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Hey guys Ive spent my whole grew up in Canada, so why not learn how to speak English from me, as the language of origin will help you improve the tone, vocabulary, and confidence-building skills and spoken English.
Would you be interested in us contacting you separately with information about the longer courses that we offer? Are you interested in learning acting and drama in order to gain confidence, improve focus and at the same time, to meet new people? I am a professional actor, director and theatre producer (of over 700 shows seen by more than 250,000 people).
My acting and directing training was for 4 years with a Russian director, the late Sam Kogan, who himself studied in Moscow under Maria Knebel, a pupil and colleague of Constantin Stanislavski.
I performed tonight in Grease, by Rare Productions – a group which gives young people the chance to perform in a professionally produced stage show.
I deleted about 25 shots before I managed to get this one to work with – thank goodness for digital cameras! As the mum of a 16-year-old boy I refer to as Drama Teen I agree wholeheartedly that the real benefit of drama lessons is the confidence building which applies to all aspects of life not just the stage. AlwaysARedhead recently posted…My memories of Valentine‚Äôs day are not positive ones, are yours? Stagecoach will do you a taster session so they can get a feel for it, before you decide whether or not to join up. Stagecoach sounds great and I love the photo – thanks for passing on the lighting tip.

It’s a great shot and inspiring (for mother of one very shy boy) to see how confidence can develop. Using simple tools, I show you how to understand and create a character's state of mind, a method you can use time after time - in all circumstances, acting or not.
This technique inspired many of the most distinguished acting tutors across the world and almost without exception, the 'greatest' Hollywood actors from Brando to Day Lewis use or used a technique derived from Stanislavski. My parents went along to the St Albans Stagecoach classes to find out exactly what happens in a normal lesson. My wee man is also a bit on the quieter side at the moment unless he is really comfortable in the situation and with the people. The Bug took a good few weeks to find his feet, but the teachers are so good at bringing them into the group.
If she never gets on a stage, I wouldn’t mind a bit, because I know how much she gains from it in other ways, not to mention the fun she has.
We create that trust in the students by making them speak more and more in class with practical training. My approach is based on both Stanislavski and Kogan's work with an emphasis on making acting genuinely accessible and understandable by and useful for all. I’m performing in the stage version of Grease at the Alban Arena theatre, and I am beyond excited. Those who know me may find it hard to credit, but there was a time when I would always be at the back of the queue.

They figured I was a prima donna at home, so it might come naturally, and if nothing else it would build my confidence to stand up for myself, go out and get what I wanted, believe I was capable of the things I wanted to do. I do a mean American accent, sing a lot of the time (to the irritation of my brother, but hey, that’s a bonus, right?) and I can finally master an entire dance routine without nervously chewing my lip.
I don't do trust games, throwing balls or being trees but one thing I promise is that I WILL teach you to act, a skill that will stay with you for life. I wanted in, I might even get to the toy box first, but I’d always be last to choose, standing back unsure while other kids grabbed the best gear. He spent the whole of his first end of term Stagecoach show sat on my Mum’s feet, refusing to stand up in front of an audience of parents.
The lighting is really perfect and you look so natural and happy which makes it even more special.
I’m on a stage – not a raised box in the school hall, a real stage, in a real theatre for the first time in my life! The confidence to know that I can do it, to overcome frustrations when it seems as if I can’t, and to take the chances, even if I fail.
But I picked myself up, gave my friends a smile of congratulations, and auditioned again when the next production came around.

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