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Annie is author of “Reclaim” a survival guide for couples and conducts workshops with community groups along with speaking at key events on the subjects of reclaiming femininity, parenting and living the conscious, authentic life . She has made it her mission to travel across Australia to help women understand true femininity and the power and strength that it contains.
Tony is one of those rare people that understands that the reason we were given two ears and only one mouth is that we need to talk less and listen more. Lorraine's passion is in sharing information with others to help them improve the quality of their lives. Lorraine is also a passionate horsewoman and she is determined to round up as many people as possible and share with them how great their lives can be as they ride through the journey of life.
Briony is exploding with excitement about helping you to inject the fun and laughter back into your relationship.
David's passion is to show kids some really cool strategies to help them through their lives. The mystery is erased… By understanding yourself and accepting yourself, you become more understanding and accepting of your partner who is probably your natural opposite. The strategies in this approach helps create a whole new relationship… One that is whole and empowering. The results are extraordinary through a process of discovery, goal setting, and meaningful action.
The cost of each session is: $100 per hour for individual sessions, $150 per hour for couple sessions, $2oo per hour for family sessions. When making your wedding vows, the idea of having an affair or mistress is not at the forefront of your thoughts.
He was not alone, but sat by the side of a fair young girl in a mourning-dress: in whose eyes there were tears, which sparkled in the light that shone out of the Ghost of Christmas Past. Entrepreneurs may forget the main reasons that they pursued being in business for themselves.
4.Do not bully those you love into justifying the reasons that the business becomes your mistress. Unfortunately, many managers and coaches still try to force “left handed people to work as if they were right handed.” This metaphor illustrates how people are trained with specific techniques that may not be effective for that individual.
There is a significant danger when the coaching or training approach is “one size fits all.” Let’s consider this example as it applies to the role of a coach and their respective student, customer or employee.
Since coaching focuses on the coachee, let us begin with the left side of the diagram representing the individual that is to receive the coaching service, counsel or advice. 2.Intermediate – Intermediate coaching is usually provided when there is a lack of knowledge.
3.Long-term – Long-term coaching is usually directed at individuals that are perpetual learners and are always seeking ways to grow themselves, the organization, and those around them. In essence, these three levels represent the “needs” of an individual that is to be coached.
Therefore, it is important for coaches to evaluate personality types and intelligence types to determine how their skills must be altered to bring out the best in the individual. Platteville Scrum - photo by Greg AndersonOccasionally, employees will complain about the use of sports examples to reinforce aspects of company teamwork.
HR managers and IT managers that have struggled with being excluded from strategic processes in the organization can also take heart in a similar approach. TEC Leadership Podcast - Driving Value in the Organization - Controller as Business Manager - George Satula - Jim LindellGeorge Satula hosted Saturday, November 8, 2014 radio show which featured a conversation with Jim Lindell, CEO of Thorsten Consulting, TEC Chair and award winning speaker!
Wealth that results in narcissistic behavior, reduced self discipline, reduced commitment to improving one's: life, family or community, is not wealth - it is a curse that is cloaked in a very seductive way.
Businesses need to practice in the same manner that Sports Teams need to practice.Practice is the act of rehearsing a behavior over and over, or engaging in an activity again and again, for the purpose of improving or mastering it, as in the phrase "practice makes perfect". Both Businesses and Sports Teams invest in training to acquire new skills.Training is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. One way to leverage the SWOT process is to have knowledgeable objective outsiders provide input for the SWOT analysis. Inappropriate Grammar in PostIt is amazing how many people will rush to post a comment but fail to consider their grammar. For us to increase our success, we must improve our state of mind to believe that we can succeed.
Boundaries--Boundaries are ways that you and your partner protect the relationship by deciding, in advance, what is acceptable. Respect--Respect is all about valuing and being valued by your partner, The way you respond both verbally and nonverbally to what your partner says and does will either get you more respect or lose more respect. The benefits of respect are acceptance and listening, Respect helps people to stop being self-focused and to work on the relationship.
Communication--Good communication means being able to really open up to your partner without feeling cut-off or judged.
Cooperation is required for feeling like partners, to feel like the relationship is meaningful, and for continued growth of each person. A healthy relationship will have an abundance of boundaries, respect, communication and cooperation.
An easy way to know where the difficulty is in your relationship is to look one level lower than where you are experiencing problems.
Although these principles are not hard to understand, they are ignored by most of the people who work on relationships. And that is the reason that many people do not experience success with marriage or relationship counseling and when trying to work on their own.
