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Try this profoundly spiritual kundalini meditation video to cultivate patience, wisdom, and renewal of life. Try this quick and powerful method for counting your blessings before you even get out of bed. Practice tuning in to your breath and body before a workout to focus and commit to nurturing and strengthening your body.
Mindfulness practices are among the oldest, most effective practices to help us be more aware, more present and more grounded.  Learning any of the many techniques gives us tools to nurture and take care of ourselves.
Most forms of exercise, if done with awareness, and mindfully, can help you connect with your body, with the present and feel more grounded and calm.  There are many styles of yoga which are especially helpful in learning to be in your body, aware of your breath and aware of tension and tightness. Debbie Homewood is a counsellor who helps her clients access and benefit from becoming more conscious and using Mindfulness in their daily life. The information on this website is intended for educational purposes only and does not imply or intend a therapeutic relationship of any nature.

The following meditation is one that I turn to when I learn someone is experiencing difficult times or grief and I cannot be right there to offer support in person.
When you are ready to begin, find a comfortable place to sit where you will not be distracted or interupted.
It turns out, self-compassion is more important in overall well-being than you might expect.
This exercise can be particularly helpful when you are working on making life changes or personal improvements.
Our balanced approach to wellness integrates traditional wisdom and modern insights to support vibrant and meaningful living. The techniques include mindfulness meditation, usually beginning by becoming mindful or aware of our breath, mindfulness walking, bringing open, gentle mindful awareness to any activity we are doing, such as washing the dishes or preparing a meal.  A wonderful simple book on mindfulness is The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh. Honouring our bodies with awareness, exercise and compassion are empowering and healing to our whole being.

One fascinating study shows that self-compassion was associated with lower anxiety, whereas self-esteem did not impact anxiety levels. By reminding yourself of your innate goodness, you may find that you’re more patient and resilient in the face of setbacks. This meditation can also be used when you want to send compassion and love to someone on any day. What’s more, weight loss research shows that people who practice self-compassion and forgiveness are more likely to exercise self-control when eating.

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