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It was 2009 that God lead us to an opportunity to purchase a bigger home in another part of town. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It is likely to be one of the biggest financial commitments that you make, so it’s very important to navigate the purchasing process wisely. Many first-time home buyers make rookie mistakes that bring on negative consequences and a lot of frustration. Outlined below are common errors home buyers make, so you can learn from their missteps and avoid them yourself. Just because the bank says that you qualify a certain amount for a mortgage doesn’t mean that you have to choose a house at the very top of this price range. If something unexpected happens, they may find it difficult to keep up with their monthly mortgage payments later on. Remember that you will also have student loan payments, vehicle costs, credit card bills, health insurance, groceries, retirement savings and other expenses, so make sure that your mortgage payments will comfortably fit within your budget.
You don’t want to get stuck with hidden damage that could saddle you with the expense of ongoing repairs.
Hiring a professional to assess the home’s condition is absolutely essential before making your final decision. When you are buying Brighton real estate, don’t just think about how the home will work for you in the immediate future. And consider whether the street’s home values are likely to increase or decline in the future.
A great next step toward planning for your first home purchase is to consult with a trusted, licensed mortgage professional who is trained in providing the best advice on how a new home will affect your budget. If you have a Brighton home for sale, it is important to appreciate the significance a first impression has on your potential buyer. When buyers drive up to your property and take their first look at your home, they will instantly be forming ideas about your house and how it might fit for their family. In fact, some surveys show that curb appeal can affect a buyer’s decision even more than price or square footage. Below are seven simple and inexpensive things you can do to improve your home’s curb appeal. These are just a few ways you can improve the curb appeal of your home for sale and make a great first impression on buyers. A good next step for preparing your home for sale is inviting a trusted, licensed real estate professional to your home for a preview. An agent’s experience in the real estate market can help you plan your strategy to get top-dollar for your home and help you improve the curb appeal at the same time. Investors watch existing home sales for evaluating housing markets and short-term economic trends related to home purchases such as goods and services associated with home ownership.
A short supply of homes available for sale and better job prospects are creating more demand for homes. Increasing demand for existing homes also suggests growing competition between buyers for available homes.
Getting pre-approved for a mortgage before making an offer on a Brighton home can help buyers, as sellers know that pre-approved buyers won’t have potential delays related to the mortgage approval process. This suggests that potential homebuyers may want to act now as mortgage rates typically increase along with home prices. Multiple buyer bidding and limited inventory choices are fueling higher prices for existing homes, particularly in the West.

This is the strongest year-to-year rate of growth since November 2005, when existing home prices had increased by 12.9 percent as compared to the previous 12 months.
If you find mold, you know that you probably also have a water problem in your Brighton home. Bleach is a strong chemical, so for safety you’ll need to wear gloves, an air filter and goggles while you clean. Remember, when cleaning with bleach you need to work in a well-ventilated area, and never mix bleach with anything that contains ammonia. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends using bleach to kill mold on hard, non-porous surfaces. Scrub the area with a mixture of one-part chlorine bleach, three-parts water and one teaspoon of dishwashing soap.
Then, continue to inspect the areas for mold re-growth, and pay attention for any moldy odors. Congratulations, you have eliminated the mold problem in your home and saved a lot of money by doing it yourself.
If you’d like additional maintenance tips or are looking to buy a new house, contact a licensed real estate professional right away! The Fed’s monthly purchase of $85 billion in bonds and MBS works by boosting bond prices, which typically helps with keeping mortgage rates lower. The Fed reaffirmed its position that it will not withdraw or reduce monetary easing until the unemployment rate is substantially lower. The Fed notes that while employment rates are improving, they remain elevated which supports the Fed’s decision not to modify its bond purchase program in the near term. Lower unemployment rates suggest that more people will be financially prepared for buying homes or refinancing their existing mortgage loans, and the unemployment rate is also expected to fall due to growing numbers of baby boomers leaving the workforce.
Lower inflation rates allow consumers more discretionary spending power, which can further boost the economy and improve consumer confidence in making big ticket purchases including homes and related items and services in MIchigan and around the country. Fed officers are continuing to monitor economic developments in Europe, and expressed concerns that the situation remains fragile. Unless unexpected or catastrophic events occur which would cause sudden or rapid economic changes, the Fed appears unlikely to announce major changes in its policy. The HMI measures builder confidence in the market for newly constructed single family homes.
A reading of 50 for the NAHB Housing Market Index (HMI) indicates that more builders are confident of housing market conditions for new single family homes than those who are not confident.
Home builder confidence fell for the third consecutive month with a two-point drop to a reading of 44 in March.
Would-be buyers may find themselves stuck between a lack of buildable lots and ready building supply chains and lenders reluctant to risk mortgage defaults caused by lenient loan approvals. The HMI also measures builder confidence in three categories including current sales conditions, sales conditions within the next six months and the amount of foot traffic in new housing developments. Confidence in current sales conditions dropped from 51 points in February to 47 points in March, but the news is not all bad. Confidence in sale conditions for the next six months rose by one point from 50 to 51, and builder confidence in buyer foot traffic rose by three points to 35. Foot traffic will likely increase as warmer weather arrives and the peak home buying season gains momentum. The three-month rolling average of builder confidence in four geographic regions of the U.S.
Index readings for the Midwest and Southeast declined by one point each to 47 and 46 respectively.

If you’re ready to buy a home, check with a licensed real estate professional specializing in the area where you want to buy. This is the best way to gain specific information on the Brighton area’s market conditions and home prices. Staging is the art of preparing your Brighton home for sale before showing it to prospective buyers. The point of staging is to highlight the house’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses and make it more appealing.
With the right decorating techniques, you can win buyers over the moment they step through the door. Even if you have to rent a storage unit, finding a new home for all of your family’s projects and collections should clear some space and help buyers imagine their own belongings in your home for sale. Pay special attention to entryways and narrow hallways to improve your prospective buyer’s sense of spaciousness.
Be sure to clear off the things that gather on kitchen counters and surfaces, such as old magazines and stacks of mail.
Also, emptying out your closets of half of the things inside them will make them look much roomier. Use this time as an opportunity to thin the number of largely unused items that your family has collected over the years. And look on the bright side; moving into a new house will be much easier after you have donated your unneeded items to a charity. You would be surprised by how much the sense of smell comes into play when buyers are viewing a house. To avoid turning buyers off with pet or smoke odors, make sure you give each room a deep clean, including the air vents and carpeting. Buyers are looking for spacious rooms with a lot of natural light, so make sure you open the blinds and turn on all the lights. If you have rooms that are a bit dark, you can add floor lamps to make them brighter or flowers to suggest sunlight. Home staging can make a big difference in how potential buyers see your home for sale, so make sure you set the mood to make it as attractive as possible. Reviews on Zillow 1326044 "There are not enough stars here to really show how wonderful Danielle is at what she does. This book is foundational to knowing who you are in Christ and rising up from life’s transitions. We weren’t necessarily looking for a bigger home at the time but had hopes of some day living closer to family and in the zoning of the high school my husband and I attended. My younger brother had just graduated college, moved back home, and was in need of some Christian friends. He was also single. You get where I’m going with this, right? If they look damaged or are hanging loose from the roof, be sure to have them repaired before showing the house. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; Perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow.

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