A number of years ago, I proposed the idea to the organization I worked for that we should consider having an internal coach. From a corporate perspective, there has been a willingness to invest money in individual coaching if they believe it will generate more revenue, help develop a high potential candidate, or redirect someone they value as a contributor. From a taxpayer or shareholder standpoint, anytime you can reduce the voluntary turnover of high potential employees and help guide employees to strengthen their contribution, then it is only reasonable to assume there is a huge cost savings in recruitment, training costs, and a reduction in lost productivity.
From a personal perspective, anytime you can match individual, professional, and organizational goals, the willingness or "discretionary effort" component increases.

If you find someone in your organization that has already been doing a wonderful job at coaching people in their immediate work area, then there may be an opportunity to build on this natural expertise with some professional coach's training. People are sometimes confused in the early stages as to what coaching is and how it is used. It will be important to set out the confidentiality criteria before the coaching process starts, so both parties understand the boundaries. If you choose an external coach, don't assume that because a person has a coaching credential that they are the right person for your organization. Past experience - if industry or organizational knowledge is important to you then you will need to find people that meet your requirements. Level reached in the organization – lately, everyone I meet who wants to provide coaching claims to be an executive coach.
What is their experience in coaching, how long have they been coaching, and what are their success rates? Over the years that I have been acting in this capacity, I have found that being an internal coach can be an extremely exhilarating, yet draining experience.
There has been debate over the years as to what coaching is and what the coach should provide. I think all of these questions have merit when you are asking your client to identify the solutions, and as you will notice they all use the word "you". In summary, over the last few years organizational coaching has become more readily accepted by organizations as another tool that can help improve productivity, support high potentials, help in the career planning process, and reduce turnover of the critical few. If the current trends continue the divorce rate in America (50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages ending in divorce) will continue to rise.
Just like anything else in life, your relationship requires dedication and perseverance to succeed.
Looking back, do you remember how head-over-heals-in-love you felt for your spouse when you were first dating? Relationship coaching is available as one-on-one coaching service in person with you and your spouse (locally) or through skype for those long-distance. If you have any questions about our relationship coaching services and how we can help you, contact us now or schedule your free introductory 30-minute coaching consultation now. The method used is based on the Emotional and Physical Sexual Personalities… not gender based.
With this approach, you gain a new understanding of why you do the things you do and why you say the things you say. We focus on creating positive results in all those relationships that are most important to including a relationship with yourself. Jim is a TEC Chairman (The Executive Committee), which is the Granddaddy of CEO coaching organizations and with its’ Vistage Affiliation is the World’s largest peer group for CEOs and Senior Executives.
The irony is that successful team characteristics almost always apply to a successful sports team first and to the work environment second.
Originally it applied to a “team of draft horses” or to “lineage or race.” The latter no longer is used, but the former meaning evolved into its main usage today for sports teams.
However, in the work world, many of the team synonyms suggest participation is involuntary.
Training has specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, productivity and performance.
Losing your temper, becoming fearful, and refusing to talk are all ways that can lose respect.
It also means listening to your partner in a way which helps him or her feel accepted and want to open up more, even when you are in disagreement about an important issue.
Without cooperation, people eventually will end their relationship to seek personal growth..
They have communication problems, so they practice communication techniques and read books on better communication.
I have a deep respect for anyone, who although frustrated or hurt, has enough love to be the one to rebuild their relationship.
There were a number of reasons why I thought this would be a good idea, not only for the organization, but also the individuals, and taxpayers (as we were public sector), and finally for me.
Some external coach training organizations, and consulting companies that offer external coaches, have suggested that having specific institutional knowledge is not required. From an individual perspective, we understand that a great many people are very focused on the task at hand, getting the work done, getting promoted to the next position, or starting to shop for the next external opportunity. You could also choose to hire someone that already has the required credentials, coaching certification, knowledge of the business, and relationship skills. Over the last few years, I have identified some of the areas that are important to discuss when deciding whether or not the internal coaching process is the right model for your organization. For example, the employee does not treat their co-workers with respect, or they are always moody, or the employee does not meet project deadlines, etc.
There has to be enough comfort so there can be open and honest dialogue, but there also needs to be an understanding that if information being shared has dangerous consequences, the coach is required to contact the appropriate parties.
Sometimes it may be best to use the services of an external coach, and there can be a variety of reasons why this might apply. Coach's training schools are pumping people out at unprecedented rates, and one needs to consider a number of factors in conjunction with the coaching credential.
Make sure you find out at what level this person has worked in the organization; senior people tend to want to be coached by people that have similar experience.
