facilitate values integration and how to handle objections. Meeting with consistency either in person or via telephones you will complete a minimum of 10 hours of coaching. With successful completion of Module V you will be able to confidently apply directly to the ICF for your ACC or PCC certification. To compliment your coaching skill set you will develop the mindset, habits, and business savvy of a successful entrepreneur. When leaders share their fears or failures, or when they admit that they don’t have all the answers, it allows their employees to connect with them, to be seen as a real person and creates a stronger bond of trust and transparency. Jones Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program review life coaching certification the Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program The Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program by Steve G. So, you don’t exist for us but we exist for you… Our customers satisfaction is number one priority in all. At Erickson we teach you the skills to become an expert coach and a proficient business owner so you can develop your genius and get paid for it too. A brief study of meta-programs will also highlight the differences in our communication styles and reveal methods to communicate more effectively with others.
These groups have proven to be highly effective in creating an ongoing space for learning to occur.
At the end of six months you will have moved beyond your comfort zone to envision, create, and begin implementing a business plan that is perfectly tailored to your desired outcomes. Jones and his team of life coaching experts that have put together the best online coaching course that would help all those with a desire to become life coaching experts, motivational speaker and the likes get the most valid certification ever. At the same time we will move towards completion of the first four training modules, which includes testing of skills and competencies.  In this last phase the topics of all four modules will come together to complete the bigger picture of the integrated Solution Focused Coaching Model. Jones has a new teaching course that lets you in on the intense study of what being a life coach is all about. Jones plays host to the 8 week long online coaching course that is supposed to set you on a path to becoming a certified life coach and get to become very good at inspiring others and yourself to greater things.

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