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Carol Jeann Lubahn went missing in Torrance, Calif in 1981 without a trace; detectives turned to Facebook 30 years later to find some answers. Two decades after the murder of a woman police are lead to a small overlooked piece of evidence that points directly to the killer. After returning from a year in the Alaskan wilderness, a newlywed couple's marital spat leads to death, and authorities must determine whether it was an accident or murder. Melissa was sleeping right beside her husband when he was murdered in the middle of the night.

Anna-Lisa Raymundo is stabbed to death in broad daylight; another stabbing involving her co-worker leads detectives to the murderer. A mother and wife is found dead when a blaze burns her country home to the ground, but officials say it was not the fire that killed her. A wife and former beauty queen is found dead in a bathtub; her daughters uncover dark secrets that lead to their own father. A loving mother and successful real estate agent vanishes after a night out with her new boyfriend and the town comes together in an attempt to find her.

When two mothers and their teenage daughters are murdered in a suburb of Maryland, investigators must answer a terrifying question: is this the work of a serial killer?
Watch extended interviews, interrogation clips, and other exclusive web content that didn’t make the Dateline broadcast.

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