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The latest Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index was released this morning based on data collected through April 14.
The chart below is another attempt to evaluate the historical context for this index as a coincident indicator of the economy. On a percentile basis, the latest reading is at the 48% level of all the monthly data points since June 1977.
And finally, let's take a look at the correlation between consumer confidence and small business sentiment, the latter by way of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Small Business Optimism Index. The CREA Stats website requires that your browser has JavaScript enabled in order to access all the pages and content. The information contained in this report has been prepared byThe Canadian Real Estate Association, in co-operation with the Alberta Real Estate Association.The information has been drawn from sources deemed to be reliable, but the accuracy and completeness of the information is not guaranteed. In providing this information, neither The Canadian Real Estate Association nor the Alberta Real Estate Association assumes any responsibility or liability.
Retailers hoping November’s consumer confidence numbers would help them forecast their sales holiday shopping season may find themselves confused. Both surveys saw a decrease in the Buy Index, which asks how likely consumers are to make a big-ticket purchase. According to the Census Bureau, Retail Sales climbed to $329 billion last month on a seasonally-adjusted basis, excluding automobiles. It is not a coincidence that Retail Sales and consumer confidence both made multi-month highs — the readings are more than loosely linked. So, as more buyers enter the market at a time when the national home supply is shrinking, the supply-demand balance in housing is shifting toward the sellers. About Latest Posts Phillip CantrellCEO at Benchmark Realty, LLCPhillip Cantrell is the CEO and Founder of Benchmark Realty, LLC. Filed Under: Agent Blog, Consumer Blog, The Economy Tagged With: Home Affordability, Retail Sales, Survey of ConsumersTalk to us now! Benchmark Named Best…A repeat we don’t mind, Benchmark Realty LLC has been named again the Nashville Business Journal’s 2016 Best Places to Work based on nominations from the public and surveys completed by employees.

The difference is the stock market is a scam that has gone on for so long that no one dares to do anything about it. Barack Obama is the second Honorable Mention recipient this week, for his impressive public opinion polling on job approval in January.
As we head into a brand new year, the headlines are awash in news about our twin heartbreaks here in the Middle East. Some reviewers feel entitled and use the reviews to extract or obtain freebies from the hotels. Many indicators suggest that our economy is nearing record levels, and now's an excellent time to assess a possible move.
The agency doors are open and Washington has returned to a more normal state of dysfunction. Republicans can pummel their own party if they want to, but what's amazing is that 18 of them in the Senate and 144 in the House voted against restoring government services and paying America's debts. Hillary Clinton represents to voters the ability to lead, the ability to govern, and the ability to grow the economy.
In business, we need to make sure that we are tapping into as many of the senses as possible so that we can really connect with our audience.
The Canadian Real Estate Association, in co-operation with the BC Northern Real Estate Board. In providing this information, neither The Canadian Real Estate Association nor the BC Northern Real Estate Board assumes any responsibility or liability.
As the chart illustrates, the two have tracked one another fairly closely since the onset of the Financial Crisis, although a bit of spread has appeared in the second half of 2015 and start of 2016. TNS, the Canadian arm of TNS Global research firm, and the Ottawa–based Conference Board of Canada released their Consumer Confidence Indexes late last week, each painting different pictures of Canadian consumers’ attitudes. As consumers feel more confident about the economy and their personal prospects for the future, they’re more likely to spend money on goods and services, which leads to an increase in consumer spending. This is because Wall Street tends to chase risk in a growth economy and the bond market offers little in the way of risk.

This creates price pressures and should lead to higher home valuations in neighborhoods like Spring Hill. Let’s face it: this is a competitive field, and not all agents embody what we value so much at Benchmark Realty.When you hear objections from clients, how do you respond? Yet, there can be little doubt that most of his detractors are doing better today than they were on January 20, 2009 when he was first sworn into office. He had his best month (measured by month-to-month improvement) of his entire second term, and the fourth-best month he's ever had as president. Although the jury is still out on the Chinese government's incremental reform agenda, the people support their leader. Commenters who have a low number of reviews or a pattern of posting numerous harsh or auspicious reviews are dubious. You have to do the deep, soul-baring, painful work of repentance and asking forgiveness -- and do it without caring if this person ever comes to your church or not. If she runs against the Banana Republicans, who are so unpopular today, she could actually win all 50 states in November 2016.
The regression through the index data shows the long-term trend and highlights the extreme volatility of this indicator. The other is also commanding daily attention: I'm referring, of course, to the geopolitical drama involving Iraq and Syria. Norman Baillie-David, director of the monthly tracking study and Ottawa-based senior vice-president, attributed much of the increase to President Obama’s win days before the Nov.
But the slope resembles the regression trend for real GDP shown below, and it is a more revealing gauge of relative confidence than the 1985 level of 100 that the Conference Board cites as a point of reference.

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