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When you create an account, we can store your payment and shipping information for fast checkout. What this book does is give daily reminders about control - the things I can and can't control. The daily meditations, reminders, and prayers from Courage to Change help families encourage their recovering alcoholic loved ones and point to Al-Anon's impact as a vital part of recovery. Countless thousands of people around the world have been restored to joyful living by practicing the principles embodied in Al-Anon's Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Courage to Change: One Day at a Time in Al-Anon II by Al-Anon Family Group Published by Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. Al-Anon's basic book discusses the mutual-help program of recovery, including personal stories. Addiction Reads is a one-of-a-kind resource for reviews of books on alcoholism and addiction books. My 25-year-old son has been a New Life House member for almost a year now and it has been an incredible learning experience. Thinking back on the first couple of months when my husband and I would come to New Life for the barbeques, we would be so excited to see how much our son had improved, only to be met by a very quiet and distant individual. We would drive home in silence, with all of these doubts leaving us feeling very unsure about our son’s future.

Al-Anon has helped me to deal with the emotional roller coaster of being the parent of an alcoholic. Two parents tell their experience with New Life House and how it helped to introduce their son to a sober way of life.
About New Life HouseEach of the New Life House Sober Living & Drug Rehab Aftercare Centers in Los Angeles are 12 Step-based where house members are taught to identify character defects, take responsibility for their actions, and learn how to 'live life on life's terms' - not their own. We understand that quality sobriety requires a life change, not just stopping drug abuse or alcohol abuse.
Into The Heart Of AddictionInto the Heart of Addiction has a team of writers who compose original content as a way to bridge the gap between how the public views addiction and the facts and faces of those in recovery. New Life House is committed to helping you or your loved one live a happy and fulfilling life free from the behavioral challenges and destructive behaviors of alcohol and drug addiction. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will send you this informational guide to the most commonly used drugs, for free! We bring you the latest in recovery books, books on opiate addiction, addiction memoirs and much more. New Life offers a structured environment that has proven to be essential to my son’s recovery.
Desperate to help my son, I started to attend Al-Anon meetings thinking they would offer a quick-fix remedy.

Over time, I began to understand that my constant “helping and rescue missions” only revealed the lack of faith I had in my son’s ability to take care of himself.
As I began to work my steps it was revealed to me that there is a natural order to life, a chain of events that a Higher Power has in mind. I am very grateful to say that today my son and I have a wonderful, loving relationship largely in part because we both are working our programs! In turn, our house members are able to not only achieve long-term sobriety, but also become happy, healthy, and functional members of society. By utilizing specific categories, Into the Heart of Addiction will strive to create a user-friendly recovery blog where it’s easier to reach what you want and educate yourself about drug addiction and recovery.
Now I know why the director of one of the out- patient programs my son was in told me I was “loving him to death.” My obsessive interference was out of control.
Once I let go of my son and let him make his own choices then I am affirming his right to be his own person.

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