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Csikszentmihalyi teaches psychology and management at Claremont Graduate University, focusing on human strengths such as optimism, motivation and responsibility. If you like this story, CLICK HERE to join the tribe of success-minded people just like you. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The fight or flight response has long been understood as a deeply seated human reaction to pressure or stress. When our deep seated and non-frontal brain cortex fight or flight system is activated, we tend to perceive everything in our environment as a possible threat to our survival. Flow is one of the more interesting ideas to come out of the field of positive psychology in recent years and simply suggests that “flow” as a real and selectable alternative to either flight or fight. We achieve flow when our challenges are satisfyingly high and perceived abilities to tackle them are high also. Csikszentmihalyi goes on to describe five ways that individuals can cultivate or develop their own capacity to adopt flow as a reaction.
Csikszentmihalyi also offers advice to leaders on how to help employees and teams attain flow in their work. Flow, at the simplest level means accepting a surprise or unexpected change that any individual may experience (and rejecting what may be an immediate reaction towards fight or flight).
Thank you for reminding us that flow is the optimal state for managing resources and expectations.

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Blog et reseau visant a partager les reflexions et experimentations autour d'une education joyeuse, bienveillante et libre. Le flow, flux en francais, est l'etat de concentration maximale que peut experimenter une personne lorsqu'elle est totalement absorbee par ce qu'elle fait. Un nouvel ete a celebrer, un ete a Grandir Ensemble, au Val de Consolation avec Terre du Ciel et les Artisans de Paix ! Explosion de couleurs avec Gerard Fromanger au Centre Pompidou, De 11h a 21h tous les jours, sauf le mardi. You will love our weekly quick summaries of  top stories, talks, books, movies, music and more with handy downloadable guides, cheat sheets, cliffs notes and quote books. Although this may have been very necessary many hundreds and thousands of years ago to survive a harsher world, this reaction is often very less appropriate in the workplace today, especially in the western world, when the triggers are considerably smaller and our body is therefore over-reacting.
In fact the more we seek to increase our abilities or in learning new skills and in acquiring greater knowledge, flow, control and the capacity to relax are made much easier. Jon Warner is a prolific author, management consultant and executive coach with over 25 years experience. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

This causes our respiratory rate to increase, our pupils to dilate, blood is taken away from our digestive tract and it is directed into our muscles and limbs. In these circumstances, fear becomes the lens through which we see the working world and we need an alternative to fight or flight—this is where the concept of “flow” is very useful.
The Claremont university professor of psychology, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has described a flow state as including “a sense that one’s skills are adequate to cope with the challenges at hand in a goal directed, rule-bound action system that provides clear clues as to how one is performing.” This comes down to the interplay between challenge and skill. If we don’t do this, we start to experience the problematic left-hand side of the above chart—apathy, worry and anxiety.
Once this path has been chosen, further worry and concern are counterproductive because they sap the energy required to change. Flow is therefore the optimal choice to cope with a range of workplace challenges, large and small and represents a real choice that individuals have.
We also have to feel that despite chaos and entropy, there is some order and permanence in our relationships and that our lives are not wasted, and will leave some trace in the sands of time. Once chosen, it offers an extremely useful path to start to appreciate the positives in the new reality being faced.

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