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For example, in a study we conducted of the Enterprise and Budget rental car websites, customers were asked to rate their attitude toward each of the two rental car brands prior to and after renting a car through each website. Budget lift was 12% and -15% for Enterprise.The negative lift for Enterprise suggests that the website experience hurts customers' attitudes toward the brand. Since attitudes tend to affect actions, it's likely that continued degradation of the attitude toward the brand will result in reduced business.
Use the following three-step-process to compute lift:Subtract the before from the after attitude measure.

When customers have more experience with a product, their lift scores are less impacted by new stimuli (like a usability test). In contrast, customers with little or no prior experience with a product or website often show the biggest changes (often higher) for lift.High favorability. We've seen cases where customers with very high favorability toward a brand usually have slight negative lift after they have an experience with a website or product in one of our studies. While this needs more research, we hypothesize that some customers have such lofty attitudes toward a brand and its touchpoints (websites, products, ads), that there's nowhere for those attitudes to go but down (albeit slightly).

As such, we'll often see modest negative lift for the most enthusiastic customers (think Apple customers).SummaryLift is a great way to show how an experience impacts customers' attitudes.
It can be positive or negative and is likely affected by customers' history with the product or website.

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