Confidence interval for unknown distribution,the secret steps to success yandamuri,confidence level determination - Step 1

2 Testdiscrete (catagories) Independence of ProportionIs the preference independent of the group? 2 Testdiscrete (catagories) Homogeneity of ProportionsAre preferences of subgroups the same?CREATE an EXPECTED (row,column) distribution.
2 GOF TestNormality, match"test" distribution to a normal distribution  CREATE an EXPECTED distribution.
This tests to see if evidence exists that there is a correlation between the independent variable, x, and the dependent variable, y.

The populaltion correlation coefficient, rho, symbol , is the strength of the linear relationship between x and y.
Radom sample of full population is sorted by groups and their preferences, usually sorted into rows and columns and called a contingency table. Recall that a completely random pattern would have about equal frequencies in each catagory. This tests to see if evidence exists that means of 3 or more groups differ when the variances are equal.

Compute each [(data)-(stated median)] or [(After)-(Before)] first to determine n = x+ + x- !!!
Clearly the samples are not independent, but paired one-to-one to create differences which become the sample statistics.

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