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A Buddhist who embraces science and research, the Dalai Lama has long held that there are neurological and medical benefits to meditation.
WSJ: If science can prove the benefits of meditation on the brain, how would this advance our society? A Buddha is simply someone like you or me who has followed the Buddhist path to enlightenment right to the end. His Holiness, or Kundun as he is also called, is extremely important to each and every Tibetan on this earth. Up in the little hill station in the Himalayas, the place the Dalai Lama currently calls home, every single time the Dalai Lama leaves or arrives in the town from one of his trips, all the Tibetans drop whatever it is that they are doing, grab a khata (white traditional offering scarf) and some incense and line the main street to greet him or wish him a safe journey.

Personally, I am incredibly inspired by this person who calls himself 'a simple monk.' What I see is a man who works constantly and tirelessly to help others. The current Dalai Lama's continued insistence upon a non-violent approach is truly remarkable in this age of degeneration and warfare. The Dalai Lama In Toronto Not rated yetI saw your page on the The Dalai Lama In Toronto and wanted to show you a video that I really like. I had the wonderful honor of interviewing His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at his residence in Dharamsala, India in February of 1996. The Farm of Book Worm ???????????(??)???????.??????????????, ????????????????????????????????????.

He has held a series of dialogues with the Mind & Life Institute of Colorado to discuss investigations of the mind with scientists and philosophers, and to promote well-being. So now, many scientists, especially medical scientists, many of them recognize peace of mind, calm mind is very important factor for good health, and also a preventive measure.

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