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Hey guys Ive spent my whole grew up in Canada, so why not learn how to speak English from me, as the language of origin will help you improve the tone, vocabulary, and confidence-building skills and spoken English. Would you be interested in us contacting you separately with information about the longer courses that we offer? Are you interested in learning acting and drama in order to gain confidence, improve focus and at the same time, to meet new people? I am a professional actor, director and theatre producer (of over 700 shows seen by more than 250,000 people).

My acting and directing training was for 4 years with a Russian director, the late Sam Kogan, who himself studied in Moscow under Maria Knebel, a pupil and colleague of Constantin Stanislavski. Using simple tools, I show you how to understand and create a character's state of mind, a method you can use time after time - in all circumstances, acting or not.
This technique inspired many of the most distinguished acting tutors across the world and almost without exception, the 'greatest' Hollywood actors from Brando to Day Lewis use or used a technique derived from Stanislavski. We create that trust in the students by making them speak more and more in class with practical training.

My approach is based on both Stanislavski and Kogan's work with an emphasis on making acting genuinely accessible and understandable by and useful for all. I don't do trust games, throwing balls or being trees but one thing I promise is that I WILL teach you to act, a skill that will stay with you for life.

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