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SBF managing director Vaughan Hart said: "It's good to see confidence within the Scottish construction industry up once again for the first three months of 2015. Ted Cruz gives up his campaign for the US Republican presidential nomination, clearing the way for Donald Trump to claim his party's crown. In 2000 the company completed a small development of two three bedroom detached properties and since then has completed a further nine new build properties. In 2004 Paul Bentley joined the company bringing with him a wealth of experience and contacts from his commercial construction background. Blue Acorn usually handles considerably large clients, but let’s say that you manage a mom and pop eCommerce store with niche products. The easy answer is to increase the conversion rate for the customers you do have, but maybe you don’t have the capital lying around to spend on an eCommerce solution.
So your storefront may only exist in the digital realm, but customer service needs to look like it exists in reality. Note that, the higher your cost, the higher the risk for your customers, and the more a little detail like a phone number can affect confidence. Shortly after putting a phone number on the homepage, the phone rang constantly and the conversion rate nearly doubled.
It may be obvious to some, but if you don’t accept credit cards, and only accept Western Union or, much worse, only certified checks, then customers will not trust your site, or worse, think you’re site is a scam. Questions about warranties, returns, shipping, etc – people have asked about all of these before and you’ve answered before.
One thing to remember – remove as much of the ambiguity as possible and you remove the risk.
Have you ever walked into a dimly lit retail store with an odd smell, coming from either the ragtag employee with the bloodshot eyes or a mysterious carpet stain in the men’s section?
It goes without saying, a professional looking eCommerce site will do wonders for customer confidence. Whether you call the page, “Our History”, “Our Story” or simply “About Us”, having a page dedicated to your story shows that you’ve been around for a while and you know how to take care of your customers. According to our research, visitors to an About Us page were five times more likely to make a purchase than those that didn’t.

WELCOMEOur eCommerce blog is an opportunity for us to share some of the ideas on our minds regarding eCommerce, provide value for our readers, listen to their feedback, and stimulate new thoughts for everyone. Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. Detroit Clergy Robes In Detroit Choir Gowns Choir Uniforms, Choir Robes Ushers Blouses, Ministers Robes, Cassocks Robes, Pastors Robe, All Liturgical Vestments, Doctoral Robes, Custom Made By U.E.
The company began carrying out small joinery works and general building repairs using a solid client base David had established from his previous employment. So whether it's a new build project, domestic extension (small or large), loft conversion works, a kitchen or bathroom refurbishment or a simple building repair, DG Joinery and General Building Contractors are the local company you can rely on.
Most likely, visitors to your site are there because they need something special they can’t get on Amazon. There are still ways you can mitigate the risk your customers feel and bolster the conversion rate without spending a fortune. For instance, one of my colleagues recently related a past work experience at a mom and pop eCommerce shop.
Danger still lurks, but your consumers have learned to watch out for the marks of a bad scam. Keep your social media channels, like Facebook, visible on your site, and keep them active. Save them and you some time by devoting an easy-to-find CMS page with all of this information.
A well-designed site impresses, inspires confidence, and relays critical information easily and with near transparency. In addition to marketing, copywriting, photography, and videography, Matt is also a specialist in Blue Acorn.
You must answer to the question that why a customer should make purchase on your site and not on other similar website.
I think that depending on product a Live Chat operator helps convert visitors into customers. You do solid business, but you’re hardly pulling in millions of customers, not to mention their hard-earned money.

One of them is a site that doesn’t accept credit cards and debit cards, which give your customers a layer of protection i.e. Meanwhile, if you have a physical location, most of these review sites prove that you’re on the map. Do what you can to get customers to engage, give feedback, and post positive sentiments about your brand. The goal is to provide everything the customer needs to make their purchase and none of the clutter that gets in the way, like advertisements for other businesses, an overload of sales banners, or blank pages. From this point onwards domestic extension works has been the backbone of the company, taking on larger projects as the years went by. It was apparent to my friend that this was due to the shabby-looking site and the absence of a phone number.
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