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Through what I read online from the Girl Scout website and some of the ideas shared elsewhere online (mainly Pinterest), I had to figure out what we were going to do for our Investiture Ceremony. When it was time for our Investiture Ceremony, the girls were unsure what to do, but they listened and were ready to participate. When you begin to plan your Investiture Ceremony, you will find several ideas that you could do.
Right now, our Girl Scout troop is working towards the Daisy Summit pin by this May when we bridge to Brownies. Investiture Ceremony Invitation [PDF DOWNLOAD] – feel free to print this off on an invite background of your choice. I spent a lot of my spare time reading up on what we should be doing as daisies, what we need to complete as daisies and found out that we needed to do an Investiture Ceremony and that it’s a very special ceremony to every Girl Scout. We first completed the Girl Scout Promise with all the girls standing in front and they did great. They were more “into” Girl Scouts now and could tell that they have bounded even more, and really glad that our first year turned out the way that it did. So far we completed all the Girl Scout petals and Welcome to the Flower Garden Journey during our first year, plus we attended Daisy Days, which was focused on the 5 Stories, 4 Friends and 3 Cheers for Animals Journey.
I had the girls write the name of who the invite was for, their name and color the invites to take home and hand out to family and friends.

You can only go through Investiture once as a Girl Scout, then each year after you are rededicated. And then I called each girl up, one-by-one and handed them their certificate and Investiture patch.
I have learned that our girls like to be doing something all the time – so we have lots of coloring pages available that align with the journey we are working on. So we have a few patches to earn during our second year plus finish up the Between Earth and Sky Journey. This is my second year as a leader for 2013-2014, and I have learned a lot within the past 12 months and I’d like to share that with you. We waited a few weeks after we came back from Christmas break and were back into the swing of things; we decided to have our Investiture Ceremony in late-January. Next was snack time and I hired the local bakery to help make the most amazing flower cookies that were colored which each of the Girl Scout petals.
My daughter is the main reason for my passion into Girl Scouts, plus I was a Daisy-Brownie when I was a little girl and my mom was my leader too. I did check in with each family prior to postponing the Ceremony to see if they were okay with it.
As a troop, we went to a few council events together, we had a handful of meetings and they were all in school together.

This Badge in a Bag kit is just perfect and we are looking forward to finishing up our second year as a daisy with a bang.
Now, a year later, I still see how much they have bounded and if it was not for Girl Scouts I don’t think they would be as close, they are all best friends to each other. Honestly, looking back I see that it was a blessing that we had to postpone our Investiture Ceremony, because during the first few weeks of January, I received a phone call from a mom that just moved into the area, and was looking for the Girl Scout troop for her daughter to join. I see them laughing and it is just wonderful to be a part of this experience with them as their leader. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the badge in a bag for your girl scout troop, my girls were thrilled at the first meeting and now knowing they are adding to their very own 4 x 6 scrapbook at each meeting,  which came in Badge in a Bag kit. I share this story with you so you realize as a leader, things change and you will have to go with the flow.

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