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This landmark textbook introduces students to everything that the world's great thinkers think about thought. Jay Friedenberg and Gordon Silverman survey significant theoretical models of the human mind from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. This exciting textbook introduces students to the dynamic vibrant area of Cognitive Science the scientific study of the mind and cognition.
The Phenomenological Mind is the first book to properly introduce fundamental questions about the mind from the perspective of phenomenology. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Throughout history, different fields of inquiry have attempted to understand the great mystery of mind and answer questions like: What is mind?
They achieve coherence between these different approaches by the use of a parallel structure to organize each chapter and by deploying a common set of themes to explore the different perspectives. Cognitive Science draws upon many academic disciplines, including Psychology, Computer Science, Philosophy, Linguistics and Neuroscience.

Throughout, he highlights challenging issues in an effort to engage students in active debate. This is the first textbook to present a unified view of Cognitive Science as a discipline in its own right, with a distinctive approach to studying the mind.
Each chapter opens with a brief sketch of a major research tradition or perspective, followed by concise critical discussions dealing with key topics and problems. Other texts on cognitive science are empirical in nature, built around classic experiments illustrating major phenomena in perception, memory, and other areas. Students are introduced to the cognitive scientist's toolkit' the vast range of techniques and tools that cognitive scientists can use to study the mind. Only recently have these efforts in traditional and cutting edge disciplines become more united in their focus.
This book, by contrast, introduces students to the theoretical models and ideas underlying such empirical work. The book presents the main theoretical models that cognitive scientists are currently using, and shows how those models are being applied to unlock the mysteries of the human mind.

Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Study of Mind is the comprehensive result of the authors' drawing together of this work. Experiments are discussed, but primarily to illustrate the specific characteristics of a model. Cognitive Science is replete with examples, illustrations, and applications, and draws on cutting-edge research and new developments to explore both the achievements that cognitive scientists have made, and the challenges that lie ahead.
Conclusion: Where We Go From Here The Benefits of Cognitive Science Issues in Cognitive Science The Dynamical Systems Approach Dynamical Representation Dynamical vs.

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