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Crystalina Evert is the founder of Women Made New and the author of Pure Womanhood, How to Find Your Soulmate without Losing Your Soul, and Theology of the Body for Teens. Kate Wicker is a wife, mom, speaker, and the author of Weightless: Making Peace with Your Body. She has spoken nationally and internationally to hundreds of thousands of people about the virtue of chastity and God’s plan for human sexuality. Sarah works part-time as the Director of Special Projects for Catholic Identity at Benedictine College.
She is a co-host of The Gist, a talk show for women on Catholic TV and the author of How Do You Tuck In A Superhero?

She blogs at Camp Patton about her deep affection for minivans, grocery store odysseys, and visits to the hospital in search of cafeteria donuts and quality time with her husband, who is in his OB-GYN residency.
Sarah has appeared on EWTN’s Life on the Rock, has been featured in the National Catholic Register and as a speaker for the Steubenville Youth Conferences.
She also has a novel in the works that she cobbles together in between searching for rogue socks, keeping her home one step ahead of a health hazard, and reading storybooks to her young children. She is a frequent guest on radio programs throughout the country, and her television appearances include MSNBC, the BBC, Donahue, WGN-TV news, and EWTN. Basically, she is a busy mom who loves her family and can’t imagine doing anything else.

In 2004, Abby’s family moved to a cottage in the mountains in order to practice voluntary simplicity and founded Project Nazareth to inspire and encourage families to live simply and generously even if the world says otherwise.
Sarah currently resides in Atchison, Kansas with her wonderful husband and their small children.
She writes about the intersection of faith and family as she tries to figure out how keeping her bathroom clean will help make her a saint.

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