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Without plants, there would be no food, no animals of any sort, no life on earth at all.
This is David Attenborough at his best… Full of delights and surprises, even for those who thought they knew about the seemingly passive green world around us.
Ita€™s not often we get starstruck here at Notebook magazine, but when we met the king of natural history, 89, we had an overwhelming desire to curtsey.
Is Peter Andre 'desperate' for Katie Price to leave him and Emily alone after divorce bombshell? Yet for most of the time their lives remain a secret to us, hidden, private events.

Thought not obviously to the naked eye, they are constantly on the move: developing, fighting, avoiding or exploiting predators or neighbours, struggling to find food, to increase their territories, to reproduce themselves, to find and hold a place in the sun. This beautifully illustrated book by veteran naturalist Sir David Attenborough offers a rare glimpse into the secret life of invertebrates, the world's tiniest--and most fascinating--creatures. Life in the Undergrowth, part of his innovative series on natural history topics, looks at invertebrates the world over: their arrival on land and mastery of every habitat, and their fantastic variety of hunting, mating, and highly organized social behaviors. Has there ever been a point when youa€™ve been tempted to intervene and save a penguin chick or lion cub? The text is always lively."---Booklist"The stories told in this book are astonishing, and Attenborough knows just what wonder buttons to push.

This is a beautifully written book--a worthwhile addition to any family library and a fitting companion for anyone's lap while watching Life in the the Undergrowth."--Biology Digest"Well-known naturalist Attenborough has written this book in a most engaging manner.

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