In current times it has been suggested that coaches ask questions to help guide employees to some form of self-discovery so that they can uncover what needs to be done. I have found, however, that when doing organizational coaching there are times when different coaching styles are required.
The coaching process needs to be viewed as a support mechanism for employees and managers, not from a clinical perspective, but rather from a business perspective for improving, changing or sustaining productivity. Grant Armstrong, EdD, CPCC, CHRP, has over 30 years' experience in private and public organizations. The good thing is, having a flourishing marriage is possible (regardless of where your relationship is right now) and it can get there through small simple steps you can start today.

Did you know you can have that same mutual love and affection with each other every day for the rest of your life? Depending on your specific needs a coaching program will be tailored to you that fits your schedule, goals and budget. His face had not the harsh and rigid lines of later years; but it had begun to wear the signs of care and avarice. In the past, employers desired to transform uncooperative employees and departments into interdependent units, i.e.
It is worth noting that some of the synonyms of team are: army, band, brigade, company, crew, outfit, party, platoon, squad and gang.
Your partner wants to feel like you are in his or her corner and will help him or her to get the best that life has to offer. When all four are gone, people become emotionally and financially prepared to leave the relationship. If you are not able to cooperate with your partner, then the problem lies with the communication and that is where the work needs to be done.
When they do the work, however, their results are very short lived and they quickly fall back into the problems they had before. People come to me when their problems are really difficult because they always walk away from their session with something positive to do. From an organizational standpoint, we had been using external coaches for a few years and in some cases had realized some value.
However, in my 35 years of coaching employees both from an informal (part of my managerial accountabilities) and formal (providing internal professional coaching services) capacity, it has been my experience that they want to know that you understand their business or at the very least, their industry.
The feedback from my clients has included a number of different comments about coaching such as, 'it has been a time for me to step back and examine my role as a leader', 'coaching has put a more deliberate focus on my career', 'coaching has demonstrated that someone in the organization is actually concerned about me', and 'coaching was helpful because it gave me access to an objective third party that I could bounce ideas off of'. These benefits include significant cost savings, availability and accessibility, and business knowledge to name a few. It is important to clearly articulate what a coach can do and what needs to be addressed by the employee's immediate manager. My first session always includes my boundaries, which are that the conversations will remain confidential unless I believe the organization, client or someone else is in danger.
I would strongly recommend that if you are doing internal coaching, that you have your own coach that will allow you to decompress and then move forward.
As a result, I have developed a three pronged coaching methodology that a coach can move in and out of, depending on what the client needs.
But it should be reiterated that this process does not replace the important role the direct manager plays in operational day-to-day coaching and communication. We’re here to help bring couples back to their foundation of marriage and build a solid relationship that can withstand whatever life throws at them.
Through relationship coaching we can help you discover the love that connected you as a couple and give you the resources to kindle your love, forgive hurts and encourage each other daily. Many relationships have been saved using these strategies; and some have ended without blame and guilt. There was an eager, greedy, restless motion in the eye, which showed the passion that had taken root, and where the shadow of the growing tree would fall. Even when people no longer feel love, they can bring it back by working on these four areas. Restoring them restores the relationship and recreates all the wonderful emotions that go along with a good relationship.
One client also suggested that in my capacity as their coach, I was able to remind them when they were heading in the wrong direction - although at the time their wording was more metaphoric, and made reference to a "slap in the side of the head". As well, you will need to be able to determine when you should be referring employees to your employee assistance program or for a medical consultation. If any of those three circumstances exist then I will no longer feel bound by confidentiality. The coach may have worked with or for the potential client, and it might not be a very good match. If the employees could only work together in the same manner as the athletes did, productivity and cooperation would soar! People who are in coaching learn what they can do today, so that things start to get better tomorrow.
Without respect, good communication cannot happen, no matter what communication technique you try to use.
It has been my experience that you don't click with every client so sometimes it is best to use the external coach. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and educational disciplines from Brock University and the University of Toronto.
As a result, their partners listen a lot better and get more honest (rather than just arguing). Boundaries are the rock bottom level of every relationship and ideally are in place from the very first date we have with a person. It's not that what they were doing was wrong, it's just that the foundation for that level of change wasn't yet in place. His primary focus over the last 15 years has been in the field of Organizational and Leadership Development and he has done extensive research, facilitation, and consulting in this area.
Boundaries work to protect each partner and to create an environment where love can flourish. He is also a certified professional coach and specializes in Leadership and Executive coaching. Armstrong is a recipient of the 2012 ASAC Laurier School of Business & Economics Best Case Award. In addition, he has held a number of volunteer Board positions and is currently the President of the Human Resource Professional Association Niagara Chapter.

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